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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 2 : 281 to 293

Annotations VOL - 2

Volume 2 is basically a history of the National Socialist Movement and to a slight extent, a minor part of Adolf Hitler’s own autobiography.

IMAGE: 1936 April: Chancellor Adolf Hitler

281. that here it was not a case of introducing a new electoral slogan into the political field but that an entirely new world view,

In most of the nonsensical nation states created by the insipid academic geniuses in England, in the post English colonial regions, a correction in the erroneous political and public administrative systems is not what is required. What is required is a totally new world view and totally new social set up.

282. That preoccupation is directed towards the results of the next election.

What Adolf Hitler mentions is more or less a correct observation with regard to the general preoccupation of the political parties. In fact, in a closed door meeting of a communist party’s area wing for arranging the strategy for coming election, I did very clearly overhear one of the local leaders saying, ‘there is no need to think of correctness of any issue or promises we give. All we have to do is to seduce the voter to vote for us on the election-day. That is all that matters’. He said it in a pose of great maturity in political matters.

283. 1. They dip their noses into the newspapers and gradually begin to scent what it is that their darlings, the broad masses, are wishing for, what they reject and what they are hoping for.

2. They address the electors once again, give an account of the enormous labours they have accomplished and emphasise the malicious obstinacy of their opponents.

3. Led by the Press and blinded once again by the alluring appearance of the new programme, the bourgeois as well as the proletarian herds of voters faithfully return to the common stall and re-elect their old deceivers

Even though Adolf Hitler wrote these lines many years before the creation of India, the words are true to the minutest extent.

284. The word völkisch does not express any clearly specified idea.

There are many similar words in feudal languages, which can mean many things, some of them quite of a mutually contradictory nature. However, there is this word in English: Culture. It also has a lot of problems in defining it.

In rudimentary English, it can mean politeness and manners. However, in modern academic understandings, it goes into the definition of populations.

There is the issue of connecting that word with religion also.

If the reader is interested in knowing what Indian Culture is, visit this link.

285. just as freedom cannot be won by a universal yearning for it.

Even though Adolf Hitler has given an illustration of who wants to achieve ‘freedom’, this word has many problems. First is that a people or individual should get the understanding that they or he is not free, or that there are freedoms that he has not experienced.

For instance, when a common man goes to an Indian government office or police station, depending on his social stature, he can even be addressed in the pejorative or disallowed from sitting, severely rebuked or admonished etc. However, most of the Indian common people take this terrible behaviour in their stride, in the perfect understanding that this is the way a government official should deal with the common man.

However, once they get to see the cosy softness of an English level of conversation between an official and a citizen, they get to know that they had been held at the raw end of the concept of freedom.

Here again, people may not understand why the word ‘freedom’ is used, when it is only impoliteness that was displayed. Yet, think again. The common man had no freedom to sit in a government office. He can’t object to his being addressed in the pejorative. He can’t sit and discuss the matter from a location of dignity. Well, these are freedoms that has not even being imagined as ‘freedoms’.

286. Every philosophy of life, even if it is a thousand times correct and of the highest benefit to mankind, will be of no practical service for the maintenance of a people as long as its principles have not yet become the rallying point of a militant movement.

That might be true. However, I personally do not advocate a violent movement. Not because it is not justifiable, but because the other side will reciprocate in the same manner. It is quite naive to imagine that only one side, that is the side of the revolutionaries alone, are intelligent enough to win a war. Wining a revolution in current-days is very near to impossible.

For the rest of the nations will come to the support of the oppressive government. Or the government might not be oppressive, but simply a government by a different group to whom one section of the population is not willing to concede authority.

Currently just denoting any revolutionaries as terrorists can gather up a universal enmity for the movement.

In fact, the idiots in USA had the insipidity in their brains to define the independence movement in North Ceylon as a terrorist movement. And when the Sri Lankan government, instead of conceding independence to the Tamil population there, massacred a huge number of civilians and molested the survivors, the USA military leaders simply watched the proceeding in a mood of great entertainment. Obama was the president of the USA at that time. Was he complicit in the terror? Who can say for sure? Only nemesis can talk about retribution. I wonder where Obama will end up.

A better and safer manner, might be to develop the total quality of the people. This can be done by disseminating quality English and abolishing feudal languages.

287. Here the practical wisdom of the statesman must come to the assistance of the abstract idea, which is correct in itself.

Adolf Hitler going into the details of how he moved from conceptualisation to practicalities of setting up a mass movement.

