330. the highest probability is that only the best kind of protagonists will join our ranks. This selection is the guarantee of our success.

It is true that the individual members who sync perfectly with the ideologies of an organisation are its best assets. So, instead of aiming for a huge number of members, it might be wise to start with a few committed-to-the-core members.

331. The later products of cross-breeding have to suffer bitterly, especially the third, fourth and fifth generations. Not only are they deprived of the higher qualities that belonged to the parents who participated in the first mixture, but they also lack definite will-power and vigorous vital energies owing to the lack of harmony in the quality of their blood.

Actually something similar to this did happen to the Anglo-Indians in India. However, that was not due to any blood or genetic degradation. Just that their soft English culture was simply crushed down by the native vernacular speaking socially higher classes. The theme is complicated, but not like what Adolf Hitler mentions.

In fact, the same degradation can be seen in animals also who come from good pedigree abroad, but are handled at the lower end of the feudal language codes in India. They soon lose their quality in a generation or two. In fact, I think I can vouch for such things in the case of pedigree dogs, horses etc. unless they are handled in a higher quality verbal atmosphere.

332. At all critical moments in which a person of pure racial blood makes correct decisions, that is to say, decisions that are coherent and uniform, the person of mixed blood will become confused and take measures that are incoherent.

Here again, it is not genes or DNA at work, but the language codes. Mixed blood people generally could be connected to varying language speakers. The theme is quite debatable, and I have adequate proof of what I contend. However, the full text of that contention cannot be mentioned here. My books:

1. March of the evil empires; English versus the feudal languages

2. Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages; Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!

3. Codes of reality! What is language?

etc. can give some inputs about the same. However, all those books were written some years back. And my current information on this theme is much higher. Yet, all the above-mentioned books do contain quite original thoughts and observations.

333. this is because it would lack elasticity and constructive capacity to prevail over a race of homogeneous blood that was mentally and culturally superior.

Adolf Hitler has missed the way totally. Social homogeneity is connected to the language codes, and how it is implemented. In planar languages like pristine-ENGLISH, social cohesion is much easier to form. However in feudal languages, with very correct arranging of hierarchy codes, the social functioning can be made quite smooth as in the case of the rigid caste system.

However, if the codes are not arranged in perfect order, there will be mutual bickering, backstabbing, indiscipline and lack of coherence as seen in the Indian government offices.

It may be understood that both the Indian army as well as the Indian government offices function in the same language. Yet, due to the varying arraying of word codes, the social atmosphere that emerges is quite different from each other.

334. But there is serious danger that those who have become blind once in this respect will continue more and more to break down racial barriers and finally lose the last remnants of what is best in them

Here Adolf Hitler does argue for racial segregation. It is clear that he discerns very clear differences in people based on their skin colour. However, this is a very limited view. In most feudal language areas, people do find a lot more differences between people groups.

For instance: From the English and Continental European perspective, the word ‘Indians’ (meaning the people of the current day nation of India located in the Indian subcontinent) seems to suggest one particular kind of people. However, that is not the truth at all.

Inside this nation, there are various kinds of peoples. By language, there are different groups. By castes, there are different groups. By religion, there are different groups. Inside each religions, there are very marked groups who do not mix. In fact, till the 1930s, many of the currently so-called Hindu castes were not allowed inside any Hindu spiritual institutions like the temples.

People openly mention the segregation. Marriages across all these barriers are not that easy, and many are openly forbidden. Apart from all this, there are the sharp wedges inserted by the professional status of a person’s parents, or of himself or herself. People who consider themselves belonging to higher professions will not like their children to marry persons who are from a profession which is graded lower in the feudal language codes.

Well, these hundreds of human barriers are openly mentioned and very carefully maintained. However, not many people write it openly and make a statutory record of it. In fact, if one were to go by the statutory records, all these kinds of discriminations are forbidden, and India is thus a great nation. For, such discriminations are not there. Yet, the truth is the exact opposite.

