The literal meaning of the title Mein Kampf, I understand, would be ‘My struggle!’ or ‘My fight’! In that sense, this book could be quite autobiographical till the time the author wrote it. He wrote it when he was imprisoned. It is quite interesting that he was allowed to write books in prison. It is not a privilege that is not available to any prisoner in India. Incidentally, the person who was later to become the first prime minister of the newly formed nation of India, was also given the benefit of a library and other writing facilities by the British government, so that he could more or less copy other people’s writings which was later to be published as some great writing of his own. Taken in that sense, Mein Kampf is comparatively a great book. For the contents do seem to be original. And not plain plagiarism, as was the case with the writings of India’s first prime minister.

I have taken out a lot of sentences and paragraphs from Mein Kampf for the purpose of annotating on them. This was literally the same style that I had used in the case of other comparatively more ancient books on which I had written commentaries upon.

Those books are:

1. Travancore State Manual (1906) by V NAGAM AIYA

2. Native Life in Travancore (1883) by The REV. SAMUEL MATEER, F.L.S. of the London Missionary Society.

3. Malabar Manual by William Logan

4. Castes and Tribes of Southern India - Volume 1 by EDGAR THURSTON, C.I.E

5. OSCAR WILDE and MYSELF by Lord Alfred Douglas


In this present book, my annotations need not be in sync with what the author of Mein Kampf had intended. As such this is a series of independent annotations. It is also connected to the various other writings of mine, most of which are connected to language codes and feudal language issues.

Some of the text would be simply quotes from Mein Kampf with no annotations or commentary.

Before starting my work, let me mention this items also. That Adolf Hitler did repudiate this book of his when he came to power. That he did regret writing this book. He is mentioned to have said thus:

If I had had any idea in 1924 that I would have become Reich chancellor, I never would have written the book.

Now, let me start.


DEVERKOVIL 28/11/2015

MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


Commentary - The writing of the book!