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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 2 : 294 to 329

294. We all feel that in the distant future many may be faced with problems which can be solved only by a superior race of human beings, a race destined to become master of all the other peoples and which will have at its disposal the means and resources of the whole world.

This is indeed a location where Adolf Hitler has indeed pondered deep to find a solution for the emerging tragic issues connected to human and animal existence.

There is indeed a route to ponder upon this issue. Adolf Hitler missed the route literally by the whiskers. His totally parochial political agenda must have weighed heavily on his mind.

The problems associated with human social and familial relationships are connected to craving for power or rather the fear of being dominated, the craving for ‘respect’ or the terror of being ‘disrespected’, the physical force that came be carried around in the form of a still not fully understood item called money or the lack of this power, the need to have employees to create a pyramid in which one is on the top slot or the craving to be an employee for various reasons etc.

And then there are issues connected to emotional attachments etc. And much more of the similar or dissimilar vein.

If one were able to visualise the codes inside the various languages, as one would be able to envisages software codes, or as a sort of 3 dimensional arena were human being are mere dots connected to each other as per various links that goes on pushing or pulling or stretching or twisting each other, one might be able to visualise the realities of a feudal language social pattern.

One of the major differences this pattern would have from planar languages like English-designed social pattern would be thus:

1. The codes values that go on changing and thus enabling the push-pull-stretching-twisting would be more or less static. In the case of feudal language patterns, if the social system is rigid, the values would be rigid, but then a master-slave code attachment would be there in all links. This would create valve-like block on certain functions. That is some articulation can move only in one direction, and not in the other direction.

2. If the social pattern is visualised as a 3 – D arena, then the English designed social pattern would be various dot seen to be arranged in a more or less planar layout, or very near to it.

What I have mentioned is slightly of a complicated understanding mentioned here in a very simple manner.

Now, what or who is the superior race that can bring in composure and peace in the human social systems? It goes without saying that this superior race would be that which innately speaks a planar language.

This is theme has certain profundity that cannot be dealt with here.

295. A doctrine which forms a definite outlook on life cannot struggle and triumph by allowing the right of free interpretation of its general teaching, but only by defining that teaching in certain articles of faith that have to be accepted and incorporating it in a political organisation.

Unrestrained interpretation of statutes can do damage to certain systems. For instance, if the ordinary soldiers are allowed to interpret the various rules and statutes in the military rules and the right to dignity and freedom asserted in the Constitution of India, there would be deep problems of discipline.

The minimum understanding that should be there is that whatever interpretations and liberties are taken up in the matter of interpretations, the Indian Hindi speaking army cannot become the pristine-ENGLISH speaking army of England. For both of them are arranged by vastly different language codes.

There are acceptable ranges of freedoms allowed in each language. The freedoms allowed in English cannot be made functional in any other language without checking its codes. For instance, most of the manner of speaking in pristine-English would become outrageous impertinences in most Indian feudal languages. In fact, a posture of dignity inside an Indian government office or police station in an ordinary Indian can be quite dangerous for him.

296. Those whose duty it is to explain what is meant when we speak of the State, hold chairs in State universities, often in the department of constitutional law, and consider it their highest duty to find explanations and justifications for the more or less fortunate existence of that particular form of State which provides them with their daily bread.

I can only wonder the exquisite foresight of Adolf Hitler. He has literally described the Indian academicians. Even though his ire was on the German academicians.

297. Those who hold that the State is a more or less voluntary association of men who have agreed to set up and obey a ruling authority.

Actually this is a very insipid and very obviously stupid view of the state. For instance, most of the nations that were formed after the breaking up of the English Empire were formed by the active intervention and help from the British government. There was no ‘agreeing’ by the people to set up a common authority. The common authority was more or less imposed upon them.

If one were to accept the contentions of the idea that ‘people agreed to the social and political set up’, then it would seem that the caste system and slavery in the Indian subcontinent were more or less self imposed. It is very clear that the role of language codes in forming associations, imposing authority, grading people etc. is not known to the pronouncers of this theory.

298. The State no longer exists for the purpose of serving men but men exist for the purpose of adoring the authority of the State, which is vested in its functionaries, even down to the smallest official.

Surely this is the current state of India. Even the smallest official, the office peon demands ‘respect’ from the people and holds the power to degrade them by pejorative words.

299. The State must see that public peace and order are preserved and, in their turn, order and peace must make the existence of the State possible. All life must move between these two poles.

This takes us the situation of a pristine-English England of yore. If there was no efficient policing, would the people riot? As to the location in the Indian subcontinent, even though the people didn’t riot in the former days, if the king was weak, the outsiders would barge in and molest the local people. In fact, in Travancore State Manual, a declaration of independence by the people of a locality is mentioned. This was due to the fact that the king couldn’t protect them and their family members.

Yet, when the English East India Company rule was formed, the company had to take steps to suppress the gangster group known as the Thuggee. For this, a systematic police system was formed in the East India Company’s reign areas. Henry Sleeman crushed this menace. However, these bits of information have all vanished from Indian school history textbooks.

