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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 1 : 64 to 74

64. The difficulty of feeding this army of new citizens must grow greater from year to year and ultimately end in catastrophe,

It certainly is a very disastrous location in the future, for any sane nation. Currently the insane leaderships in Continental Europe, USA, Australia and Great Britain seem to have gone bonkers.

There seems to be no work or anxiety about the antique native-posterity, which will have to deal with people and populations of a most un-understood kind, right in their own midst, speaking the English as themselves, but thinking and communicating within their own native populations in languages, and verbal and non-verbal signals which cannot be understood.

65. She diminishes, not the power of procreation as such, but the conservation of the procreated, by exposing them to hard trials and deprivations with the result that all those who are less strong and less healthy are forced back into the womb of the eternal unknown.

However, the natural means by which nature controls population growth, which Adolf Hitler propounds, is not possible in the current-day world. For, technology has reached a level wherein even the weakest individual can be made to live. And there is a looming danger in this also, that Adolf Hitler mentions. Yet, there are preventive measures that can be enforced if the political leadership is capable enough to implement such.

Adolf Hitler says that a weakened population will be takenover by a stronger population. Maybe there is a contradiction here in his own words. He does say thus here:

66. A stronger race will drive out the weak, for the vital urge in its ultimate form will, time and again, burst all the absurd fetters of the so-called humanity of individuals, in order to replace it by the humanity of Nature which destroys the weak to give his place to the strong.

But then in the very next pages he has cautioned the scope that inferior populations will take-over the locations of the stronger races, by mere means of over population and running over. Well, I should not say that it is weaker races, but then what can be mentioned is that cruder populations are at the moment gnawing at the vitals of all English nations, and that of the European nations, which have improved much in terms of social quality due to certain historical or history-made-possible proximity to English nations.

67. Nature knows no political boundaries. First, she puts living creatures on this globe and watches the free play of forces. She then confers the master’s right on her favourite child, the strongest in courage and industry.

The above writings do have a feel of the Might is Right and Survival of the fittest! theories. However, the fact is that this so-called might is not connected in physical capacities, or in intellectual acumen, or natural resources or any such other things. It is in the language quality. In fact, the very existence of England since times immemorial can be directly attributed to the inner qualities of the communication software called English. It is due to this software in its possession, that even the big nations of Continental Europe couldn’t conquer tiny England.

Major examples can be the Spanish Armada, Napoleon and Hitler himself. An immensity of notable items could be found in the Colonial warfare, in all of which English always won the last battle. However, England did have this Achilles heel. That it was connected to the neck with Ireland, Scotland and Wales, all of which had native Celtic languages.

If English is removed from the work ambience of the higher echelon of the various high grade corporate sector companies in India, the very efficiency of the companies will changes sporadically. If the Indian government were to make a ruling that the Officer class in the Indian Army and their family members are not to use English anymore, but to use only Hindi or any of the other more advanced languages of India, a Military coop can be expected in India.

For if English is removed from the Army officer’s mutual communication ambience, then what would replace it would literally lead to a cracking of the Office corps into a mutually jealous, and backstabbing cadre of military men.

Indian officers would start displaying their raw native Indian coarse behaviour stuff. However, they wouldn’t wait till that. If such an order is given by the Government of India, it would be treated with a most sincere contempt. And if the government were to try to impose the order, then it would literally be playing with fire. The army will throw out the government without much remorse.

68. The greater the quantity of space at the disposal of a people, the greater its natural protection; for military decisions against peoples living in a small restricted area have always been obtained more quickly and hence more easily, and in particular more effectively and completely than can, conversely, be possible against territorially extensive states.

This again is could be a universal truth, proved by the English exception. In fact, the ancient adage ‘England always wins the last battle’ is not a European experience alone, but something that was repeatedly enacted all round the world. Even in the Indian peninsula areas, consisting of present-day Bangladesh, Pakistan and portions of present-day India.

