205. Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion

I had never heard of this thing till I read it in Mein Kampf. It is a document that has plan for the Jewish domination of the world. It is mentioned as a hoax, by the Jews.

As an aside I would like to mention that people behaviour and attraction to money, power, bribes, corruption etc. are not of the same kind in among all populations. There is a qualitative difference in this regard, depending on the native language of the person and also depending on the native-language of the social system.

206. The danger of this new institution is not recognized at first, but because of its momentary advantages is even welcomed

Actually this is connected to the business of usury. Such businessmen are actually hated in many places, even though they are also much sought after.

207. now they feel that the mere fact of his existence is as bad as the plague.

Basically the long-term effect of a closed group of people slowly bleeding out the economic stamina by means of usury. They become like an affliction, in the social systems. However, there would be errors in the social system which in the first place allows such infections to breed.

For instance, I have seen people falling into this trap just because the government-run-banks were quite uninterested in doing business with the common man, in India. It is curious that Adolf Hitler also finds something wrong in the ruler-ship of the nation that promotes the activity of usury. See the following words:

208. in it the role of the so-called ‘German princes’ is just as miserable as that of the Jews themselves. These lords were really God’s punishment for their beloved peoples and find their parallels only in the various ministers of the present time

No Comments.

209. Goethe was still horrified at the thought that in future marriage between Christians and Jews would no longer be forbidden by law.

No Comments. Do not know what to comment.

210. Race, however, does not lie in the language, but exclusively in the blood, which no one knows better than the Jew, who attaches very little importance to the preservation of his language, but all importance to keeping his blood pure.

Race is very much connected to native language. In fact, language codes can override Genetic codes and the codes in the DNA. This is a theme that might require a more detailed study. If the Jews attach too much importance to the purity of the blood, and neglects their language of Jewish heritage, the Jews will end up in splinters.

In fact, talking about feudal languages, I can propose that they contain codes that can act as a wedge, pivot, lever, twisting torque, see-saw, repulsive force, force of attraction, glue, remover of a glue etc. and can make a group of people for a pyramid-like-structure and so many other things.

It would be quite nonsensical for any reader to simply mention that the above words are mere nonsense. For, even to make a minor comment on the above contention would require detailed study on the subject. Otherwise it would be like a totally untutored person making judgmental comments on Classical Mechanics or on Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. Even to disclaim them honestly would require a bit of understanding of what they are.

Just because a person knows to speak a language doesn’t mean that he knows about the codes inside them. He is just similar to a person using a software application, who doesn’t know anything about the software codes that work behind the scenes.

211. In a short time he begins to twist things around to make it look as if all the injustice in the world had always been done to him and not the other way around.

Adolf Hitler is speaking about Jews. I do not have anything to comment. However, if the Jews are a united group, the codes that unites them can directly be seen in their language.

212. .his charity is really comparable to fertilizer, which is not strewn on the field for love of the field, but with a view to the farmer’s own future benefit.

It is a very interesting allegory.

213. Between employer and employee there arises that inner estrangement which later leads to political class division.

Basically this is connected to the codes in the language codes and how it is used. I fear that in a few years time, there will be a terrible level of class division slowly entering into England. This is due to the fact that there are many businessmen over there are from feudal language nations. It is an eerie situation, the reality of which has not been fully understood by the totally gullible English public.

214. praises all progress, mostly, to be sure, the progress that leads to the ruin of others;

This is the typical fiendish attitude found common in feudal language nations. It is a sly technique for promoting and helping others in such a manner that they would go astray, at the same time building up a mood of gratitude in them for the help they get.

However, here Adolf Hitler is speaking of the Jews. It is quite curious that many of his assertions about the Jews are just mere common items in feudal language nations. It is an observation that calls for more detailed comparative study.

215. he sometimes palms off his women on influential Christians, but as a matter of principle he always keeps his male line pure.

Well, this is an issue that all human groups have. They would all speak of great equality, human right, dignity etc. Yet, when it comes to losing their own followers to other leaderships, they would literally not allow it. Even though, the outward posture is that of religion or caste or congregation, there are more complexities at work. It is not good to simply ignore them or to disregard what they warn.

In India, it is common observance that the Muslims usually do not allow their daughters marrying to men who are not Muslims. For, it is losing a Muslim to others. As to their sons marrying females who are not born Muslims, it is not that much of a problem. For, the language codes work in bring a new subordinate to the household and to the religion. It is an expansion of the religion.

I do not know if what I am speaking is true about all Muslims in India.

216. His comic papers especially strive to represent the Jews as a harmless little people, with their own peculiarities,

It is a very powerful strategy used in many nations to diffuse a public issue. That of allowing comic laughter. For instance, there are so many jokes about official corruption in India. In so much, when anyone speaks about the corruption, people do not act disturbed. Instead they smile as if it is the best joke they have heard.

217. for it excludes the personality-and puts in its place the majority characterised by stupidity, incompetence, and last but not least, cowardice.

Even though the above text is mentioned with regard to Jews’ intention of promoting democracy, Adolf Hitler does give a decent definition of what democracy in practice means. However, I need to put in that the best alternative for democracy in all nations is a non-democratic English rule, controlled by the English parliament of yore. Not the messy, multicultural English parliament of current-days.

218. The separation of worker and employer now seems complete in all fields of life.

Workers and employers can sit and eat together or separately. It does not really matter. The only thing that really matter is the language codes that design labour relationship.

219. he approaches the very victims of his spirit and his activity and in a short time becomes the leader of their struggle against himself.

It is quite funny how Adolf Hitler uses this theme, which is actually a copy of what has happened in the Indian subcontinent after the departure of the English rule. The feudal class leaders of yore have come on top of the new nation of India. They are busy writing, arguing and fighting for the rights of the people, whom they themselves have kept in shackles for centuries, and still continues to do with the demonic use of feudal pejorative words and usages.

Moreover, many of the Communist party leaders are from the feudal classes of yore. It is quite a funny situation. They argue against English and English nations. Still, without anyone knowing it, they slowly move their children to English nations.

In fact, I have heard of one Communist party leader, a former Chief Minister of a south Indian state, who was a very anti-English demagogue. When he was in power, he and his people visited the United States on an official visit. Then naturally the next imminent step would be to export his family to the USA. That is what I have heard last. I do not know for sure, but it is quite possible that they are well-settled in the US.

The moot question is what kind of an intelligence the US policymakers is having in allowing people who spoke, acted and indoctrinated against the US, to enter the nation, and settle down. It definitely is a treacherous act against those who spoke for English and English nations, in this nation.

220. From now on the worker has no other task but to fight for the future of the Jewish people.

If one were to remove the Jewish context, this is the truth about the people in most post English-colonialism nations. People do not know that their rulers are hell-bent on their own selfish interests and have not an iota of interest in creating a good social set up. In fact, the leaders frankly do not know how to do it.

221. He approaches the worker, simulates pity with his fate, or even indignation at his lot of misery and poverty, thus gaining his confidence.—————————————He establishes the Marxist doctrine.