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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 2 : 593 to 623

593. The National Socialist State recognises no ‘classes’. But, under the political aspect, it recognises only citizens with absolutely equal rights and equal obligations corresponding thereto.

If German language has feudal contents, the above words are no more than mere rhetorical words.

594. And, side by side with these, it recognises subjects of the State who have no political rights whatsoever.

England should have read the above lines in Mein Kampf before opening up its citizenship/subjecthood to all and sundry who barged in. The antique sovereignty of England shared between the Monarchy, the nobility and the common people has been cut into mincemeat and thrown out to whoever barged in.

596. it is not the task of the trades union to band together certain men within the national community and thus gradually transform these men into a class, so as to use them in a conflict against other groups similarly organised within the national community.

No comment

597. thereby enslaving free nations to serve Jewish world-finance, which transcends all State boundaries.

I do not know more. But then, it used to be said that it is the Zionist lobby that runs US policymaking. As of now, US policymaking must be a multi-ingredient mix and mess.

598. strike is not an instrument for disturbing and dislocating the national production, but for increasing it and making it run smoothly, by fighting against all those annoyances which by reason of their unsocial character hinder efficiency in business and thereby hamper the existence of the whole nation.

No comment

599. The large measure of personal freedom which is accorded to them for their activities must be explained by the fact that experience has shown that the productive powers of the individual are more enhanced by being accorded a generous measure of freedom than by coercion from above.

Correct only in planar languages like English. In feudal languages, the worker will incessantly try to overthrow his boss or his superior, if he is given more freedoms or stature. This is connected to a work of a certain word codes. Interested readers may read my book:

1. March of the evil empires: ENGLISH versus the feudal languages

2. The SHROUDED SATANISM in FEUDAL LANGUAGES! Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!

3. Codes of reality! What is language?

600. When that State is established it will, as a matter of course, abolish the mass struggle between the two great groups made up of employers and employees respectively, a struggle which has always resulted in lessening the national production and injuring the national community

It is a foolish idea to abolish a natural urge. The intelligent capacity would be seek out the minutest location in the codes that create this division and mutual antipathy, and dismantle them. If an easy solution is tried to be found by abolishing or banning or other statutory means, the social system might be able to cap the volcano, but still it would be living on top of a steaming volcano.

The correction would have to be done at the language level. Not in the statutory laws.

601. thus employers and employees will no longer find themselves drawn into a mutual conflict over wages and hours of work

Adolf Hitler’s idea of mediating everything through governmental agencies is akin to what is happening in India. Both the workers as well as the employers are under the tutelage of the Labour ‘officers’. It would be quite a suffering to go and show obeisance to a low-quality government official. It does not improve the personality of either side, workers or the employer. Moreover, government officials in feudal language nations, have their own expectations on how much they have to be paid under the table.

Long term and stable corrections in the social system can only come about by inserting a planar language like English, in its most unadulterated form.

IMAGE: October 1944: It is soon transpiring that Adolf Hitler's own assessment of England was coming true. The war is going from bad to worse. Lutwaffe Chief Hermann Goering and General Heinz Guderian with Adolf Hitler. After all the German military structuring was based on mental dwarfs downwards, and super geniuses upwards.

602. The Marxist trade-unionist citadel may be governed today by mediocre leaders, but it cannot be taken by assault except through the dauntless energy and genius of a superior leader on the other side. If such a leader cannot be found it is futile to struggle with Fate and even more foolish to try to overthrow the existing state of things without being able to construct a better in its place.

Quite true. Unless one has a very intelligent and practical idea to improve a decadent social and administrative system, it is quite dangerous to try to dismantle what is in place. The idiots in the US policymaking, who do not know anything about other nations, other than what they have studied in their sterile Politics and International Relations textbooks have simply force US entry into other nations, and dismantled powerful administrative systems. The tragedy is that they do not have any understanding of the rudimentary codes in communication that creates powerful social structures. Once they have pulled it down, it is like Humpty Dumpty.

Their idiocy is so much that most US policymakers and citizens do not actually know what makes their nation great, and what is going to send it to the gutters.

603. It must declare itself hostile to the idea of class and class warfare and, in place of this, it must declare itself as the defender of the various occupational and professional interests of the German people.

No comment.

604. For the confused state of our political ideas in general before the War may be looked upon as the chief cause of our defective statesmanship; but in the post-War period this cause must be attributed to a lack of honest intentions.

Only pristine-ENGLAND had honest intentions and a legacy of fairplay. Quite true, many academicians will not agree to this. But then, they can’t be expected to agree to this. After all, they belong to the crowd, which is more or less mentioned in the above lines.

605. The fundamental and guiding principles which we must always bear in mind when studying this question is that foreign policy is only a means to an end and that the sole end to be pursued is the welfare of our own people.

Great nations of stature, like England, need not be so selfish or mean. However, minor nations, like Germany, India, Pakistan, Spain etc. cannot forego of their right to be selfish, mean and treacherous.

606. For flaming protests will not restore the oppressed territories to the bosom of a common Reich. That can be done only through the might of the sword.

Yet, the English Empire simply spread across the globe. If it was mere might of the sword, England wouldn’t have won even in a minor skirmish. This is the essential factor that Adolf Hitler did detect in England. However, he did not understand its source or platform.

607. Instead of a sound policy of territorial expansion in Europe, our rulers embarked on a policy of colonial and trade expansion.

Actually Continental Europe did not really understand English colonialism. It was not an acquisition of territory planned and forwarded by the Home country, but something that took place wherever the Englishmen went. In fact, thousands of lower-positioned people all around the world celebrated the coming of the Englishmen amongst them.

