Coming back to the Mein Kampf, this book does contain very detailed, step-by-step instructions as to how to go about setting up an organisation based on people participation. It is not an empty theoretical exercise, but something quite candidly practised by the author of the book as he set out to create his own political organisation, which was to spring him up into the heights of national leadership.

Most of the ideas are practical, but then many of the insights are basically connected to a feudal language nation. These things may not be workable in a nation which is based on a planar and plateau-coded language like English.

Beyond that as the author himself admits, many of the things are traditionally practised by the communist parties. In fact, the various cunningness’ traditionally used by the communist parties wouldn’t work in a pristine-ENGLISH nation. And that could be the reason why communist parties never came to up to towering heights in English nations.

However, in the current changed atmosphere in most native-English nations, wherein even the economic power is in the hands of native feudal language speaking bosses, things might change over there also. Can’t say for sure. For, English has a habit of coming back, sweeping all others into the dustbin.

MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


Commentary - Practical steps to set-up an organisation in a feudal language nation