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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 1 : 234 to 264

234. It was and it is Jews who bring the Negroes into the Rhineland, always with the same secret thought and clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily resulting bastardization, throwing it down from its cultural and political height, and himself rising to be its master.

It is possible that the Jews are Asians, which would make Jesus Christ also an Asian born. And Christianity an Asian religion.

As to the sinister aim of slyly introducing racial mixing, it can have negative effects on the superior group, unless very clear understanding of what gets mixed is there. Even though Adolf Hitler does think it is the skin colour that matters, there are more powerful areas to think of. That is basically connected to the language codes.

It is true that people do plan to destroy quality populations through allowing them to mix with low quality people. Even a level of friendship at a level of equality with low-quality people can destroy the quality of the higher quality people. Here by quality, I mean social refinement. And one of the best populations of quality is the pristine-ENGLISH Anglo-Saxons of England.

Many Continental Europeans whites do not come near them. As to Asian and African nations, the social system is riddled with superior classes and inferior classes. For this very reason, the superior classes of Asia and Africa are not equal to the pristine-ENGLISH Anglo-Saxon. For, they will be a wee bit higher than the Anglo-Saxons in social elevation, than is comfortable for others.

As to arranging for sexual activities across the language code barriers, it will lead to the decadence of the softer but superior classes, if the mixing is with feudal language groups. For instance, if an English female even casually mixes with a feudal language group of males or females, there is a negative aura rubbing on her. This is due to the establishment of a lower indicant equality with the others.

If the relationship moves into sexual relationship, it is downright degrading. It is worse than a female IPS officer (Indian Police Service – royalty of the terribly feudal Indian police service) having sexual relationship with a low grade Indian constable. The words for YOU, She, Her etc. will drop down to stinking levels of equality or worse.

These are information about which current-day England has no idea about. The persons who arrive from outside into England, and who know and understand the slowly emerging decadence in the English females, simply enjoy the scenario with a most boisterous laughter. There is no way for the English female to make any mention of distress. For, immediately there are fools on her side, and cunning crooks on the other side who would mention that she is being ‘racist’.

Apart from that there is huge waiting going on in South Africa, I sense, that the White females will go into penury shortly and every one of them will be available for fornication at whatever terms the native blacks offer. As to the highly intelligent idiots in England, they are not lending a hand to their under-siege nationals held in a state of hostage in South Africa.

Cunning guys from the feudal classes of South Africa like Mandela etc., I think, have openly expressed the delightful hope that the white females arrive at a location from where they can be fornicated by the native blacks. That is the total gist of the hope of a Rainbow nation in South Africa.

The greatest repulsive factor among the South African blacks would be the terrible feudal content in their native languages. Not their skin-colour. The pejorative words, if learnt by the Anglo whites, will literally despoil them beyond words. Their only way to redemption would be to refrain from learning any African native-language for as long as possible, and get out of South Africa.

Getting mixed up with a people who are embedded into high grade feudal languages will only spoil them. Even though, their proximity would improve the blacks. For this very reason, the native blacks will not be happy to see them go.

235. Every defeat can become the father of a subsequent victory, every lost war the cause of a later resurgence, every hardship the fertilisation of human energy, and from every oppression the forces for a new spiritual rebirth can come as long as the blood is preserved pure.

Maybe there is some consolation for the South African Anglo whites in the above words, even thought Adolf Hitler mentions it in another context.

236. for the noteworthy fact about all reforms is that at first they possess but a single champion yet many million supporters.

The above words are about Adolf Hitler’s own movement. However, it does contain a powerful motivating spur for any other movement.

237. is stretched on the ground and with trembling cowardice suffers every humiliation at the hands of the ruthless victor.

That was about the German government going down after the WW One.

238. Germany became defenceless, not because arms were lacking, but because the will was lacking to guard the weapon for national survival.

After all in a feudal language nation, when the holding-up leadership is gone, it is difficult to unite for a defence. For linking to others is not that easy.

239. question of regaining German power is not: How shall we manufacture arms? but: How shall we manufacture the spirit which enables a people to bear arms?

There is only one way to do so in a feudal language system. And that is to allow someone to grow up to dictatorial levels of authority. However, how this dictator will behave is another unanswered question.

