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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 2 : 686 to 724

686. Then at last it will acquire what England possesses

What did England possess? I think England did not have even a written constitution. Just conventions. There was no need to write a Declaration of Human Rights, for such rights are inherent in pristine-ENGLISH language.

These things Germany can never come to possess, unless it changes its language to pristine-ENGLISH.

687. Never suffer the rise of two continental powers in Europe. Regard any attempt to organise a second military power on the German frontiers, even if only in the form of creating a state capable of military strength, as an attack on Germany, and in it see not only the right, but also the duty, to employ all means up to armed force to prevent the rise of such a state, or, if one has already arisen, to smash it again.

It is quite funny to see that when the whole of Continental Europe is on the verge of collapsing, due to misguided academic ideas on being considerate to unknown entities, the above words do seem quite frail.

688. In the previous chapter on the alliance problem I have already designated England and Italy as the only two states in Europe with which a closer relationship would be desirable and promising for us

Again Adolf Hitler is harping on the same theme of collaboration. He speaks without any clear understanding what the exact content in these two proposed nations is. In Italy, it was just a brief period of dictatorship seeming to correct age-old problems, connected to feudal language communication. As to England, it had a long history of stability made possible by the mere strength of its language codes.

689. hence France, the mortal enemy of our nation, would be isolated

It is quite funny that English had to come to the aid of France, even though France was its own age-old enemy. And it quite a quirk of fate the England was destined to fight with Adolf Hitler.

690. For the law of action would be in the hands of the new European AngloGermanItalian alliance and no longer with France

No comment

691. For the first time Germany would have allies who would not drain our own economy like leeches

Allies who are actually leeches. Modern England and USA has lessons in the above words.

692. The greatest world power on earth

Hitler has no qualm about mentioning that England was the greatest power on earth. Yet, when he had his own powerful machinery of war, the German army, he made the same mistake that many others had made before him. He attacked England. He was made to get the understanding that the ‘greatest power on Earth’s’ power was not in munitions, ships and aircrafts, but in the towering individuality of the native-English speakers. This was a power that could never be induced in a German-speaking soldier.

Apart from that, England, as he very well admitted, was just the centre of a huge Empire. From the Indian subcontinent itself around 3 millions soldierly lend their unflinching loyalty to the Union Jack. Apart from them, the Africans, Arabs, many Asian nations all stood stolidly with England. And then the nations of the Anglo-sphere also were with England. The US more or less arrived last. And as of now, in a very typical manner quite native to the modern swarmed in citizens of the US, the US claims full rights over the Second World War. It is true that the English supporters in the USA stood by England. However, the modern USA citizens are not from this group. Many are from Japan, Germany and Italy. It is funny that they claim to have won the World War 2.

However, in a way it is true. With the end of the war, the Germans, the Japs and Italians entered the US, with no arms in their hands, but just an affable smile, and a very scheming mind.

The insane PM in England ditched everyone who had stood by England. Even the Arabs were literally ditched, and Palestine handed over to Zionist lobbies in the USA.

The wounded soldiers of the Indian subcontinent who had stood by their English officers, suddenly found themselves thrown into the hands of the Indian and Pakistani ‘officers’, who could only address them in the pejoratives.

701. they find thousands and thousands of grounds for excusing their lack of success, and there is only one that they will not admit, namely, that they themselves are the main cause of all evil

It is about German politicians that Adolf Hitler is alluding to. Yet, this description can fit the features of many nations’ politicians. It is natural to expect that it can fit the features of low-class nations as India. But what about such high-class nations such as England, USA, and Australia etc? Well, the truth is that the politicians in these nations are also of the same quality. But then, who is to be blamed? The blame should be placed on ‘democracy that has run amuck’. In the name of protecting ‘democracy’, national sovereignty has been made mincemeat and thrown into the dustbin.

702. the dissolution of Germany into a hodgepodge of little states

No comment

703. How shall we get the German armies out of France and Belgium as quickly as possible?

No comment

704. Clemenceau’s utterance, that for him the peace was only the continuation of the War, took on an increased significance.

No comment

705. against a France which was constantly disturbing the world and its peace.

I do wonder if the Second World War started with Adolf Hitler’s aim to crush France. France was really menace of a nation. Creating problems in the peaceful English trading posts in the colonies, with its deep rooted obsession to defeat England at least once.

Again, this mischief monger was the culprit behind silly bird-brains like George Washington going astray.

706. This foreign policy will be acknowledged as correct only if, after scarcely a hundred years, there are two hundred and fifty million Germans on this continent, and not living penned in as factory coolies for the rest of the world, but: as peasants and workers, who guarantee each other’s livelihood by their labour.

No comment

707. With the occupation of the Ruhr coal fields by France, England’s entire gain through the War was wrested from her hands, and the victor was no longer British diplomacy so industrious and alert, but Marshal Foch and the France he represented

Even though England always did win the last battle in any war, (there is one exception, but that only proves the rule), English policymakers and academicians were not all that clever. In fact, they do have the features of fools. Off course, it is actually the English common folks who built the English Empires. The academic geniuses worked to squander the gains.

