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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 1 : 133 to 147

133. In this they proceeded on the sound principle that the magnitude of a lie always contains a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people in the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposely evil, and that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds they more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big.

…. something of even the most insolent lie will always remain and stick

Actually truths and lies are mere tools of attack and attachment. For instance, into a group of people who revere a great man, something bad about him is induced, the great man might lose his command over them. At the same time, into a group of people who are wavering about whether to accept another individual as a great leader, some very good stories and inputs are added, the group attaches to the man, who they understand is a great man.

To break a group, one need to search for bad stories and information about its leader, which his followers would find quite unbearable to stomach.

In fact there was this issue of Gandhi. When scandalous stories came out about certain activities in his ashram, his detractors published the titbits in the newspapers. Even cartoons came out. However, people who were office bearers of his organisation simply ignored these insinuations. The ultimate question in these kinds of attack is to understand them for what they are. They are offensive weapons of attack. And are as dangerous as a gun fire. To accept them would be equivalent to allowing the enemy to attack.

The other side of this issue was that not all of his detractors would be saints in this regard.

134. the great masters of the lie

The above quote was used by Adolf Hitler to define the Jews. However, to understand Jews, there should be an attempt to understand their native or traditional language codes. This might give a hint on why they wish to remain distant from other populations. For instance, if the native language codes of South Africa were to be studied, it might give a huge discernment on why the Anglo-Dutch whites wished to keep at a safe distance.

This keeping at a safe-distance is directly connected to certain specific locations in feudal languages. In fact, if one were to read sociological book on the Indian peninsular region written during the 18th and 19th century, one would be able to see the various distances socially enforced between the various castes. Specific distances for each castes were mentioned.

Even though all this might seem quite ridiculous, the fact is that in India, even now people do keep a distance from others of un-acknowledgeable social status. In fact, in modern India there is no need for a lower-positioned person to touch a higher-positioned person to pollute him. All he or she has to do is to simply call or address or refer to the higher-positioned person by mere name or with a Mr. or Mrs. prefixed. The higher-positioned person would go homicidal or suicidal. However, people keep a safe distance. And the lower-positioned person also knows the social equations as encoded in the vernacular languages.

In English, there is no way to keep a distance. And with the native-English people, their innate habit is to create statutory rules and write laws etc. which ultimately lead to their being mentioned as horrible creatures. However the real fact is that in feudal language nations, there is no need to write any specific law or statute. The words codes will automatically enforce the apartheid, the distance and the repulsions.

135. It was no accident that man mastered the plague more easily than tuberculosis. The one comes in terrible waves of death that shake humanity to the foundations, the other slowly and stealthily; the one leads to terrible fear, the other to gradual indifference. The consequence is that man opposed the one with all the ruthlessness of his energy, while he tries to control consumption with feeble means. Thus he mastered the plague, while tuberculosis masters him.................

........This will be all the more difficult, the longer the toxins remain in the national body and the more they become an ingredient of it which is taken for granted. For it is easily possible that after a certain time unquestionably harmful poisons will be regarded as an ingredient of one’s own nation or at best will be tolerated as a necessary evil......

I think this a very apt illustration of what is going on in native-ENGLISH nations. When Islamic terrorists come and attack, the terror is immediate and of quite resounding proportions. It is like the terror that plague can cause. Yet, at the same time, the slow infection that enters into the nation’s soul through the entry of extra-national feudal language speakers is not felt. For, it is slow poisoning of the nations vitals. In so much that as an eerie mood of inequality slowly spreads through native-English nations, no one can understand the change that is sweep through.

For everyone is infected by this from childhood. Only a native-English person who comes from some other pristine native-English location can feel the terrible change that has set into the native-English nation. I am totally sure that England has metamorphosed to something horrible over the years, when compared to its pristine identity. In fact, I do fear that many of the forebodings that I had first wrote of in around 2004 have come true. It is a terrible thought. None that elates. READ this book

136. Now the abrupt alternation between rich and poor became really apparent. Abundance and poverty lived so close together that the saddest consequences could and inevitably did arise. Poverty and frequent unemployment began to play havoc with people, leaving behind them a memory of discontent and embitterment. The consequence of this seemed to be political class division. Despite all the economic prosperity, dissatisfaction became greater and deeper; in fact, things came to such a pass that the conviction that ‘it can’t go on like this much longer’ became general, yet without people having or being able to have any definite idea of what ought to have been done. became the god whom all had to serve and to whom each man had to bow down

I literally do not know what Adolf Hitler is doing with kind of writing as seen in the above lines. It is actually part of my own predictions on what would come upon England as the nation becomes filled with feudal language speakers. I do not say that this is what would happen in England if Islamic terrorists take over the place. No, my foreboding is connected to feudal language speaking populations displacing the native-English folks.

However, Adolf Hitler is speaking of Germany, and from a slightly different location. See these lines:

137. secure her daily bread by means of ‘peaceful economic labour’ would have to be defended by the sword

the domination of money was sanctioned even by that authority which should have most opposed it

However, here Adolf Halter is mixing up the issue with the presence of Jews. However Jews are not an a visible entity in many parts of the world, even though I do have a feeling that it is Israel’s handiwork that destroyed the independent Tamil nation in North Ceylon. I do not have any evidence about this. But a singular gut feeling persists.