Coming back to the quoted words, if the people quality is bad, the ruler quality will go worse. However, if the rulers do have an innate quality, they can improve the people, as did the English rulers in the small areas in the Indian subcontinent which were in their hands. Quality rulers are required. Not insane democracy.

300. if possible, that only one language should be used, though solely for technical reasons of administration.

There is mention about language, but then in a very insignificant manner. Adolf Hitler was just mentioning another view point.

Actually the selection of national language is a very important thing. It is not something that has to be done to assuage fiery jingoistic emotions, but from the logic of what does the national policy or Constitution insists. If the Constitution insists on an egalitarian social set up, then a language like English is imperative.

301. on the part of a people who are ethnically homogeneous and speak the same language.

There is a erroneous feeling that the people of the same language would adhere together and create a homogenous nation. It is not true. May be in the case of English, it might be true to some extent. For, English has no codes of splitting human beings into varying heights.

However, in feudal language social systems, things are different. People have hierarchies. When connecting to other populations who speak the same language, unless the issue of connecting corresponding levels in an equivalent manner is done, there will be problems. And beyond that, certain layers will not like to be placed under the same layer under a different group of people. It is a complicated scenario, and cannot be dealt offhand here.

Again, Adolf Hitler was mentioning another group’s viewpoint.

302. a fundamental error by doing so – that such a common language would enable them to carry out a process of nationalisation in a definite direction.

Yes, there are many limitations in thinking that a common feudal language can unite people. It is more likely that it will divide a people, if they are not from a homogenous group, with very precisely set social hierarchies.

In fact, the various locations inside the Indian subcontinent could be united only by the English language. And not by any other language else.

For instance, if the national government of India insists on the Indian army officers using Hindi among themselves, the whole armed services would erupt. The national government would not be seen ever again.

303. What they mostly meant by Germanisation was a process of forcing other people to speak the German language. But it is almost inconceivable how such a mistake could be made as to think that a Negro or a Chinaman will become a German because he has learned the German language and is willing to speak German for the future, and even to cast his vote for a German political party.

It is a great pity this insight came only to Adolf Hitler. It should have dawned in the thick-skulls of English policymakers in England. How can a feudal language speaker metamorphosis into an Englishman by just learning English?

In fact, the very fact, that his brain has feudal language software inside makes him totally a negation as an Englishman. He might be more clever than an average Englishman, more capable, more energetic, more conceding, more affable, and more efficient and so many other things. But not an Englishman. And all his capabilities will be dangerous for the native population of England and their posterity.

304. not signify Germanisation but the annihilation of the German element.

Again the word ‘German’ should have been replaced by ‘English’. Allowing outsider to masquerade themselves as Englishmen and Britons would simply lead to the vanishing of antique England. No man who loves pristine-England can concede to that.

305. In the course of history it has happened only too often that a conquering race succeeded by external force in compelling the people whom they subjected to speak the tongue of the conqueror and that after a thousand years their language was spoken by another people and that thus the conqueror finally turned out to be the conquered.

This would be the experience of all English nations, I fear. If someone with some sense doesn’t appear on the scene to stop the drift.

306. Therefore it would be justifiable to speak of Germanisation only if that process could change the blood of the people who would be subjected to it, which is obviously impossible.

It has nothing to do with blood and genes. It is a far more complicated arena. For instance, it would be quite naïve to imagine a Zulu-speaking German bloodline as being Germans.

307. even though the resultant mongrel race should excel a thousand fold in speaking the language of the race that once had been superior.

I am sure that a feudal language speaker would be better in English at writing and various other things due to the fact, that he or she can use words, emotions and social setting from his or her own native land, to superimpose on English. However, he or she is still not the antique English native. He or she is only a cunning imposter, when he or she claims to be English. For, he or she has feet in two language worlds and is a seeming native in two languages. This is not the defining features of a native-English.

308. A people of foreign race would have had to use the German language to express modes of thought that were foreign to the German, thus compromising by its own inferiority the dignity and nobility of our nation.

It is tragic that Adolf Hitler was born in Germany. He should have been born in England. He would have protected English as none other could have.

When persons who are connected to feudal languages speak English, in most cases they import all the diffidence and arrogance innate to his native tongue, into English.

309. capacity for creating cultural values is essentially based on the racial element and that, in accordance with this fact, the paramount purpose of the State is to preserve and improve the race;

The paramount duty of England is to preserve itself and to train the rest of the world to higher standards. However, it is not duty-bound to allow others to despoil England. That much minimum information has not entered into the policymakers of current-day England.

Current-day England is just a stooge in the hands of cunning outsiders.

310. obligation which the State bears towards the race,

The obligation of the state naturally is towards its citizens. It is quite funny that even now, the US government has no idea that it was duty-bound to halt the BPO revolution then and there in the 1990s.

No sane nation would have allowed it. Only after a very careful study of the long-term repercussions on the local citizens should it have been allowed to export technical skills and to import cheap labour. But then, the US is not in the control of the people at all, even though the foolish people there think that they are in charge due to being allowed to participate in the circus known as elections.

Elections have been all over the world to hoodwink people. And the US citizens are currently no better. Gullible and fooled by their own national leaders. And no one knows for sure as to who is a US citizen anymore. In earlier days, there was a very identification in the form of a common native English mood in the US citizenry.

