In the whole book, there is an undercurrent of a spirited call to arms. It is seen as the most efficient panacea for all the pains, agonies, and defects suffered by Germany in its brief period of existence. Again, the pulls and pushes of a feudal coded language acting a very particular manner can be spied in these spurs. In fact, these spurs might come directly from the triggers inside the language codes.

Apart from that, the author of the book is a person who has had real battle experiences. He must have seen the exact sufferings it endows on the participants and the various cruelties and bestialities that get enacted. Moreover, he has also been wounded in battle, even though not grievously. In spite of all this, his mind sees no other solution to the social and political errors, other than warfare.

Beyond that, in most of the images of Adolf Hitler available online, he and his companions are mostly seen to be in military uniform. Beyond that the whole nation of Germany seems to be in military mood.

Well, this is again a mindset connected to a feudal language encoding. That no earthly solutions are there, when it is quite difficult to even talk it out.

MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


Commentary - Call to arms