When totally young, Robert Clive with mere clerical duty experience was given command to out-manoeuvre a siege by the combined force of the French and the local raja of Arcot near Madras, in the southern portions of the Indian subcontinent, he had to do with just 20 Englishmen, around 180 local natives (possibly Tamilians) and a very small space. That is just a French fort, he had the audacity to take-over in the night hours, in the midst of the commotions.

He won not just by mere grit, but also by something else which was quite non-tangible. And this non-tangible asset was the pristine-ENGLISH language. If his native tongue had been a feudal language, he would have been backstabbed both during times of triumphs as well as during that of trepidation and tribulations.

The same was the case when he encountered the combined forces of the Mogul Nawab and the French at Murshidabad, near Calcutta. He had with him 180 Englishmen with scarce battle experience and around 1800 local natives. Here again he won through, not by pluck, but by the way the English language stood forth to consolidate his capacities, and the feudal languages of the Nawab rose at the appointed time to make his team backstab him (the Nawab). In fact, the youthful Nawab was backstabbed by his own mother as required by her brother. In fit of rabid jealousy.

69. Nor is England any proof to the contrary, since in consideration of the British Empire we too easily forget the Anglo-Saxon world as such. The position of England, if only because of her linguistic and cultural bond with the American Union, can be compared to no other state in Europe.

It is true that a pro-English or pro-England USA would have been a great support for England. However, positioning of the US as a sort of sole supporter of England might not be correct. For, England had withstood the onslaughts from Continental Europe for many centuries, and still emerged unscathed. Moreover, Adolf Hitler himself does mention at times of the Aryan (meaning Germans) building up the USA. It is quite an untrue statement. But even if it were so, how come the German-filled USA never became a pillar of support for Germany? A German USA will not have a linguistic and cultural bond with England.

However, it is true that England is not a proof to the contrary of what Adolf Hitler is discussing here. It is true that England is tiny, while its empire was quite large. Like a sort of inverted pyramid (description given by Adolf Hitler). However, English colonialism was not like a German or Belgian or French colonialism. In fact, English colonies were actually a spreading-out of English culture into the outer world, not by force, but by the genuine liking and support for the same from the colonial areas. It was an expansion of England, even though the sit-at-home Britons, especially the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish, who were literally piggy-back riding on England, could rarely understand this.

70. For such a policy there was but one ally in Europe: England.

With England alone was it possible, our rear protected, to begin the new Germanic march. Our right to do this would have been no less than the right of our forefathers. None of our pacifists refuses to eat the bread of the East, although the first ploughshare in its day bore the name of ‘sword’ !

This is one of the passages among so many others wherein he has openly declaimed his admiration for England. To be associated with England. But alas, so many persons in the world do want to be associated with England. And that too, to the extreme surprise of Englishmen themselves.

For they cannot conceive as to why there are people in the who declare so much affinity for their totally common-place land and common-place human beings. Their language itself seems quite simple, when compared to the highly complex and powerful languages elsewhere. They have a king or a queen and there is nobility, which means the nation has a feudal social structure. This is seen as a sign of great negation. For, hasn’t all the nations done away with feudalism? Even Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have abolished feudalism. Yet, people from these democratic nations make haste to reach England.

Now, that is the issue. Even Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have abolished feudalism. Yet, these nations are practically un-liveable for the vast majority of its population. At the same time, even with all feudal structures inside England, it is far more attractive to the outsiders. Well, that points to the fact that it is not social design per se, that is at fault. But something else. What is it? Well, the answer is in the language codes. Feudal language means snubbing, degrading, taunting, backstabbing etc. all of which consistently are a part of social and familial living in the outside nations.

However, current-day England is an infected England. I do not know as to how England can be disinfected, unless someone has the willingness to be branded as an Idi Amin.

71. no sacrifice should have been too great for winning England’s willingness. We should have renounced colonies and sea-power, and spared English industry our competition

It seems to be reminiscent of Bismarck’s policy that the friendship of France will not compensate for the displeasure of England. It is quite notable that Adolf Hitler mentions ‘England’ and not Britain or Great Britain.