The fact is that everyone mentally accepts the barriers and no one cares to break them. For instance, when a marriage is proposed, people from only acceptable castes and acceptable level of professional status are mentioned. Others are simply not mentioned as they are very obviously not mentionable. No one cares to ask why she or he should marry only a person from her or his own caste.

This much I mentioned above to just bring into focus the very miniscule nature of racial and ethnic barriers. In fact, skin colour barriers are more connected to family pedigree connecting to totally different people groups. However, mentioning that barrier seems to be a crime, when an umpteen number of human divisions can be mentioned and no one cares.

However, I need to interpose the idea that ethnic barriers need to be better understood by combining it with the issue of native language codes. It is a quite complicated and big theme.

335. The State should consecrate it as an institution which is called upon to produce creatures made in the likeness of the Lord and not create monsters that are a mixture of man and ape.

By using the word ‘ape’, Adolf Hitler has more or less quite candidly called some ethnic groups as being akin to ‘monkeys’. It does seem to be quite a misdemeanour. However, the misdemeanour that he has done is that he has quite openly mentioned this in a written form.

The fact is that deprecatory ways of referring to others, especially those who come from socially acknowledged lower classes, could be a fact of life in most Asian/African societies. For instance, people do very openly mention lower positioned persons as idiots, monkeys, donkeys etc. very openly.

I have myself heard it. Lower castes are mentioned thus by higher castes. When lower caste persons occupy higher government jobs (due to many higher government jobs being reserved for them), many of these lower-caste ‘officers’ invariably use sneering words and gesture to and about persons of higher castes placed under them. Especially when they are at home in the native feudal languages, and not good in English.

Apart from all this, there is this observation of mine, which would require a lot of words to explain fully. I will make a brief reference to it. It is like this:

When an English individual and a local Indian marry and have children, the children can grow up in a either one of two totally different personalities. If they are brought up in the local Indian feudal language ambience, they will have all the features of an Indian individual. This Indian feature can also be of a wide variety, depending on the social stature of the Indian parent and many other complicated influences.

Or the child can be brought up in a totally English ambience. Then the individual will have a totally English mental features.

Then there is the third individuality, which might come near to Adolf Hitler’s cantankerous words. A mixture of both English and some Indian personality features (there are many different kinds of personality features in India, depending on a variety of items).

I will leave this discussion at this point.

336. our national bourgeoisie look upon it as a crime to make procreation impossible for syphilitics and those who suffer from tuberculosis or other hereditary diseases, also cripples and imbeciles.

Well, I am not in a position to say anything about this. It is a very profound subject, that might require a detailed examination. If there are merits in it also, a blanket implementation might not be correct. Still, the possibility is that had Adolf Hitler ruled Germany for some twenty to forty years, German posterity would have been much more healthier. However, he went berserk and went to war.

337. To balance this state of affairs they try to convert the Hottentots and the Zulus and the Kaffirs and to bestow on them the blessings of the Church. While our European people, God be praised and thanked, are left to become the victims of moral depravity, the pious missionary goes out to Central Africa and establishes missionary stations for negroes

Adding outsiders into closed groups can be dangerous. In that, they will take over the institutions due to their numerical superiority.

Apart from that, there is this item. The English Missionaries of the London Missionary Society did a lot of pioneering good work in some kingdoms which were not under the English rule, in the Indian subcontinent. {Missionary work was forbidden in the English East India Company ruled areas}. Many lower caste individuals converted into Christianity.

Christian church was established in a very powerful manner. [Actually there was another traditional Christians in the area, practising all the traditional caste-based repulsions to the lower castes]. Seminaries and convents were established on English or Continental European styles.

Yet, none of them, the priests, the nuns or the newly converted Christians was same as or similar to the English Missionaries. They were different people with different mental triggers connected to their native feudal languages. If these people are allowed to take over the Christian establishments in England, it would be literally like asking Indians to rule England. India will slowly be transplanted (if not teleported) into England.

In fact there was a v