240. Thus, the English nation will have to be considered the most valuable ally in the world as long as its leadership and the spirit of its byroad masses justify us in expecting that brutality and perseverance which is determined to fight a battle once begun to victorious end, with every means and without consideration of time and sacrifices

Yes, the English nation, that is pristine-England, would have been the best possible ally. However, for England to engage in a partnership of equality with a feudal language nation would be literally demeaning itself. However, in modern times, with English education system literally in a messy state of mixed culture, England has gone in for partnership of equality with many others with no concern about the degrading it is bringing upon itself.

241. which measure the value of a possible alliance with us according to the weight of this burden. No one allies himself with a state in which the attitude of the active part of the population toward any determined foreign policy is passive

The US should have known the profundity in the above statement. In a mad bid by the US Presidents to become ‘world leaders’, so many alliances have been made with nations whose populations basically view the US with passive or active disdain.

242. From the purely military angle, every officer above all will realize after a moment’s thought that a foreign struggle cannot be carried on with student battalions, that in addition to the brains of a people, the fists are also needed.

No comments

243. Unconquerable by comparison seem the millions who oppose the national resurrection out of political conviction

No comments

244. Poison is countered only by an antidote

No comment

245. Faith is harder to shake than knowledge, love succumbs less to change than respect, hate is more enduring than aversion, and the impetus to the mightiest upheavals on this earth has at all times consisted less in a scientific knowledge dominating the masses than in a fanaticism which inspired them and sometimes in a hysteria which drove them forward.

Very quotable quote. But not connected to the pristine-English population.

246. The soul of the people can only be won if along with carrying on a positive struggle for our own aims, we destroy the opponent of these aims.

No comment

247. their sentiment does not understand the mutual handshake of people who claim that they want the opposite things.

No comment

248. failing to realise that the speed of the greyhound like the docility of the poodle are not learned, but are qualities inherent in the race.

Not really. There are codes in language that add to the pace and also those that can subtract from the pace.

249. The racial question gives the key not only to world history, but to all human culture.

Not race, but the codes in the languages are what hold the true light to understanding history.

250. is not accomplished by the lowering of higher classes but by uplifting the lower classes.

That is what a high quality pristine-ENGLISH mass education can do in India.

251. The German worker will not be raised to the framework of the German national community via feeble scenes of fraternisation, but by a conscious raising of his social and cultural situation until the most serious differences may be viewed as bridged

The inherent code errors in German language will show itself and in critical moments will create a havoc.

252. which under national community understands the unresisting economic surrender of the employee to the employer and which chooses to regard any attempt at safeguarding even justified interests regarding the employee’s economic existence as an attack on the national community

Labour relationship is encoded in the language codes. Without first checking it, there is no gain in philosophising on this aspect.

253. no, he is a selfish scoundrel who induces social unrest and provokes future conflicts

Can’t say for sure unless the urges in the language codes is first understood.

254. they will be highly welcome in the ranks of this movement, as a valuable spiritual backbone. But winning over the bourgeois voting cattle can never be the aim of this movement.

In feudal language nations, the officialdom will not budge from its most secure location of ‘respect’ and wealth, to make way for a national resurgence. It would be too risky an affair for them. Adolf Hitler uses the word ‘cattle’ for them, in those times when he had not yet reached the seats of national power.

255. it may be possible to create moods and even to spread insight, but not to do away with qualities of character or, better expressed, vices whose development and origin embrace centuries.

This need not be true in all circumstances. In fact, very good quality English education disseminated by the English colonialists did create wonderful changes in the human populations in some parts of the Indian subcontinent.

However, since the populations lived in the same location intermingling with the non-transformed populations, their quality change would necessarily oscillate from one end to the other. Those who did oscillate thus did show signs of mental problems. This fact has been noted by Edgar Thurston in his Castes and tribes of Southern India.

256. If propaganda is to be effective for the movement, it must be addressed to only one quarter,

It might be a necessary social ingredient in feudal language nations that there are a minimum of two levels of intelligence. The high and low. In which case, one cannot address both the groups with the same propaganda material.

257. Among a hundred so-called speakers there are hardly ten capable of speaking with equal effect today before a public consisting of street sweepers, locksmiths, sewer-cleaners, etc., and tomorrow holding a lecture with necessarily the same thought content in an auditorium full of university professors and students.

