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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 1 : 83 to 95

84. but the organisation of a community of physically and psychologically similar living beings for the better facilitation of the maintenance of their species and the achievement of the aim which has been allotted to this species by Providence. This and nothing else is the aim and meaning of a state.

Adolf Hitler’s definition of the political unit called ‘state’.

85. Peoples who can sneak their way into the rest of mankind like drones, to make other men work for them under all sorts of pretexts, can form states even without any definitely delimited living space of their own.

Has Adolf Hitler more or less predicted and defined the modern concept of Business Off-shore Processing? Wherein technocrats in English nations, suddenly in knowledge and control over the core item in computers and its varied technical possibilities, simply refused to see that they are part of a nation, and hence should not lend help to outsiders who if enabled with technical skills can more or less usurp everything that the native citizens of their own nations had.

In the various locations in the Indian peninsula, the higher castes very openly mention that the lower castes are incapable of higher intelligence. However, deep inside their mind and information, they know that this is not reality. The reality is that if the lower castes, who are actually technically skilled, are allowed to enter into the higher echelons of the social communication, they can literally takeover the social system. And hence, they need to be kept in a location from where they can compete among themselves for the favour of the higher classes.

They should never be allowed to mingle with or connect at levels of equality with any member of the higher classes. Even if there is a breech in this cordoning anywhere, the whole lot of lower classes would emerge from their crude narrow spaces to expand into the soft locations of the higher classes.

See this image of the Carpenters of in one location in the southern part of the Indian peninsula.

These are technical and architectural experts of rare acumen. Yet, they have not been in any engineering college. They could manage to build huge building structures with no help from modern technology. Well, this is the kind of genius that the Englishmen saw in the Indian peninsula. Actually, there are literally millions of such experts and geniuses in the Indian peninsula. However, such geniuses do not create an England. They can only create an India.

This fact was not known or understood by the various English academicians who visited India. One of them did come upon Ramanujan. He was taken to England, and from where his genius blossomed. He came out with wonderful mathematical discoveries.

He was going to be appointed as a professor in Oxford, in the heights of the idiotism of the English academicians. For, the fact is that there would be literally millions of similar geniuses in India. They are kept in various bonds, due to the cunningness in the local vernaculars. If they are allowed to improve, they would improve to the dismay of the others.

Once they improve, they do not allow others to improve. That is the truth. For, in feudal languages, everything is treated in a relative manner. The words codes stress the relative heights and lowliness.

Now, if the carpenters shown above had been taught English and taken to England by some equally nutty professor from England, their genius would also have blossomed. For, the egalitarian social communication that English makes possible does the trick. They would have literally created a Google right in the last century itself, or at least its off-line version, in wood.

See this quote from Native Life in Travancore:

QUOTE: All dread the raising of the lower classes and their admission to the common rights of humanity. “The very essence of caste lies in the degradation of others.” END of QUOTE

The fact is that there are tens of thousands of Ramanujans inside India, and that was not an information unknown to the higher classes in India. I have even seen house-owners very categorically mentioning that it is not wise to allow their male servants and maid servants to learn English. Once they learn English, social equations change.

Low quality higher positioned persons fear the higher-skilled lower positioned persons. For, if the lower positioned persons are allowed to grow, in a feudal language ambience, their very next endeavour would be to pull down their social seniors. For this, all they need to do is to flip the indicant word codes 180 degree. The other man is down in the gutter and them on top.

Can the native-English speakers understand this code work? If they could, they would never have taught the natives of the Indian peninsula anything. In fact, their level of foolishness was of the astronomical levels. Even after the formation of India and Pakistan, Indian and Pakistani army officers were being given military officers training in British military colleges.

Didn’t the English government feel that these things need public concurrence? Even now, the British government is giving 250 million pounds to the Indian government as aid. And in return what they get is a chorus: You stole our millions. Give us all what you stole.

What stealing? All the nations which had English colonial experience are duty-bound to reimburse all the various benefits they derived from English governance. But then, in current-day England who has the knowledge to ponder at this level? The academic education there has instilled a feeling that colonial Englishmen were crooks.

IMAGE: 1933

86. the sacrifice of personal existence is necessary to secure the preservation of the species.

In English nations, there is no terror of the lowering of indicant words. So there is no need to electrify a citizen with fiery speech to trigger him to act brave. On the other hand, in feudal language nations, there is always this terror. That if one goes weak in any sense, the word codes can drop to abysmal levels. Not only for the person, but for even his wife, children and other dependents.

However, if a great demagogue can arose him with the use of emotionally tugging words and usage, which can redesign anyone to levels of social and emotional heights, then this man would dare anything. I think Adolf Hitler was able to trigger this in his followers.

87. a man does not die for business, but only for ideals.

While we fought for bread, England fought for ‘freedom’; and not even for her own, no, for that of the small nations

What is this ‘freedom’ that England fought for? Well, the levels of human freedoms available in English are of the nth degree when compared to so many other languages. The very ability to address a government official with a Mr. or Mrs. prefixed to his or her name is an impossibility in feudal languages.

From this miniscule levels of freedoms, to the various heights of freedoms that native pristine-English has, there is no location in other language system wherein they can compete with English. Yet, stupid nations like the USA stand on this powerful platform and dare to declaim that all their plus points are not mere extensions of the native English homeland.