608. to increase the strength of the Reich as a Continental Power by the acquisition of new territory in Europe

In spite of being quite an intelligent person of varied experiences, including in warfare, Adolf Hitler ultimately takes recourse to warfare and conquering as an answer to the feebleness of his nation, which he presumed to be of some supernatural superiority. All his arguments go waste at this terrific turn of arguments. In fact, his book, instead of being a great book on political thoughts, simply limps in the mediocrity of a very parochial jingoism. It is tragic. But then, his native language of thoughts and verbal speech does seem to be a feudal language. This is what might be the millstone that hangs around his intellect and pulls it down.

609. Of course, this policy could not have been carried through except in alliance with England,

What a terribly disastrous argument! As if England would embark on a conquest of Continental European nations. In fact, the best act on the part of England would be to shed all links to feudal language nations, all of whom are at best, a millstone on England’s soft neck.

610. The cultural importance of a nation is almost always dependent on its political freedom and independence.

It is actually directly connected to the language quality. Whether it is feudal or planar. If feudal, what is the location of the most terrible codes? If it is planar, does it have plateau-code features?

611. What might have to be deducted from the budget expenses for cultural purposes, in order to meet abnormal demands for increasing the military power of the State, can be generously paid back later on.

The feeling that exudes is that Germany’s problems are the creation of other states. From this book itself, it is quite evident that Germany has internal social problems, probably connected to feudal language codes. However, there is France quite in the neighbourhood. France has an international reputation of a midget trying to show off, by means of picking up fights.

In fact, during the colonial days, it was the continual efforts of the French to pick a fight with the English that many a times led to battles, in close collaboration with native kings in the such places as the Indian Subcontinent, which in turn led to a series of English victories that culminated in the formation of the English Empire in the subcontinent.

From this background, Adolf Hitler’s desire to see his nation develop militarily can be understood. As to England coming to France’s governing classes’ aid in many historical occasion do seem to be the handiwork of some insipid brain. For instance: After the French Revolution, the King who had sent his forces to fight the English side in the New World, had his head cut off. In fact, it was literally the due prize he deserved. However, as if like some buffoon, England is seen to try to protect the French Nobility and Monarchy, which had acted against English interests.

Surely these insane postures of the England might be explained in a different location.

612. And by preferring a policy of colonial and trade expansion, they sacrificed the alliance with England, which was then possible.

Adolf Hitler really rues the stupidity of going against England. Even Bismarck was cautious when dealing with English interests. Yet, see the tragedy of Adolf Hitler: He himself got swept into a fight with England. Even though in this very book, he has repeatedly given the hint that defeating England is not possible.

613. The more difficult England’s position became in the course of history the more the British Imperial Government considered it necessary to maintain a condition of political paralysis among the various European States, as a result of their mutual rivalries.................... In accordance with this policy she reduced Spain and the Netherlands to the position of inferior naval Powers.

The way Adolf Hitler mentions the above words, a feeling comes that what England wills, happens. It is surely not that easy. Something held up the cohesiveness of the English people, even in times of great danger. What that something is, could be the planar language English. It was plateau-coded also. It is a very powerful combination, wherein the native-speakers exist at a higher plane. Not in a manner as envisaged for German army by Hitler. That of a huge content of nitwits bossed over by towering officers. In England, it was different.

614. France, which was the most dangerous rival that England had to fear.

True, France was a nuisance throughout history, not only to England but also to the French people themselves. Not only the Louis Kings, but even the French Revolutionaries and also Napoleon Bonaparte went in for war with England. Yet, see the stamina contained in pristine-ENGLISH. England withstood all assaults. With a powerful shield made of its vibrant language.

615. popular sentiment, which is the most powerful motive-force and is at the same time the most lasting in its energy.

No comment.

616. the object of a diplomatic policy must not be to see that a nation goes down heroically but rather that it survives in a practical way

Surely the policymakers of USA should have read the above lines. However, they are sitting on a grand legacy that came into their hands with no one really knowing how this happened. Such persons as those who are in charge of USA nowadays cannot build a great nation. They can only dissipate a great nation.

617. Germany was annihilated and France became the first political Power on the Continent of Europe.

Some very tangible wobbling code must be there in the French language. When perfectly stable individuals get to interact with persons who have wobbling codes in their personality, they also get infected. In fact, they show it more that the person who induced this wobbling.

618. when one nation loses its instinct for self-preservation and ceases to be an active member it sinks to the level of an enslaved nation and its territory will have to suffer the fate of a colony.

Even though there might be persons who would equate the above statement with ‘India’, the fact is that there is no connection. There was no India before British-India, other than around 2000 small to medium kings, ruling minute to huge landscape in a most disinterested manner. And around 650 kingdoms, scattered in the various location of the subcontinent.

619. A submarine campaign based on France’s long Atlantic coast and on the European and North African coasts of the Mediterranean would have disastrous consequences for England.

These are all just the clubbing together of various permutations and combinations, with no basis. Disasters on the English side was not the crucial issues. The mutual backstabbing on the other side is what would clinch the issue, the battle and the war.

620. What England has always desired, and will continue to desire, is to prevent any one Continental Power in Europe from attaining a position of world importance.

If it does, England is being very intelligent. However as of now, participating in a Continental European Union, is far from being intelligent. Interested readers are requested to READ this.

621. The final aims of French diplomacy must be in perpetual opposition to the final tendencies of British statesmanship.

Quite sharp insight, even though the premise is not what I would have accepted.

622. the possibilities that exist for Germany to find allies must come to the conclusion that there remains no other way of forming an alliance except to approach England.

It is quite a tragic march of destiny that Adolf Hitler lost everything when went to war with England.

623. British diplomacy must tend more and more, from year to year, towards curbing France’s unbridled lust after hegemony.

That is how history stands evidence to. Yet, in current-day times, everything is a mess in Continental Europe. With the barging in of out-side entities whose innate features are totally un-understood.

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