453. must take account of the human material at its disposal

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454. which of their very nature and content are calculated to attract a broad mass of adherents;

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455. As soon as one point alone is removed from the sphere of dogmatic certainty, the discussion will not simply result in a new and better formulation which will have greater consistency but may easily lead to endless debates and general confusion

In feudal language structures, any amount of leeway is dangerous to its structural stability. And it is not allowed, even if the greatest proponents of democracy are involved and in charge.

456. the energies that ought to be directed towards the outer world are dissipated in programmatic discussions within the ranks of the movement.

In feudal language systems, actually discussion is not for correcting any errors, but more for a chance to exhibit a stature beyond that is allowed. It can lead to indiscipline. It is not like in pristine-ENGLISH.

457. For would it be possible to inspire people with blind faith in the truth of a doctrine if doubt and uncertainty are encouraged by continual alterations in its external formulation?

Yes, once a machine is set to move forward, arguing to the rear side can literally send the progression of the movement off its rail. In fact, the forward thrust of the movement willl be lost. However, it may be borne in mind that the way this caution has to be understood in English shall be different from how it should be understood in feudal languages.

458. It has rightly recognised that its powers of resistance would be weakened by introducing greater or less doctrinal adaptations to meet the temporary conclusions of science, which in reality are always vacillating.

It is quite funny to see that Adolf Hitler had literally taken my own words so many decades back, before I had even proposed it. When I was in my school days, in a quiz competition, to a question as to which was the farthest planet in the Solar System, I got the point when I answered that it was Pluto. The student who answered the answer which is now mentioned as correct did not.

Beyond this, there is the contention of Sun being the centre of the Solar System, refuting the Biblical contention that the earth is the centre of the Universe. As of now, the biblical contention can be mentioned as very well correct, if one were to use the argument of ‘frame of reference’.

Scientific contentions are basically vacillating. Technicians have been able to create many wonderful things using technical skills and information. Science might be piggy-back riding on the success of technicians.

459. Once the barrier has been taken down the road is opened and we know only the beginning, but we do not know to what shoreless sea it may lead.

There is a great foresight in these words. Especially from a feudal language ambience. It is easy to destroy political set up, which are actually huge and powerful machinery connecting to an immensity of human beings. Unless the people who venture to destroy it, has a better machinery to replace it, they should not do it.

The same caution should be understood by persons who argue to remove the English Monarchy. They do not know what they are saying. The English Monarchy is a huge and powerful political machinery, the kind of which is not in existence in the world. If it is made a nonentity, there is no guarantee that something better can replace it. And once it is removed, there is no way to bring it back.

See what happened, when the idiots in the USA destroyed the political machineries in Iraq, Iran, Libya etc. Even though a lot of errors can be seen in these political machineries, the basic errors are in the native languages there. Unless this is corrected, there is no escape from it.

IMAGE: Launching of battleship Tirpitz - 1939: the aim was war. In spite of his best ideas, he found solution only in a war!

460. , a party that did not consist of intellectual leaders only but also of manual labourers

Does this sentence presuppose that so-called intellectual leaders do not really have any intellectual acumen, beyond textbook reading and writing?

461. any attempt to carry these theories into effect without the aid of a militant organisation would be doomed to failure today, as it has failed in the past and must fail in the future.

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462. Not only have we monopolised the folk idea but, to all practical intents and purposes, we have created it.

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463. they feel that the exclusive character of our movement betokens danger for them – only for these reasons do they use words which they repudiated eight years ago, derided seven years ago, branded as stupid six years ago, combated five years ago, hated four years ago, and finally, two years ago, annexed and incorporated them in their present political vocabulary, employing them as war slogans in their struggle.

No comments

464. fixed idea which in itself might be right but which, because it is an isolated notion,

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465. They believe that they can mask their intellectual vanity, the futility of their efforts, and their lack of stability, by sporting flowing beards and indulging in ancient German gestures.

It is quite funny that so many similarities are seen between pseudo-intellectuals in India and Germany. But then after all, both seem to have feudal languages. However, there is another powerful reason behind sporting beards, among youthful persons.

466. there is naturally a temptation to conform to the tactics of an opponent and use the same battle-cries,

Quite funny. But then I have seen it.

467. in the course of history not a few men have been stoned for an act for which posterity has afterwards thanked them on its knees.

Truly great admission.

I remember a young man coming as saying: I used to dislike anyone speaking English. I thought that they were very arrogant. However, after learning to speak English, I understand why English is a great language.

468. a movement which purposes to reshape the world must serve the future and not the passing hour.

Great insight. This is exactly where the activities of the English East India Company shall get to be revered in times to come.

469. the greatest and most enduring successes in history are mostly those which were least understood at the beginning, because they were in strong contrast to public opinion and the views and wishes of the time.


470. persons of those who led the discussion against us, were furnished with a definite repertoire of arguments out of which they took points against our claims which were being constantly repeated. The uniform character of this mode of procedure pointed to a systematic and unified training.

I have seen this phenomenon among communist party workers and student members. In public speeches, almost everyone of them roll out the same arguments as if from the same recording.

471. it may be said that a brilliant orator writes better than a brilliant writer can speak, unless the latter has continual practice in public speaking.

No comment

472. therefore, some piece of writing which has a particular tendency is for the most part read only by those who are in sympathy with it. Only a leaflet or a placard, on account of its brevity, can hope to arouse a momentary interest in those whose opinions differ from it.

Wonderful information.

473. it is a case of overcoming ingrained prejudices which are mostly unconscious and are supported by sentiment rather than reason.

No comment

475. False ideas and ignorance may be set aside by means of instruction, but emotional resistance never can.

Might be true. Especially in feudal languages, wherein powerful loyalties are ingrained in through common words.

476. Out of one hundred thousand German workers scarcely one hundred know of Marx’s book.

This might be the absolute truth about the communist party members of India. However, one member told me, ‘Marxism is a very beautiful idea. That everyone are equal’. That is not true. In no Marxist party ambience is everyone equal. The nearest to that conception is available only in an English ambience, even though no one need to be equal.

477. What won over millions of workpeople to the Marxist cause was not the ex cathedra style of the Marxist writers but the formidable propagandist work done by tens of thousands of indefatigable agitators, commencing with the leading fiery agitator down to the smallest official in the syndicate, the trusted delegate and the platform orator.

Correct to the core.

478. Even the time of day at which the speech is delivered