And again, there was another stranglehold of the feudal languages, that was there in store for him. It is that he would be only able to create a good nation of Germany. Never a great nation. For, his system was based on a feudal language. In which, quality human beings can never come up, other than the top leader. Only those who are subservient will be the next in line. It is a social atmosphere totally different from that in pristine-ENGLISH.

In feudal languages, each layer downwards would be populated by relative dwarfs. As the line moves down further, the persons of more formidable intellectual dwarfishness would abound. When the top man moves into his sunset, there would necessarily come about a mad scramble among the next-in-line dwarfs to occupy the vacated seat.

Neither democracy nor autocracy has an answer to this. Even though powerfully kept systems might help for some time. For the error is in the language codes.

MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


Commentary - The Good versus the great!