Adolf Hitler must have regretted writing the above sentences, when he ultimately reached the seats of national power. Yet, these kinds of sentences which very obviously differentiate between the people in so obvious a manner would necessarily point to some kind of feudal content in the language. In England also, the nobility could have used similar words with much lesser harshness. However, in pristine-England, the commonman is not so nondescript as in feudal language nations.

As to university professors knowing more than ordinary citizens, it is a mere myth among native-English speakers. In fact, Robert Clive did prove beyond doubt that school drop-out Englishmen could out-do formally educated persons, in all worldly accomplishments.

258. but also influences both parties with equal effect or actually lashes them into a wild storm of applause.

This was what Adolf Hitler could achieve with his vibrant command over German language. It is possible that the naive Englishmen couldn’t understand the verbal codes that actually did the work.

However, it is quite doubtful if the modern generations of England can understand the terrific spurs and triggers embedded in powerful words codes in feudal languages. For instance, can they understand how seemingly small words in Tamil or Hindi can swing the mood of the mob with very terrific power from one end to the other? It is doubtful. If they could, they would never allow the setting up of a Gandhi statue next to that of Sir Winston Churchill in London.

259. The important thing is not what the genius who has created an idea has in mind, but what, in what form, and with what success the prophets of this idea transmit it to the broad masses.

Essentially the question of successful propaganda.

260. In a mass meeting of all classes it is not that speaker who is mentally closest to the intellectuals present who speaks best, but the one who conquers the heart of the masses.

The art of demagogy.

261. The young movement is in its nature and inner organisation anti-parliamentarian; that is, it rejects, in general and in its own inner structure, a principle of majority rule in which the leader is degraded to the level of a mere executants of other people’s will and opinion.

Democracy cannot be a replacement for benevolent rule by quality people. From this perspective, the best rule that a small percentage of the Indian subcontinent witnessed in at least the last two thousand years was that of the English East India Company.

The quality went down when the English Crown took over the rule, but still it was a thousand times better than the traditional rulers in the Subcontinent. With the formation of India, the quality of rule in the former English-ruled areas went down the drain, while in the huge sections of India, which were from the native kings’ rule, there was a bit of improvement. But then, official corruption diffused to all parts from the native king-ruled areas.

262. The leader is always elected, but thereby he is vested with unlimited powers and authority.

All these ideas are good. But then, in a feudal language set-up, the stature of the leader will go up to unlimited powers due to the particular arrangement of word codes. This unlimited power will definitely connect to his close associates and family members through the rapid arrangement of word codes to place them all in a pyramid-like arrangement.

Soon, they will interfere in the rule and systems will go awry. In planar languages like English, there is a mutual balancing power. For words do not re-arrange people into a pyramid-like formation, which in turn will promote varying sub-groups of pyramids, all of which will compete among themselves.

Moreover, in pristine-ENGLISH, many common mental spurs that automatically generate in feudal languages will not get created. In feudal languages, many words and sentences and mentions are done not for the sake of conveying an information, but simply as a method to convey a position of power, obeisance, servitude, command, degradation, belittling etc. English conversation is generally devoid of this because there are no different levels of indicant words.

263. For, the function of organisation is the transmission of a definite idea-which always first arises from the brain of an individual - to a larger body of men and the supervision of its realisation.

I have seen that an organisation that has been set up thus can be quite powerful, especially in feudal language systems. However, the problem comes at the time of the handing over of the top seat from the incumbent to another.

Each person inside a feudal language system is the top head of a different pyramid of people. When one person takes over from the leader, the persons inside the pyramid, where he is the head, are all in regimental formation of power and connections through a specific route of respect and obedience. Persons in other pyramids are outside this route.

So immediately upon the original leader departing, the system will go in for a fight, unless everything is kept ready to remove that possibility. In most cases, when the possibility of a leader departing is seen, one of the next possible leaders and his pyramid members, arrange everything in such a manner that the others are outwitted.

Native cunning, sly actions, treachery all get played in feudal language systems. The situation is quite desperate. Once one pyramid gets positioned, the others are out.

264. If the unity of the doctrine is not to be lost, however, this subdivision must not take place until the authority of the spiritual founder and of the school trained by him can be regarded as unconditional.

From a feudal language social ambience, the steps mentioned by Adolf Hitler to create a powerful organisational set-up can be quite practical and correct.

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