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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 2 : 624 to 647

624. alliances formed for negative purposes suffer from intrinsic weakness. The destinies of nations can be welded together only under the prospect of a common success, of common gain and conquest, in short, a common extension of power for both contracting parties.

In short, the best alliance for English nations would be the creation of an Anglosphere, with pristine-England to lead it. There would be frill elements that would have to be worked out. But then, this is the safest. As to others, sticking close to England would be the best for health.

However, where is pristine-ENGLAND? It has vanished in the clutter called multiculture.

625. The necessary condition for linking together the destinies of nations is never mutual esteem or mutual sympathy, but rather the prospect of advantages accruing to the contracting parties.

No comment

626. France is and will remain the implacable enemy of Germany. It does not matter what Governments have ruled or will rule in France,

This enmity will last only till both sides are in terror of a new entity. That is what is uniting all Europe.

627. Taking this point of view into consideration, only two States remain to us as possible allies in Europe - England and Italy.

It is quite a tragic combination. Italy might be fuelled by a feudal language. While pristine-ENGLAND would be running on the smooth rails of a planar language. There is tragedy looming in the horizon for Adolf Hitler, in that ultimately he was to connect himself with Italy. An alliance with England doesn’t seem possible, unless it is from a platform slightly lower than England.

628. Nor can England be pleased to see France in possession of such enormous coal and iron mines in Western Europe as would make it possible for her one day to play a role in world-commerce which might threaten danger to British interests.

Actually the coal and iron mines of Western Europe did not matter to English colonial movements. For, it was fuelled by the popular support from the lower classes in those regions.

629. Italy does not deceive herself by thinking that racial kindred between the nations will in any way eliminate rivalries.

The above lines bespeak the hollowness of a ‘White united front’.

630. serious and impartial consideration proves that it is these two States, Great Britain and Italy, whose natural interests not only do not contrast with the conditions essential to the existence of the German nation but are identical with them, to a certain extent.

There does seem to be serious errors in the summarisation that Italy and England can have common points other than the extremely minor sameness of skin-colour.

631. Or can alliances be made with Governments which are in the hands of men who are despised by their own fellow-citizens and consequently are not respected abroad?

No comment

632. When for years long a foreign nation has been presented to the public as a horde of ‘Huns’, ‘Robbers’, ‘Vandals’, etc., they cannot suddenly be presented as something different, and the enemy of yesterday cannot be recommended as the ally of tomorrow.

No comment

633. For the contamination caused by the influx of negroid blood on the Rhine, in the very heart of Europe, is in accord with the sadist and perverse lust for vengeance on the part of the hereditary enemy of our people, just as it suits the purpose of the cool calculating Jew who would use this means of introducing a process of bastardisation in the very centre of the European Continent and, by infecting the white race with the blood of an inferior stock, would destroy the foundations of its independent existence.

Here, Adolf Hitler has left the platform of Aryans and moved into the platform of White race. I do not know where the discordance starts. Yet, it is true that in feudal language nations like India, there is an un-mentioned social technique of inserting quality diminution by means of connecting quality to inferior statures.

However, skin colour in itself has no superiority, but then most Asian, African, South American societies could have a high great feudal derogative content in their feudal languages, which can literally disfigure human refinement by the use of mere innocent-looking words and usages. Connecting to such social systems without adequate protections in place, can be quite dangerous.

634. These Powers are Great Britain and Italy.

Mentioning Italy as a great power and placing it along Great Britain seems to be a very insane proposition. Adolf Hitler was possibly infatuated with Mussolini.

635. Of course it is difficult for us to propose England as our possible ally in the future. Our Jewish Press has always been adept in concentrating hatred against England particularly

No comment

636. They babble about a restoration of German sea power and protest against the robbery of our colonies.

German colonies were probably robbed by Germans themselves, while English colonies were improved by the English colonial officials.

637. I think that if a fox were to break into a poultry yard his presence would not provoke such a helter-skelter and rush to cover as we should witness in the band of ‘protesters’.

No comment

638. A tendency towards lying and calumny lies in the nature of these people,

It is quite funny to see that modern Indian history and historians also have the very same tendency.

639. cannot be won back by the whetted tongues of parliamentary spouters but only by the whetted sword; in other words, through a fight where blood will have to be shed.

It is tragic that bloodshed has to be mentioned.

640. it must not fall into the errors of the pre-War period and make the whole world its enemy.

From this clear-headed decision, Adolf Hitler was pulled into the very negation of these caution.

641. The lack of character which our people have shown during the last six years is deeply distressing.

Feudal languages do not induce a stable character. In fact, human character goes on wobbling when inside a feudal language mindset.

642. From the first days of August 1914 to the end of the tremendous struggle between the nations, no people in the world gave a better proof of manly courage, tenacity and patient endurance, than this people gave who are so cast down and dispirited today. Nobody will dare to assert that the lack of character among our people today is typical of them.

It is true that powerful leaderships can create great capacities of courage, tenacity and fortitude in human beings, as long as the string of leadership remains powerful. In the case of pristine-ENGLISH, even when the strings that connect to leadership go weak and wearied, individual character remains unaltered. For, there are no codes that wobble a human stature in pristine-ENGLISH.