311. clear and logical doctrine of the nature and purpose of the State

Adolf Hitler proposes to build up a state based on race. Which race, is not clear.

312. yet if the Aryan, who is the creator and custodian of civilisation, should disappear, all culture that is on an adequate level with the spiritual needs of the superior nations today would also disappear.

If the Aryans disappear from earth, nothing else will vanish. However, if the native-English vanish, pristine-ENGLISH might get replaced with what is known as Indian English, American English etc., all of which are substandard Englishes, in various ways.

313. Only with the extermination of the last race that possesses the gift of cultural creativeness, and indeed only if all the individuals of that race had disappeared, would the earth definitely be turned into a desert.

I am not sure that technical skills and talent in Mathematics etc. can create an England. If all the geniuses in other nations vanish also, England, if it preserves its originality, will remain untarnished. However, that pristine-ENGLAND seems to have vanished, even though all the technical geniuses are all there in plenitude there and everywhere.

314. Just as many varieties of prehistoric animals had to give way to others and leave no trace behind them

True. However, I am not happy to see English antiquity vanish from this earth.

315. It is not the State as such that brings about a certain definite advance in cultural progress. The State can only protect the race that is the cause of such progress.

That might be true. However, since I understand that most of the modern systems and social qualities have been disseminated by the English race, it is definitely a terror to understand that the government of English has been quite unconcerned about protecting this race. The race that Adolf Hitler seems to propound definitely has no such merits.

316. not the State but the race, which is alone capable of producing that higher human quality.

Definitely not skin colour, or ethnicity, but the contents in the language codes. And this is not an innate thing to any particular race or ethnicity, even though native-English speakers have been the possessors of a very decent and refined language software. However, the magic that lies embedded in pristine-ENGLISH can be imbibed by others if they really get to understand what to intake and what to avoid.

317. if they acquired the necessary human material – that is to say, men of an inferior race – to serve them as working implements, the cultural faculty dormant in them would have splendidly blossomed forth, as happened in the case of the Greeks, for example

Greece is also an over-blown antiquity. Can’t compete with pristine-England, in any age.

318. The State is only a means to an end. Its end and its purpose is to preserve and promote a community of human beings who are physically as well as spiritually kindred.

Might be true. Yet, might need proper qualifying.

319. The State is only the vessel and the race is what it contains.

Nations can be created out of various races. Yet, it is the language software that ultimately decides the quality of the nation. Not the national language, but the language that is inside the various persons, which can trigger the emotions as per its varied codes.

320. For it is not the task of the State to create human capabilities, but only to assure free scope for the exercise of capabilities that already exist.

Actually this is the very thing that an English platform does lend. I have seen persons who are actually paranoiac about entering into the society in India, literally blossoming in individuality when they arrive inside an English ambience. Not only that, to get an official paper from the government officials in India is a huge and tedious work. The government literally fails to discipline the workers in the government offices. However, in English nations, it would be much more easier. At least the self-depreciating obeisance is not required to extract an official paper.

So a wider sense of Adolf Hitler’s words would be that the state should provide the necessary ambiance for the people to function without being hindered by arrogant government employees.

321. Thus, conversely, a State may be called bad if, in spite of the existence of a high cultural level, it dooms to destruction the bearers of that culture by breaking up their racial uniformity.

England is doing just that. And it is not about racial issues, but rank destruction of English antiquity.

322. is of more worth than a tribe of negroes.

No comment

323. the worth of a State can be determined only by asking how far it actually succeeds in promoting the well-being of a definite race and not by the role which it plays in the world at large

If the sentence can be reframed with the words ‘a definite race’ replaced with the words ‘the native citizens’, the sentence would be of great truth. However, Adolf Hitler’s rabid attachment to the ‘Aryans’ spoils the powerful idea embedded in the sentence.

324. if we ask what kind of statal institution we Germans need, we must first have a clear notion as to the people which that State must embrace and what purpose it must serve.

True. Probably true for most nations.

325. a peace that would be guaranteed by the triumphant sword of a people endowed with the power to master the world and administer it in the service of a higher civilisation

That shall not be Germany’s fate. It was actually England pre-destined responsibility. However a mad idiot jumped into a location where he was a most misfit and destroyed everything. In fact, if anyone had shot him dead then and there, the English Empire would have survived to spread freedom and dignity to the downtrodden populations all around the globe. However, personally I do not support violence.

326. During that dark period of absolute ignorance in regard to all racial laws, when each individual was considered to be on a par with every other, there could be no clear appreciation of the difference between the various fundamental racial characteristics.

There is nothing wrong in promoting the preservation of the pure breed of all kinds and races. In fact, it might be good to preserve such individuals. And there will be difference between them. However, the fact is that language codes can over-ride many human features currently identified as racial features.

327. the proverb holds good that to rest is to rust;

No comment

328. proverb that victory will always be won by him who attacks

No comment

329. Against us we have the innumerable army of all those who are lazy-minded and indifferent rather than evil, and those whose self-interest leads them to uphold the present state of affairs

True in India, and most of the other low-class nations.

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