708. It was the great, historical moment in which the allies of former days could become the enemies of tomorrow

No comments

709. A considerable part of our people which, thanks to the incessant influence of our lying press, still regarded France as the champion of progress and liberalism, was abruptly cured of this lunatic delusion.

It might be a bitter truth. In fact, if the French language is taken up for inspection, it might transpire that it has no codes for its greatest national ideal viz. Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Quite a foolish situation, wherein intellectual ‘geniuses’ declaim such a hollow slogan.

711. the fact that even the best negotiators can achieve little success, as long as the ground on which they stand and the chair on which they sit is not the shield arm of their nation.

It is true, that negotiations can be done only from a location of stature and equality. This point has a terrible amount of truth when one sees that English nations support the government side when there is internal revolution in feudal language nations. The natural query that is asked by English policymakers is, ‘Why can’t the other side come for a negotiated settlement of the problem?’

However, the truth remains that in feudal languages, this is a thing that cannot be done. It is impossible. Why it is so is something that English nations have to investigate, before it runs into supplying arms and support to draconian rulers in post English-colonial nations.

712. utterance of Lloyd George, who contemptuously remarked, a propos of former Reich Minister Simon, ‘ that the Germans didn’t know how to choose men of intelligence as their leaders and representatives

Here again, Adolf Hitler gives proof of the much touted ‘Aryan quality’ of Germans!

713. No more than a hyena abandons carrion does a Marxist abandon treason

No comments

714. to regard ten or twelve thousand traitors, profiteers, usurers, and swindlers as a sacred national treasure and openly proclaim their inviolability.

We never know which is greater in this bourgeois world, the imbecility, weakness, and cowardice, or their deep-dyed corruption. It is truly a class doomed by Fate, but unfortunately, however, it is dragging a whole nation with it into the abyss.

Adolf Hitler is mentioning Germans.

But then, these words are equally true of many a post English-colonial nations’ administrators. In India, roughly around 70 to 80 percent live in the semi-tragic to totally tragic living conditions. Population is exploding due to this as well as to due to democracy.

715. It should have been borne in mind that the bloodiest civil wars have often given rise to a steeled and healthy people, while artificially cultivated states of peace have more than once produced a rottenness that stank to high Heaven.

Not really. In the parts of the Indian peninsular region which were ruled by English colonialists, the tremendous amount of peace in the place led to a phase of improvement everywhere. Education, technical education, medical education, dressing standards, social quality, improvement of the lower classes and many other things improved, in this brief period in time.

Yes, it is true that most kings became soft.

716. What will rank Mussolini among the great men of this earth is his determination not to share Italy with the Marxists, but to destroy internationalism and save the fatherland from it.

No comments

717. they would have had to recognize that the strength of a nation lies primarily, not in its weapons, but in its will, and that, before foreign enemies are conquered, the enemy within must be annihilated;

The stature of the citizens should be improved without it creating a sense of insecurity in others. For this, the only solution is pristine-ENGLISH.

718. For never in our history have we been defeated by the strength of our foes, but always by our own vices and by the enemies in our own camp

Basically, Germany doesn’t have much of a history. In fact, very few nations have long history to boast of.

In the Indian peninsula, there was no such nation that could boast of a long history. Even the Mogul kingdom, which ruled a big part of the northern region of the Indian subcontinent lasted only a few centuries.

I am not sure which all nations had a long history in Continental Europe. However, England does seem to have a relatively long history

As to the ‘enemies in our camp’, they are the result of certain very specific codes in feudal languages.

719. It is generally known that a nation cannot be made free by prayers. But maybe one could be made free by sitting with folded arms, and that had to be historically tested

No comment

720. 1. For only a man totally ignorant of warfare could imagine that occupying armies can be frightened away by such ridiculous means.

2. For the ultimate question is always this: What do we do if the passive resistance ends by really getting on an adversary’s nerves and he takes up the struggle against it with brutal strong-arm methods?

Herein Adolf Hitler gives out the great lie about the so-called ‘Indian freedom struggle’. This fake story is just the imagination of jingoistic academic textbook writers and cunning film producers.

721. Hence any so-called passive resistance has an inner meaning only if it is backed by determination to continue it if necessary in open struggle or in undercover guerrilla warfare.

No comment

722. As soon as a besieged fortress under heavy attack by the enemy is forced to abandon the last hope of relief, for all practical purposes it gives up the fight, especially when in such a case the defender is lured by the certainty of life rather than probable death

It did not always work out like this. Robert Clive was in this exact predicament when he was surrounded by the people of the local raja and the French forces, when he had occupied the French fort in Arcot near Madras, in the south-western parts of the Indian subcontinent. There was literally no hope.

But then there are very powerful compulsions in the language codes that prompted Robert Clive to come out victorious. Current-day England has no idea as to what these hidden codes are.

723. In millions of minds the conviction suddenly arose bright and clear that only a radical elimination of the whole ruling system could save Germany

Not Germany only.

724. All the persecutions of the movement and its individual leaders, all vilifications and slanders, were powerless to harm it. The correctness of its ideas, the purity of its will, its supporters’ spirit of self-sacrifice, have caused it to issue from all repressions stronger than ever.

May be it was all fated! Predestined and foretold, millions of years back!!!

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