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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 1 : 96 to 109

96. I saw that the Socialist-Marxist organisations mastered and applied this instrument with astounding skill. And I soon realised that the correct use of propaganda is a true art which has remained practically unknown to the bourgeois parties.

Times have changed. Now, all political parties use propaganda in a most ingenious and subtle manner. Moreover, all big online companies do use it with superb finesse. It has come to such a level that if one has the money to pull things off, anything can be fed to the people and they made to believe it.

Just a negative discussion about Facebook will bring in millions of people-interest in it. So, it is only intelligent to ponder on who actually sponsors such negative discussions.

As to propaganda, and indoctrination, people in India believe that English rule was terrible. They massacred people. They looted the nation. The divided a seven thousand year old nation and ruled the place. Each one of these terrible accusation about a most benign rule has been purposefully indoctrinated into the minds of the people.

Look at this conversation that I had in our pristine-ENGLISH Community Whatsapp Group:

QUOTE: But, what about Jalianwalabagh, Malabar riot, death punishments and many other rude actions of British? END OF QUOTE

When I gave a adequate explanation to these queries, see the reply that I received:

QUOTE: thank you for these valuable historical inputs. Most of these information are new to me. I think I never studied the communal clash happened just after independence that caused 10 lakh (I million) death from school text books. END OF QUOTE.

Communist parties were once the masters of the art of political propaganda. However, as of now, every political party with adequate financial resources has acquired mastery in this. Yet, very soft means are used to outmanoeuvre competitors.

97. peoples without honour have sooner or later lost their freedom and independence

I need to pull the above quote away from Adolf Hitler’s context. It is about the word ‘honour’. In feudal languages, the concept of ‘honour’ is kept only for the higher classes. That means, on a relative scale the lower positioned individual has less ‘honour’. This usage of the word ‘honour’ has no connection with the English meaning of honour and honourable.

The antique English meaning of this word is connected to supreme personal qualities of honesty, incorruptibleness, commitment, non-treacherous, dependable, not a turncoat etc. However, as Adolf Hitler uses it, and in the way it is used in the feudal languages of India, it is word connected to social superiority.

The corollary of this meaning is that in feudal language social systems, a great section of the population do not have freedom and independence.

98. Any man who wants to be a cowardly slave can have no honour or honour itself would soon fall into general contempt

Again this should be connected to a feudal language social system. For instance, in most of the government offices of India, the common people of the lower financial classes are addressed as a mere dirt, in the pejorative part of the language codes. However none of them react against this. For, in the government schools, the teachers use the same words and worse, and thus they are trained to be cowardly slaves.

10 to 15 fifteen years of mental slavery in an education system that doesn’t teach anything worthwhile. Most of the teachers do not know much to teach. They themselves would require a huge amount of training in an informal ambience to make them fit to do even a minor bit of teaching.

99. Humanitarianism and aesthetics would vanish even from a world inhabited by man if this world were to lose the races that have created and upheld these concepts

There is a great deal to be mentioned about these words of Adolf Hitler. Even though one might be able to find quite a lot of high aspirations in the various literatures of the ancient world, the concept of humane attitudes are not there much in Asian nations. This might be true about Africa and many Continental European nations. As to the indigenous cultures of South America also, there are quite candid evidences of extreme violence in their social history.

However, when one looks at England, there is a very pleasant level of soft-nature in its history. It is true that many academic experts would find it too terrible a claim to accept. For, did they not burn the witches?, did they not hang the pickpockets?, did they not take part in slave trade? etc. would go the questionings. The fact is that many more terrible things happen in other nations, and no one cares to keep a record of them. Why? Because they are everyday events.

In England, these were exceptions to the ordinary. So, they were kept as records. In the Indian peninsula, there was literally no record keeping. In fact, in modern times, not many students would know about the horrors of Sati, the burning up of women at the pyre of their dead husbands. How many people in current-day India know about the scourge of northern parts of the subcontinent, known as the Thuggees?