138. the nobility lost the racial basis for its existence

The above lines are also for me to use about the Nobility of England. What is the logic for their continued existence, when they simply stood insanely mute when their nations was being swarmed and slowly turned into some other grotesque from by outsiders who are feudal language speakers?

139. the opinion that economic effort as such was alone in a position to re-establish Germany

I should partially agree with Adolf Hitler that economic effort does not actually establish a quality social set up. A quality social set up can be set up only by quality people running the economy. By the words ‘quality people’, I mean people who are at home in pristine-ENGLISH. People who when they are on top of their economic and financial acumen wouldn’t use their position to degrade others by use of pejorative feudal codes. Any feudal language nation with fabulous financial acumen would only be able to dress up their citizens with good dress, if at all. However, beyond that the social system would stink. With lower classes or employee classes made dumb and mute, and belittled by means of pejorative word codes.

140. German education before the War was afflicted with an extraordinary number of weaknesses. It was extremely one-sided and adapted to breeding pure ‘knowledge,’ with less attention to ‘ability.’

Even less emphasis was laid on the development of the character of the individual-in so far as this is possible; exceedingly little on the sense of joy in responsibility, and none at all on the training of will and force of decision. Its results, you may be sure, were not strong men, but compliant ‘walking encyclopaedias,’ as we Germans were generally looked upon and accordingly estimated before the War.

Similar words by Adolf Hitler do erase all of his great eulogising of the Aryans in Germany. However, his decrying of modern education is not effective enough. In fact, it does not even create ‘walking encyclopaedias’. In fact, it creates nothing more than people who have wasted a lot of time in useless classrooms studying useless items, or items which can be learned if and when the necessity came for them.

In fact, there are hundreds of better things to study and experience. However not everyone get to waste their time in colleges. For many jobs are reserved for the ‘higher educated’, in a manner similar to government jobs being reserved for higher castes in old kingdoms of the Indian subcontinent.

141. If the value of this institution (Monarchy) lay in the momentary person of the monarch, it would be the worst institution that can be imagined; for monarchs only in the rarest cases are the cream of wisdom and reason or even of character, as some people like to claim.

Here Adolf Hitler has mentioned the greatness or its opposite of certain antique institutions. Good monarchies are not the product of any good king of queen. The goodness is in the system of the national monarchy. The goodness of the English monarchy actually does not rest in English king or queen. It is actually connected to the quality of the English people. When they become feudal language speakers, their kings and queens will also change into kings and queens of feudal language nations.

142. regard every journalist as a rascal on principle, who tells the truth only once in a blue moon………

........when wisdom is nothing and the majority is everything

Are journalists honest and courageous? Well, the truth is that they are just another kind of employees. Newspaper readers need not think that they are of better calibre or rectitude than the ordinary man in the street. If the average citizen is cowardly or average, then the same goes for the average journalist.

143. state must not forget that all means must serve an end; it must not let itself be confused by the drivel about so-called ‘freedom of the press’ and let itself be talked into neglecting its duty

States have a duty. What that is has to be first mentioned and understood very clearly. For instance, there are statutes in the Constitution of India that states that all citizens are equal before law, that all citizens have right to dignity, and social titles are abolished etc. However, no one knows what all this means, when actually in feudal languages of the nation everything is true in the negation of these statutes.

144. Was it not the German press which knew how to make the absurdity of ‘Western democracy’ palatable to our people until finally, ensnared by all the enthusiastic tirades, they thought they could entrust their future to a League of Nations?

If the Germans did make a mistake in trusting themselves in a League of Nations, the English nations were more foolish to create a United Nations, and to give a platform for the leaders of the all the nations in the world. Most of these nations are quite terrible to their own citizens, and their leadership has no idea as to how to bring in quality social systems.

To give such persons a platform which they can use powerfully in their own nations, was a foolish thing. And then to allow them to dictate terms was another nonsense. However, those English nations which did all this nonsense have vanished in oblivion. What remains are multicultural monster English nations. It is quite a different item altogether.

145. The first prerequisite for even the moral right to combat these things is the facilitation of earlier marriage for the coming generation

Prostitution is a disgrace to humanity, but it cannot be eliminated by moral lectures, pious intentions,

For this reason alone early marriage is sound, for it-gives the young marriage that strength from which alone a healthy and resistant offspring can arise.

These are mentions by Adolf Hitler about improving the moral standards of the nation.

146. In our educational system it has been utterly forgotten that in the long run a healthy mind can dwell only in a healthy body.

Not infrequently the first reason for personal cowardice lies in physical weaknesses

The above two remarks by Adolf Hitler are about education.

147. The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring is a demand of the clearest reason and if systematically executed represents the most humane act of mankind

This is a very powerful suggestion by Adolf Hitler for improving the genetic health of future generations. Well, he is dead and no one is really bothered about others’ health.

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