45. Gentlemen, I believe we understand nothing about this matter I personally certainly do not.’

This is one of highest level of individual honesty, rectitude and door to information, knowledge, skills and calibre. Usually in pristine-ENGLISH locations, it should be a natural human attribute, with a few exceptions. However, in feudal language situations, this is the exception and not the rule.

Speaking in a most general manner, this is one of the pillars that made England exist, on the very edges of a most belligerent Continental Europe.

46. in certain circles honesty is almost synonymous with stupidity

It is quite funny that Adolf Hitler did mention this many years ago. It is only a matter of time before all pristine-ENGLISH attributes of England would be openly mentioned as gullibility and stupidity. That of teaching the whole world all its treasure-trove contents including English the language, administrative systems, military systems, educational systems, technical skills, and an immensity of others things, on which others build up mightier things.

Even the very manner that the English Empires was broken up had the taste of utter idiotism. No other nation in the world would equip another nation with its best administrative systems, army, police, postal services, railways, roadways &c. and train the manpower to run them effectively in well set-up organisations, and then give the nation to persons of rank ingratitude.

Surely in spite of having the brain power to build up all these things, a very powerful group, possibly the armchair intellects called the academicians, had worked out a theory to find fault with English endeavours.

47. At first glance this seems to be true. But then the question arises: Why are five hundred chosen when only a few possess the necessary wisdom to take a position in the most important matters?

And this is the worm in the apple!

This might take me to the issue of the various committees in the Indian parliament. Do these committees really have the depth of information on any issue, or is it mere political decisions that are being Okayed by them?

When taking up positions on Compulsory education, Domestic violence Act, Police reforms, Child labour, Compulsory teaching of any language, and such other things, has anyone really studied the various issues connected to these things. Do the committee members have the requisite mental calibre and information to deal with these highly complicated issues? I can’t say that I doubt it or not. I merely ask the question.

48. that a state authority is entitled to demand respect and protection only when it meets the interests of a people, or at least does not harm them.

There can be no such thing as state authority as an end in itself, for, if there were, every tyranny in this world would be unassailable and sacred.

This would be a question that can be asked in India. In Kashmir, in the north-east, north Ceylon, in the Central areas of India, where the desperately poor have organised under the Maoist flag and hence are being hunted down, and in various other locations.

49. In general it should not be forgotten that the highest aim of human existence is not the preservation of a state, let alone a government, but the preservation of the species.

And if the species itself is in danger of being oppressed or utterly eliminated, the question of legality is reduced to a subordinate role. Then, even if the methods of the ruling power are alleged to be legal a thousand times over, nonetheless the oppressed people’s instinct of self-preservation remains the loftiest justification of their struggle with every weapon.

These are terrible questions to be answered in almost all post-colonial nations ditched by Clement Atlee, the Satan and his coterie. Not only in India. The concept of nation-state has been one of the great follies imposed on human being by these idiots in England, who thought they knew the interests of the common man in the English colonies, better than the colonial officials.

It is this nation-state theory that has literally created gigantic massacres of human being in many nations, including in north Ceylon. Historically detached and un-attachable human populations have been pulled and pushed to assemble under the flag of a few individuals who had been handed over the common strings to the British colonial armies in the colonies.

In very recent years, the Tamils in north Ceylon were simply massacred and molested to unbelievable levels by the Sri Lankan army, basing their right to do this on the stupid theories of nation-state. Even the whole textbook subject called Politics and International Relationship is an utter bogus subject. It is a very superficial subject that clearly misses the high grade content of human emotions of a populations connected to the codes inside their native languages.

For instance, the powerful strings of emotions and loyalties that can get triggered by a good quality demagogy in Tamil cannot be understood by both pristine-ENGLISH as well as by the stupid subject of International Relationship. To put in more words, the whole subject of Political Science is mere nonsense, and just fit for writing rubbish in equally rubbish academic exams.

