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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 1 : 32 to 44

32. since on the one hand great minds will refuse to be the stooges of idiotic incompetents and bigmouths, and on the other, conversely, the representatives of the majority, hence of stupidity, hate nothing more passionately than a superior mind.

These words, though of terrible frankness and honesty, must have darted out without much deliberation. It is a classic case of quality refusing to bow to stupidity, and stupidity having an innate hatred towards quality.

33. For such an assembly of wise men of Gotham

This is an allusion to the legend of the Wise men of Gotham, in Nottinghamshire, England.

QUOTE from Wikipedia:

The story goes that King John intended to travel through the neighbourhood. At that time in England, any road the king travelled on had to be made a public highway and the people of Gotham did not want a public highway through their village. The villagers feigned imbecility when the royal messengers arrived. Wherever the messengers went, they saw the rustics engaged in some absurd task. Based on this report, John determined to have his hunting lodge elsewhere, and the wise men boasted, “We ween there are more fools pass through Gotham than remain in it. END OF QUOTE.

34. if Tom can be master, what is to prevent Dick and Harry from having their turn too?

The travails and terrors of unqualified democracy are mentioned in the above words. I should quote from my own book, Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages :


First of all about democracy. It is a false belief given to the deluded people of India that they are the rulers of this nation, by being able to act out an extreme nonsense called marking on the ballot paper. It is just a gimmick and nothing more. No citizen of India gets any right over the government by this farce. At best, election time is a period when he or she feels that he or she is important for a very brief moment. Till he or she casts the vote. After that he or she is just the same old person, with the same old social standards.

Actually democracy is not a thing connected to a machinery called the ballot box and its wider paraphernalia. The first and most vital requirement for the existence and establishment of democracy is a communication software like English. This is so because without a communication software that establishes an egalitarian social communication system, there is no meaning in having a ballot box. For, if it is there, even if there is no ballot box, no voting and no election, the people would still enjoy significant personal freedom, dignity and rights to articulation, to discuss and debate with the governing class of officials. In its absence, a ballot box and election is not going to be a serviceable substitute. END OF QUOTE

Adolf Hitler’s words, reflect the theme from ancient Greece, wherein senior government functionaries were at one time selected by means of lots. In the case of modern democracies in many nations, it is worse than lots. People from varying mental standards and worse, get to stand for elections by the mean technique of being practicing subservience to certain party leaders. This is the case in feudal language nations. As to England, it gave the reins of power to people who did not understand the world at large. When they arrived in the seats of power, in a mood of utter idiotism they worked in collision with the cunning rogues from elsewhere to destroy England.

35. This invention of democracy is most intimately related to …………. cowardice of a great part of our so-called ‘leadership……… to be able to hide behind the skirts of a so-called majority….

Democracy has this ability. That of no one being responsible for anything. For instance, with the formation of India, the national governmental institutions all became dens of open corruption, arrogance and nation looting. Yet, can any specific political leader be mentioned as being responsible for this? None. For, it has been a parade of varying leaders, in all kinds of multicoloured cloaks.

36. in this, too, the majority can never replace the man. It is not only a representative of stupidity, but of cowardice as well. And no more than a hundred empty heads make one wise man will a heroic decision arise from a hundred cowards.

Adolf Hitler views parliamentarians in his own nation as not only fool, but also as cowards.

37. Consequently, they long for any change in the office hovering before their eyes, and are thankful for any scandal which thins out the ranks ahead of them.

What a wonderful description on how democracy demonises human being! However, Adolf Hitler does very pertinently miss the point that even good natured people do act maliciously in a vile language ambience.

38. the political opinion of the masses represents nothing but the final result of an incredibly tenacious and thorough manipulation of their mind and soul

Adolf Hitler admits this much on ‘political education’. In fact, in all post-English-colonial nations, the newly emerged ruling classes have engaged in the fury of ‘political education’ in which they are the super heroes who saved an immensity of fellow nationals from the terrifying ‘enslavement’ by the English rulers, who had forced them to wear proper dress, learn table manner, civilised living standards, and also to learn and speak English. People eagerly believe all this.

39. At first I could not help but be amazed at how short a time it took this great evil power within the state to create a certain opinion even where it meant totally falsifying profound desires and views which surely existed among the public.

It is true that for a newly born individual, what he sees is the truth. If a black child is told that the native blacks had been living a very paradise-like egalitarian social set-up before the arrival of the ‘enslaving’ Anglicans and the Dutch, that is what he is willing to believe.

Similar is the case with the slave-descendent blacks of the USA. Their resentment is against the Whites of Southern USA. No one tells them that they own the Whites of southern USA a huge amount of gratitude. There is no way to convey this to them, unless they get an experience of what it is to live as an lower human being in their native lands, where the languages are of terrifying feudal content. Where a simple word can shrivel human physical form into something abominable. In fact, there are no words or usages in English to convey that. Even the Whites in southern USA have no idea about this.