72. There was a time when England would have listened to reason on this point, since she was well aware that Germany as a result of her increased population had to seek some way out and either find it with England in Europe or without England in the world.

In the above words, Adolf Hitler is being a bit presumptuous about the global significance of Germany. Yet, the above words also do point to a drastic policy decision based on desperate situations.

73. British diplomacy was still clever enough to realize that no service can be expected without a return.

Here Adolf Hitler literally proposes that an alliance with Great Britain would have erased all possibilities of World War One. And in that light, he says:

74. In that light, to be sure, the alliance with Austria was an absurdity.

May there are a lot of other absurdities still in existence. One is the military protection given to Japan by USA, at the cost of its own national economic disaster. If the USA policy leaders feel that it had defeated Japan in the Second World War, they are brain-dead or bird-brained.

The so-called end of the Second World War did not end at the time, nor did the USA win against Japan. The surrender of Japan was just an ancient oriental ploy and ruse, to delude the enemy into a false feel of security.

The surrender of Japan had its own highly planned strategies working behind it. Exquisite hospitality, the kind of which cannot be imagined in any English social system is used as a weapon of conquest. In fact, the guest is momentarily treated as a king, and in there are corresponding changes in the various indicant words of ‘respect’ to go along with it. It is a very transient ambience. And most Asians, being used to it, know it is for facade it is, which has no stable platform beyond the contingency of the immediate requirements.

Yet, the US officials fell flat for it, and got ensnared inside its wily sticky web. The US economy was opened up to its very vitals, for the Japanese economic moguls. All technical information were given to Japanese students with no concern that it is national resources owned by native US citizens that is been thus dispensed to rank outsiders. And that too outsiders who had killed a huge number of US citizens. There are hidden command routes in feudal languages, about which no native-English speaker is aware of it. Even a deserter is still under its command routes, the moment the pervious leader just connects in a conversation.

For instance, if a Chinese youngster who had participated in the Tiananmen Square protest march, and had escaped to the US in the aftermath, is connected in a conversation by a Chinese Communist party chief, invariably a very powerful command and obedience route is formed. If the Chinese youngster is working or studying in some superior US technical institution, this man will literally become a beachhead for his own family members, his own friends, his own elders in China, and for the Chinese government.

There is no means to covey these ideas to a native-English speaking person. English is simply another world, where everything is in the open, frank and candid. Feudal languages are not the translations of English. They are entities of quite a different order. In fact, translating a feudal language into English is like dressing up a very dangerous carnivorous animal into a meek lamb.

There is no way for a lamb which has never seen or envisaged a carnivorous animal to understand that the teeth it uses to eat grass can be used to bite, tear and chew meat. How toe nails can be converted into claws that can pierce and tear flesh. How, blood is edible, when only water and cattle-feed dissolved in water are understood as drinkable.

People of pristine-ENGLISH nativity can be compared to the meek lamb and the feudal language speakers can be equated to carnivorous animals. Yet, a thousand lambs can live together in a pasture. I do not know what would happen if a thousand carnivorous animals live together in the same compound. Unless they had arrived for some seasonal breeding festivity.

Coming back to the utter stupidity of the USA, there is this fact to be mentioned. The US is the huge gullible and pliant giant who can be made a beating stick or a complacent shield for all minute nations. It has been fooled into being the protector of many small nations that are in the middle-east. Most of these minute nations are the creation of the idiots in the British Labour Party.

Now they are millstones hanging on the neck of the English nations, with the super-idiot being the US. In fact, just as minute Austria literally triggered the First World War, it was miniscule Kuwait that triggered the current-day mess in the Middle-East. It is like a small hole in the huge dam, draining out the huge content of water into wasteland. This small hole that was Kuwait, literally has pulled all English nations into a whirlpool that drains into a wasteland, leaving their own national economy and citizenry adrift.

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