50. He had a rare knowledge of men and in particular took good care not to consider people better than they are.

I need to pull the above words out of its context. It is a great capacity of self-control to mention that all people are not of the same kind. That all populations are not of the same kind. Actually, it is not their ethnicity that makes them different. But their native language. Even though people think that it is skin colour that identifies a human social or individual character, there are quite a number of limitations to this understanding.

Human mental triggers and reactions and retorts and verbal and non-verbal reflexes are very much connected to the inner codes in their native languages, or to the language they speak and think it, or on the language in which they are made to function or live in.

Even though most people all around the world clearly understand that all populations are not same, inside pristine-ENGLISH nations, this very crucial information seems to have gone missing. And this is literally leading to the destruction of all pristine-ENGLISH nations.

51. for each man speaks only to the circle which can hear him, or which obtains an account of his words in the newspapers.

And, not the halls of parliament, but the great public meeting, represent the largest direct forum of listeners.

It is true. But then, even some of the so-called ‘freedom fighting leaders’, who were subjects of various native kingdoms adjacent to British-India, had the money to buy newspaper coverage for their activities and to have their words splashed across the headlines. Some of them had their own newspaper and magazines.

52. This is always the same public

Yes, inside the parliament and assembly houses, the hearers of the fine speeches are the same persons, again and again.

53. Never will one of these representatives of the people honour a superior truth of his own accord, and place himself in its service.

This more or less sums up the use of these talking shops.

54. But to speak to such a ‘forum’ is really to cast pearls before the well-known domestic beasts.

Adolf Hitler refrains from mentioning the exact words of the adage: Pearls before swine! Matthew 7:6 in Jesus's Sermon on the Mount: "Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces."

55. The press either killed them with silence or mutilated their speeches in such a way that any coherence, and often even the sense, was twisted or entirely lost, and public opinion received a very poor picture of the aims of the new movement.

What the various gentlemen said was quite unimportant; the important thing was what people read about them. And this was an extract from their speeches, so disjointed that it could-as intended- only seem absurd. The only forum to which they really spoke consisted of five hundred parliamentarians, and that is enough said.

The same goes about the English rule in the certain parts of the Indian peninsula. Even now, the visual and print media, as well as the textbooks speak untruth, half-truths and also total lies. As for modern England, it has also been deluded into believing the same nonsense.

56. For let it be said to all our present-day fops and knights of the pen: the greatest revolutions in this world have never been directed by a goose-quill!

No, to the pen it has always been reserved to provide their theoretical foundations.

But the power which has always started the greatest religious and political avalanches in history rolling has from time immemorial been the magic power of the spoken word, and that alone.

Adolf Hitler is an ideal example of how demagogy is the right way to power. I do not know if the pen has been able to overtake demagogy in this game.

57. but in the simple knowledge that without the mighty force of the mass of a people, no great idea, however lofty and noble it may seem, can be realised.

It is an information which all politicians do seem to have.

58. Czech pastors were appointed to German communities; slowly but surely they began to set the interests of the Czech people above the interests of the churches, becoming germ-cells of the de-Germanisation process.

Even though the above sentence is apparently about evangelical issues, all one has to do is to use change word ‘churches’ to that of ‘native businesses’, and the ‘Czech pastors’ to that of ‘foreign -and entrepreneurs inside English nations’, to see that a wider panorama of what has been alluded to.

The demise of native-English nations is encoded in the above words. Native English antique cultures of quaint refinement would stand compromised and denuded by these extra-national interests who would set up minor beachheads inside English nations. As of now, it is too late to moan about what has already become past history.

59. just because the law of democracy seems holier to such a principle-monger than the welfare of a nation. The one will therefore defend the worst tyranny, a tyranny which is ruining the people, since at the moment it embodies ‘state authority,’ while the other rejects even the most beneficial government as soon as it fails to satisfy his conception of ‘democracy.’

This is where the modern US government and its policymakers are going to be a nuisance to the whole world. Even though the nation is English, at every nook and corner inside USA, the languages are not English. Languages are powerful software mechanism. And when feudal language start triggers thought processes which get to function in an English ambience, what it achieves is a freedom of movement not available inside its own ambience and parameters.