Yet, a simple glance at images like this should create a sharp crack in the cocksureness of the indoctrinated stuff.

40. He will poke into the most secret family affairs and not rest until his true researching instinct digs up some miserable incident which is calculated to finish off the unfortunate victim. But if, after the most careful sniffing, absolutely nothing is found, either in the man’s public or private life, one of these scoundrels simply seizes on slander, in the firm conviction that despite a thousand refutations something always sticks and, moreover, through the immediate and hundredfold repetition of his defamations by all his accomplices, any resistance on the part of the victim is in most cases utterly impossible;

Adolf Hitler words are quite categorical in how the machinery of democracy works.

41. These scum manufacture more than three quarters of the so-called ‘public opinion,’

I think these words of Adolf Hitler are about the Journalists. However, not just journalists, but school textbook writers also do play their part in creating myths without any basis. For instance, there is an individual whose photo adorns all public offices in India. If one were to ask as to why this man’s photo is kept adorning a public office as he is some divinity, the standard answer would be that he is the ‘father of the nation’. Who said that? Well, that is what is taught in the school textbooks. Who are the textbook writers to designate anyone as a ‘father of the nation’?

Well, the actual fact is that there is no such mention of this man being the ‘father of the nation’ in the original Constitution of India. Even though after many decades from the formation of India, a very expensive film was made to glorify him, by using an extremely good looking British citizen to act as him. In this film, it was instigated that the India ‘got freedom’ due to this man’s freedom struggle. After this film came out, the prime minister who had funded the film from the national coffers, had his name given a statutory status in the Constitution of India.

Now, did India get freedom due to this man’s activities? Well, such information is strictly for the birds. Breaking up of the English Empire was just an idiotic decision of a criminal minded prime minister of Britain and his satanic coterie. It had nothing to do with the frivolous activities of some super-rich feudal individuals, many of them were not even citizens of British-India, but subjects of native kingdoms. The man in question here was the son of the prime minister of one such kingdom.

42. In every case it does nothing but carry out the momentary will of the majority.

This is how a democratic government is run. Should momentary whims and fancies of a section of a people be allowed to make decisions of grave importance? See what happened when the government of England came into the hands for a few rogues for a few years? The English Empire, loved, adored and admired by an immensity of lower class peoples all around the world was splintered and handed over to individuals, who had the mental demeanour of cattle feed (Winston Churchill’s words’ rephrased).

43. Altogether we cannot be too sharp in condemning the absurd notion that geniuses can be born from general elections. In the first place, a nation only produces a real statesman once in a blue moon and not a hundred or more at once; and in the second place, the revulsion of the masses for every outstanding genius is positively instinctive. Sooner will a camel pass through a needle’s eye than a great man be ‘ discovered’ by an election.

A variety of superb insights from Adolf Hitler. Geniuses are not born through the ballot process. A statesman of innate calibre is born only once in a blue-moon. And that too, as solitary figures. People despise those who show exemplary mental capabilities.

44. The decision is always made by a majority of ignoramuses and incompetents,

May be this single sentence if taken in the Indian legal context, many of the laws passed by the Indian parliament would have to revoked. Such utterly nonsensical laws that forbids a child from working, compulsory enslavement of children under low-calibre teachers of Indian schools, etc. are the handiwork of politicians, many of whom wouldn’t know to read the text of the rules they had passed, in their original English.

Actually, the law against child labour should have been redrafted to mention its spirit. That is to prohibit the exploitation of children, and not to abolish the innate right of any child to do any work he or she please. As to ending exploitation, even the adults are exploited in working areas. And degraded through the pejorative word codes in Indian feudal languages. In fact, the law against child labour written by nitwits in most nations, seems to suggest that adults can be exploited in work areas.

As to the use of the pejorative addressing in feudal languages that both child as well as adult worker has to endure, these nitwits do not seem to have any idea about. It is unmentioned in all laws around the world, I think. In the Indian laws, this theme is not even mentioned.

When I personally argued this point in the High Court of Kerala, the Chief Justice pondered on the theme for some time, and then said thus: You are speaking about an egalitarian language, that is English. Well, we cannot go into that issue here. I think it is for the government to study this issue.

The state government had no intention to study this issue. Instead, all it wanted was to impose a feudal language very forcefully on the people. Because a huge amount of money had been set apart for imposing the native feudal vernacular of Travancore, all over the state including Malabar, wherein the native language had been different.

All the English medium schools were to be compelled to teach the feudal vernacular compulsorily. It was a most terrible situation, wherein a huge number of otherwise useless persons were to be given the designation of ‘teacher’ and compulsorily admitted into around 800 schools.

Yet, there in the Writ petition hearing, there was one silver lining. The Chief Justice continued, ‘However, we need to study the point whether a person can be compelled to study something he or she doesn’t want to study’.

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