643. but the blame for this must be attributed to those utterly incompetent people who have no natural endowments to qualify them for statesmanship and yet have been governing our nation

No comment

644. Then the people would join in the common cry: “To arms again!”

Continent Europe does certainly have a feel like the Indian Subcontinent before the advent of the English supremacy. I feel that Continental Europe would have had a wonderful time of peace and prosperity if it had handed itself over to English rule, with no democracy inside their own nations. Not the current-day England, but the pristine-ENGLAND of yesteryears.

645. For if we cannot form an alliance with England because she has robbed us of our colonies, or with Italy because she has taken possession of South Tyrol, or with Poland or Czechoslovakia, then there remains no other possibility of an alliance in Europe except with France which, inter alia, has robbed us of Alsace and Lorraine.

In the case of England, it merely must have liberated the colonies from German rule.

646. The English situation is not so favourable. In that country which has ‘the freest democracy’ the Jew dictates his will, almost unrestrained but indirectly, through his influence on public opinion.

Change the word ‘Jew’ with ‘immigrant lobbies’, and one can picture current-day England.

IMAGE: Mussolini and Clara Petacci killed by Italians. 28 April 1945

647. It is quite understandable that today England should re-examine her old alliances and that British statesmanship should look anxiously to the danger of a coming moment when the cry would no longer be: “Britain rules the waves”, but rather: “The Seas belong to the United States”.

It would have been very good if the ancient words, ‘Britannia rules the waves’ were still in effect. However, as of now, the High Seas are in the powers of any hooligan who has the power in any local waters. No one is safe. And as to low-class nations’ police and officialdom, they are also basically hooligans. They do not understand that rules and laws have a thing called the ‘spirit of the law’. That is, what is the essential purpose of the law. This is not understood in the spirited aspiration to create a name.

See this recent news of a Britain based anti-piracy companies Security personnel landing on an Indian coast.

See the News report:

QUOTE: The six Britons identified as J......, N......, R......, P......, N...... and B...... are all ex-military men. They have been detained in Tamil Nadu as their passports have been confiscated by the authorities after the Supreme Court in July this year ordered a retrial in the case.

After the vessel M.V. Seaman Ohio, owned by AdvantFort, a company providing anti-sea piracy solutions was found anchored off the Tamil Nadu coast, the ‘Q’ Branch of the State CID registered a case against the crew members.

The High Court of Madras quashed the charges of Arms Act filed by the police, which appealed against it in the apex court, leading to the retrial.

The vessel was seen stationed 10.8 nautical miles from the Thoothukudi port on October 11, 2013. The CID case says alarms were set off when an unidentified boat was seen approaching the vessel. END OF QUOTE

The larger issue is the very persons who have improved through English education feel a great deal of pride that they have been able to put Britons into jail. In fact, everything in feudal languages is an issue of power. Even the policemen who could get to arrest them would feel a great deal of prestige in the fact they could get their hands on the British men.

There is a much larger issue also. Private security men are seen with disdain by the Indian officialdom. And the very posture of Englishmen standing with a straight back and talking with a stature would give the creeps to low-grade Indian officials. In fact, if it was an Indian standing with such a stature in front of any Indian police official, he would be slapped immediately. Talking back, arguing or retorting to the Indian officials is a very dangerous thing. They will never allow the man to escape. Moreover, there is a huge possibility that they have been slapped and beaten up. This is what happens when local Indians are arrested.

I fear that this stature issue is what made the official put them in jail. If the arrested men had acted meek, and bowed and expressed servitude, they would have been allowed to go. The arrest was made in 2013. Now it is December 2014. The issue is that if any Indian boat gets arrested anywhere seas in the world, with or without arms on board, any nation will take put them in jail. And that would be the end of it. However, in back in India, it wouldn’t really matter.

It was a wonderful situation that the whole world was patrolled by the British navy. Pristine-English. Not the Multiculture monster that is currently on the loose in England.

As to the men in Indian jails, from the ship mentioned above, their chance of getting out is quite bleak. For, the moment a free-them order comes out the police personnel will put in another petition. It is a vengeance that will not abate. For, when low-level Indians arrived in English nations and started mentioning their equality with the natives of English nations, the local Indian authorities literally redefined the English natives as their servant class level people.

For in the languages of the Indian subcontinent, there are various levels of equality. An equal of a worker class man is connected to each other by a separate level of code-links. This is the code-link that is now connected to most citizens of English nations. However, when such worker-level people arrive in India and speak with a stature, it would not be condoned by the Indian officialdom.

In fact, there is one political leader of a south Indian state in jail for the past thirteen years, simply because he did not use the customary words of ‘respect’ to the police officials. These underlying barbarity of the Indian nation is not tangible, easily.

As to England, it has worked itself into a location of imbecility. With the propounding of a concept of ‘equality’, it does not understand beyond its own nose. And think of its level of rank idiotism: It gives 250 million pounds to the Indian government every year, with no thoughts that no concurrence has been obtained from its own citizens for this insane squandering.

Another noteworthy item is that this is the standard officialdom - people communication issue in feudal languages. There is no way to discuss anything with dignity with the officialdom for the people. Their only option is to go in for violence. However, when this happens, current-day English nations provide strategic and other support to the feudal language nations’ government. And designate the revolting people as ‘terrorists’. This is exactly what happened in North Ceylon (currently under Sri Lankan military occupation).

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