88. We no longer had the slightest idea concerning the essence of the force which can lead men to their death of their own free will and decision

It is true that powerful devotion, loyalty and love can urge a person to perform unusual levels of daring and bravery, and come out alive. Yet, in the case of daring that the common folks of England displayed are not from this location. It is more the case of certain soft emotions, which the higher qualities of pristine-English instil in a human being. For instance, the English emotion of ‘honour’ is definitely quite a different item from what the word means in feudal languages.

In feudal languages, it is something enforced and imposed, and then derived from the people by means of money, power, governmental position, terror etc. In pristine-English, it is something innate and has no connection to displaying money, calibre, strength, government job etc.

In fact, this item is intimately connected to such things as chivalry, politeness, manners, courtesies, words like thank you, please etc., and to the unwritten English marine history code of ‘Women and Children first’ in times of distress in the High Seas. In fact, such a code as Women and Children first’ if mentioned in nations like India, would probably evoke much elated boisterous laughter.

89. In 1914 as long as the German people thought they were fighting for ideals, they stood firm; but as soon as they were told to fight for their daily bread, they preferred to give up the game.

As a matter of fact, most feudal language nations’ armies do have the same problem. When the administrative system that disciplines the soldiers is powerful enough, the soldiers will listen to commands. However, the moment it is seen that it might be a hopeless fight, the soldiers will not be willing to suffer the pejorative-code filled commands of a weakened officer class.

90. ‘Nothing can happen to us!’ This pestilential attitude had once been the downfall of a gigantic empire

When I see the above sentence, my mind wanders off to the current state of the USA. It is literally adrift in the High Seas, with no one really in command. The captaincy of the nation has fallen into hands which should never have been allowed to approach even within a 100-miles from the nation. However, this error is not fully connected to democracy alone.

It all began with the madcap George Washington and his wanton crowd. He himself was clearly an immature person, easily led astray by the wily affectations of the French and the Spanish. Now that he has made the nation a nation of swarming-in crowds, this nation of possible pristine-ENGLISH attributes has no more hope. For, there is literally no political argument left to save itself from its destiny in the doom.

Persons who have no loyalty to its pristine English antiquity are in charge. Perfect idiots who do not understand what makes the US different are trying to erase away this vital difference. If not India, this nation will sure become South America. There is a very powerful mood in the USA that ‘nothing can happen to us’. What a bonkers! The USA is currently just an unsinkable Titanic, that is leaking to its very core. Through the leaking frontier, the drift that shall pull it down is entering.

91. the Jews no doubt would have to sacrifice themselves to being the owners, since by their own admission they never make any money, but always ‘pay,’ and, besides, speak the most languages.

It is quite funny that the ability to speak more languages is mentioned by Adolf Hitler as an attribute of crooks. Of course, he uses the word, Jew. For him, a Jew is a crook. However, this ability to speak a lot of languages is actually an ability of brain to exist in a multitude of human personalities. It is not a psychological condition as such. However, it does have an element of the satanic attributes. At least in a minor manner, and may be only to some people. However, a feudal language speaking person himself has an ambivalent personality. Even if he or she speaks only one language.

92. could not for a moment be in doubt that a stone had been set rolling whose course could no longer be arrested.

Small events gather power and become the beginning points of huge and colossal events. However, I must admit that it was the minor event of a change of party to rule England just after the Second World War that led to the destruction of a world government. A world government under England could have been the best thing to happen to the world. Yet, some crazy mood set into the minds of the English people right at the moment of their greatest glory in recent history. They threw out their leaders who had led them to victory. And replaced them with rank idiots.

Adolf Hitler’s lines are about the murder of Archduke Francis Ferdinand. A single man’s death was to lead to a world war.

93. The struggle of the year 1914 was not forced on the masses- no, by the living God-it was desired by the whole people.

Newspapers and political demagogues and religious leaders urge for a fight. I have seen it in India. People are urging for a war with Pakistan. We can defeat them is the hoarse cry. But then, it is the soldiers on the battle-field who will have to bear the brunt of the enemy bullets. And if the war goes into an uncontrollable mode, there will be plenty to pay for. The social system will go into collapse, and communal fights can breakout. If the communal fights go into an uncontrollable mode, millions will die. Terribly. However, it looks quite brave to sit at home and urge for a war.

And beyond that, both the Indian as well as Pakistani army were just a inhuman dividing of the same British-Indian army. The same soldiers who had stood shoulder-to-shoulder supporting the English Empire was set to fight with each other by Clement Atlee.

94. but the romance of battle had been replaced by horror. The enthusiasm gradually cooled and the exuberant joy was stifled by mortal fear.

It looks quite odd that Adolf Hitler should have spoken thus about the horrors of war. For, he was to lead the world to another more disastrous war, a world war, World War Two. Yet, it must be admitted that he did repudiate this book when he was on the pathway to war.

I would have to speak about the powerful spurs in his own native language codes that simply changed his outlook on war. However, that can wait.

95. Any attempt to combat a philosophy with methods of violence will fail in the end, unless the fight takes the form of attack for a new spiritual attitude. Only in the struggle between two philosophies can the weapon of brutal force, persistently and ruthlessly applied lead to a decision for the side it supports.

This remained the reason for the failure of the struggle against Marxism.

Basically, there is an error in Adolf Hitler in the complete conceptualisations of everything, even though many of his observations are quite brilliant. This error is connected to the fact that he is totally unaware of the vicious versus benign codes in language software.

If the German language has any element of feudal content, the social system will simply oscillate within these parameters. Whatever external improvements are made, the working of the internal codes will bring everything back to status co.

Germany that speaks German cannot become an England, which speaks pristine-ENGLISH.

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