348. The People’s State ought to allow much more time for physical training in the school. It is nonsense to burden young brains with a load of material of which, as experience shows, they retain only a small part, and mostly not the essentials, but only the secondary and useless portion; because the young mind is incapable of sifting the right kind of learning out of all the stuff that is pumped into it.

A better idea would be teach English the language, and to allow the children to embark on various kinds of labour and business ventures on their own in a training ambience. I have seen children who went for work in their childhood blossoming into businessmen running bakeries and other businesses with the requisite technical knowhow and business acumen at a very young age.

I have seen young men who have finished their purported higher education with absolutely no knowledge in anything including English, waiting for a government job. In fact for such nitwits, nothing other than the cosy laziness of a Indian government office would fit.

349. This State does not consider that the human ideal is to be found in the honourable philistine or the maidenly spinster, but in a dareful personification of manly force and in women capable of bringing men into the world.

One needs to take the above sentence with a pinch of salt. May be Adolf Hitler did not mean to be male chauvinistic. And may be the idea he meant is not clear. However, as it stands, it would be most unacceptable, especially to many women. That they are mere machinery for procreation.

350. All this could happen only because our superior scholastic system did not train men to be real men but merely to be civil servants, engineers, technicians, chemists, litterateurs, jurists and, finally, professors; so that intellectualism should not die out

In India, everything is a mix. Formal technical education is mediocre. As to civil servants, the only really thing that should know is good quality English. So that they can behave and deal with the people in a decent and polite manner. Yet, most of them do not know English. What they do know, that is, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Geology, Geography, Vernacular languages etc are of no use to create an efficient officialdom.

This theme is big and I cannot deal with it here.

351. Of course education cannot make a courageous man out of one who is temperamentally a coward. But a man who naturally possesses a certain degree of courage will not be able to develop that quality if his defective education has made him inferior to others from the very start as regards physical strength and prowess

Actually if the last two words of ‘physical strength and prowess’ are removed from the above sentence, the above quote can be adjusted to make plain another huge reality of education in feudal language social systems.

The fact about the educational system in the small portion of the Indian subcontinent that was under the English rule was that it was commenced by the English rulers. The English rulers argued for an English education. The local social leaders did not want that. However, the English education lend by the English rulers necessarily removed to a possible extent, the degrading of the student by their native-land teachers.

The vernacular schools used the lower indicant words like Thoo, USS, Nee, Avan etc. to the students stuck under them. As to the English schools, the students escaped from this degrading. For in English, there was only one YOU, one HE, one SHE etc. None of which were degrading.

This is the essential difference that the English ruler’s education had from modern Indian education. This basic information is not known in current-day England.

352. All the immortal examples of dauntless courage and daring which the German armies gave during the late summer and autumn of 1914, as they advanced from triumph to triumph, were the result of that education which had been pursued systematically

Actually there might be a minimum of two different kinds of battle-field courage. One is connected to the feudal language slotted courage. In that, the lower positioned man has no other option of a leeway. He can only act in the way prescribed for him. In fact, I do feel that Japanese language could be heavily feudal. The fact that the suicide squad of pilots who ventured to bomb British ships do point to this.

In fact, they have no way to come back, deserting their duty. Back home, the word codes will drop heavily and they will have to commit suicide than face its terror. This is an information about the emotional triggers that can be activated by feudal languages, which is not known or understood in English.

However, in feudal language commands, there is the other side. If they can come home and there is no problem of the indicant word codes going down, soldiers will desert their post the moment they see that their side is not winning or the officers are seen with lack of respect. ‘Respect’ is everything in feudal languages, and it is not like the passive ‘respect’ mentioned in English. Each word has to have a ‘respect’ tag. The moment there is a lack of lending this tag, the officer’s command is over.

Moreover coming home injured is a far more terrible thing than in English. A weak man might easily lose his indicant code value. His family will also face the same issue. This is an extra terror not in English.

In English, the ‘respect’ tag in words and sentence are not there in the same manner as in feudal languages. Relationships are different. The individual has a personal level of honour. In feudal languages, the ordinary soldier is not allowed to have this. In fact, it is crushed during the inhuman training programme. However, if it not crushed, the command codes will not work in feudal languages.

353. The whole system of education and training must be directed towards fostering in the child the conviction that he is unquestionably a match for any and everybody.

This can be achieved only by a pristine-ENGLISH ambience. In feudal languages, if the student or child exhibits such a superior stance, he will be beaten to a pulp by his teachers. If an ordinary citizen were to exhibit this posture, the local policeman will beat it out of him, if he chances to be in his hands.

354. Only by a superabundance of national energy and a passionate thirst for liberty can we recover what has been lost.

It is doubtful if Germany had lost anything at that moment. Even the German nation was a relatively new creation.

355. It is stupid to think that the right of the State to supervise the education of its young citizens suddenly comes to an end the moment they leave school and recommences only with military service. This right is a duty, and as such it must continue uninterruptedly.

This is a theme that requires much writing. State can command education if the state is run by enlightened persons with good standards in English and English classics. If otherwise, the state should not impose its education on everyone. For there will definitely be individuals who are getting better education on their own.

356. that he must not only learn to obey but also acquire the fundamentals that will enable him one day to command.

Since the concept of obedience and command differ in different languages in general and very strongly between English and feudal languages, there might be need to discuss this theme in connection to the language in question.

Generally speaking, in feudal languages, obedience and command are similar to the slave versus feudal landowner relationship of Asia/Africa and other feudal language nations.

357. he must become convinced that he belongs to a people who are invincible.

That conviction can be had only by the pristine-ENGLISH speaker of England of some seventy years back and before.

358. the education of girls just as that of boys and according to the same fundamental principles. Here again special importance must be given to physical training,

NO comment

359. the essential traits of the individual character are already there fundamentally before any education takes place. A person who is fundamentally egoistic will always remain fundamentally egoistic, and the idealist will always remain fundamentally an idealist. Besides those, however, who already possess a definite stamp of character there are millions of people with characters that are indefinite and vague

The idea mentioned above is corrected as: feudal language speaker’s mind will always have virus infection of that language codes, even if he is given good education.

As to a person of pristine-English background, unnecessarily lengthy formal education will only be a waste of precious time. The best of England’s achievement that is the English Empire was not created by formally higher educated persons. Rather it was done by formally un-educated, school dropouts of England.

360: What did the German educational system do in pre-War times to teach the Germans to be discreet?

The capacity to retain secrets is also connected to the language system and to the level or stature of that specific individual in his social or familial ambience. However, as of now, English nations are also going down in social quality, due to quite obvious reasons.

361: Remarks that are made without any sense of responsibility are thoughtlessly repeated from mouth to mouth; and our economic welfare is continually damaged because important methods of production are thus disclosed.

It is tragic that the English nations never paid heed to the fabulous oriental wisdom/cunning in the above words. In India, I have seen that people who possess any technical information, idea, medical knowledge etc. never divulge it to others. They are willing to act as the complete repositories of this technique or knowledge. This is so, because any minor capacity that makes others gather around him is one of the most powerful machinery that can add social value and ‘respect’ to him.

The English stance has been quite the opposite. That is to disseminate each and every bit of information and knowledge to others. During the days of English colonialism, it was okay. For they were improving the populations that were loyal to them. However, in the modern days of international business competition, with no one actually in a pose of loyalty to any English nation, this posture was mere gullibility, made use of by competing business moguls in other nations.

The power of business Moguls in feudal language business structure is not really understood in English.