288. Out of the army of millions who feel the truth of these ideas, and even may understand them to some extent, one man must arise. This man must have the gift of being able to expound general ideas in a clear and definite form, and, from the world of vague ideas shimmering before the minds of the masses, he must formulate principles that will be as clear-cut and firm as granite. He must fight for these principles as the only true ones, until a solid rock of common faith and common will emerges above the troubled waves of vagrant ideas.

Creating the faith that can move mountains.

289. The current political conception of the world is that the State, though it possesses a creative force which can build up civilisations, has nothing in common with the concept of race as the foundation of the State.

The hurriedly set-up nation-states in the imminent departure of the English Colonialism, was one of the most dangerous ideas that was promoted by the idiots in England. A higher dangerous one was the concept that native-democracy in the colonial regions was better than the English rule.

This concept of nation-state immediately led to death of 1 million people in the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent. People from not only the British-Indian locations, but more from the native king-ruled areas killed each other brutally in the name of religion.

The Hindu-Muslim division was caused by the insult reaped upon Muhammad Jinnah, by the followers of Gandhi, who objected to his mentioning Gandhi as Mr. Gandhi. They wanted everyone to mention Gandhi as Gandhiji. Gandhi, who was present on the dais, simply watched the commotion with pleasure as Jinnah was hounded out of the dais.

Later Jinnah left the Congress party and created his own Muslim league.

The concept of nation-state simply had the effect of clubbing together un-mixable populations, who had lived with no problems under the English rule. Numerical minorities were forced to adjust themselves under brutal majority groups. I wonder how Britons would love to be under the Sri Lankans. If they would find it unbearable, what is wrong in the Tamils in North Ceylon also finding it quite unbearable?

Nation-state concept has led to innumerable number of blood-shedding in India. Populations which had remained loyal to the English rule suddenly found themselves under people whom they did want to be their master class. In India, places like Kashmir, Punjab, North-east etc. have revolted, only to be branded as terrorists, and crushed down. It is not the fault of India. The complete blood of these millions will be on the hands of the members of the British Labour Party.

290. The assumption that all races are alike leads to the assumption that nations and individuals are equal to one another.

All human populations are not equal. First of all, there is no concept of human equality in many feudal languages. Apart from that, in the same feudal language, there are varying levels of equality. For instance, in many Indian feudal languages, there are at least three different levels of equality. Beyond that there are varying higher-lower arrangement of human beings in many feudal languages which are rigid. In some place, people go on trying to usurp the higher location incessantly, leading to a mood of continuous belligerence in the society.

Now, why did I bring this up? Well, it is just that the concept of human equality is a very complicated theme. At the moment, the great academic geniuses are mentioning the word ‘equality’ as if the wholeness of the concept is very easily understood from the literal meaning of the word. It is not so easy.

There are a lot of things that has to be first understood before even taking up the topic of ‘equality’ for discussion. It is most inappropriate that some people do speak with authority on things on which their information is quite meagre. I mean the academic geniuses.

291. But all this was done in the service of his race.

Here Adolf Hitler focuses on Karl Marx, who is identified with Jewish aspirations.

292. In principle, the State is looked upon only as a means to an end and this end is the conservation of the racial characteristics of mankind.

This is another version of the nation state. However, beyond the confines of some Continental European nations, this might not work out. In many Asian nations, each nation traditionally, could be a layer of human populations kept rigidly in hierarchical slots. If one were to work on the racial basis of a nation, it would be candidly seen that such nations are a multitude of nations, held in shackles by the layers above.

But then, the spread of English across the globe has loosened up the shackles and there have been breeches in the dividing barriers.

293. The völkisch belief holds that humanity must have its ideals, because ideals are a necessary condition of human existence itself. But, on the other hand, it denies that an ethical ideal has the right to prevail if it endangers the existence of a race that is the standard-bearer of a higher ethical ideal.

Even though people can say that any group of people can behave or live as they please, there are wider implications to this argument. Quality social systems need quality ideals. In fact, the quality of the ideals stream down to the social quality.

In fact, it has been my own personal observation that the native officers of British-India tried to emulate and copy the standards set by the English officers. No corruption. Very fast interaction among themselves to solve any man’s issues that has come before them. English courtesies etc.

At the same time, the ‘officers’ in the native kingdoms more or less copied the crude feudal discriminatory attitude to the people, as exhibited by their superiors.

Now, there is a real danger that England will be overrun by the populations that bear the other sinister behavioural codes. From this perspective, such feudal language social systems should not be allowed to come up.

That much can be drawn up from the above words of Adolf Hitler. However, there is no way it should be used to promote a German superiority claim. It has no basis.

In fact, during Colonial days, Germans used to carry the Union Jack with them, knowing the protection that it can lend.

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