Yet, I have seen many great academic geniuses declaiming about the Rotten Boroughs mentioned in Pickwick Papers written by Charles Dickens. They mention it to say that India is merely passing through the same stage that had been in England many years ago. Yet, it goes without saying that in England it was a delightful exception, while in India, it is not a notice worthy exception. No one is really bothered in noticing what an everyday event is. In fact, the possibility is not of India changing into England, but of England changing into India!

It seems quite funny that England never had slaves. In English, it is quite difficult to maintain a slave. The slave will immediately improve to his masters’ mental and social standards. In the Indian peninsula, there is no need for statutory slaves. The language will hold the lower classes down in a mood of quite extinguished self-esteem.

Adolf Hitler’s claim that Germany is the cradle of civilisation and humanitarian concept can be hollow. Germany at best was a newly formed nation. He himself displays a huge content of contempt for the Germans. From a most candid conceptualising, in the case of some of the Continental European nations, their glory is just reflected glory, due to their proximity to England. And also due to the fact that the English are white skin.

In fact, I have seen many people in India, who do not know to differentiate between the words ‘White’ and ‘English’. Instead of saying that ‘We were ruled by the English’, the more easier way of saying is found to be the erroneous words: ‘We were ruled by white-men!’

However, this is not a modern Indian issue. During the colonial days, even the Germans used to move around the interiors of Africa carrying a Union Jack with them. To befool the local populations that they are indeed Englishmen, even though they behaved much crudely.

Beyond that there is this tragic story from the history of the British West African Squadron. When the British sailor on their patrol to catch the slavers and to save the blacks approached a boat full of black natives, who thought that they were the White slave traders from Continental Europe and jumped out of the boat, with disastrous results.

100. where the destiny and existence of a people are at stake, all obligations toward beauty ceases

No comments. Could be true.

101. The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous

It is quite funny. When I was spending my life among the government officials of India in my childhood days, the most regular input was that: the members of the public (the common Indians) are donkeys. This is an intimately mentioned talk among the official class of India. Even now!

As to the attribute of oblivion, well, the public as such has only the limited memory what comes in the daily newspaper or in the new visual media.

102. By contrast, the war propaganda of the English and Americans was psychologically sound. By representing the Germans to their own people as barbarians and Huns, they prepared the individual soldier for the terrors of war, and thus helped to preserve him from disappointments.

At the moment, the English nations are just the opposite. I understand that in England, Gandhi is a great personage, when actually he was nothing of that sort. In fact, the current-day native-English youngsters are being deluded into a location from where their own antiquity is being visualised as dirty, and that of other hideous nationalities understood as sweet ones. It is an emerging tragedy in all English nations. That of the national education being taken hostage by rank outsiders.

However, the context of Adolf Hitler’s words are about propaganda.

103. it never dawned on him for a moment that his own weapons possibly, if not probably, might be even more terrible in their effects

This is a line that has some significance. There is a particular kind of idiotic terminology called Stockholm Syndrome in an equally miserable mental science called psychology. Now, the issue here is that the US is bombing many nations, in the glorious belief that it is doing a good deed. There are no US people on the ground where the bombs are falling. It will naturally be falling on houses, and families members would be maimed or killed. If some American citizens were to be living among the people there, a very vivid understanding of the plight and the horrors of the US bombing would emerge.

A greater understanding of the other side’s view points and social triggers are required before entering into a belligerence which is none of one’s own business. However, it is quite difficult for English nations to shrug off their links to extra-national fights. For, all English nations are brimming to the very neck with outsiders who connect their native land problems with the English nation of their domicile and new citizenship. The fact is that after the deliberate breaking up of the English Empire, all English nations have been under the handiwork of the anecdotal Fifth Columnists.

Even today, if one were to read many news-media websites of England or USA or Australia, the handiwork of moneyed extra-national lobbies can be seen. They use various arguments including the plight of children, the terrors of the native lands, the horrors faced in an over-the-sea trip, comparison with Pilgrim Fathers, claim that they are coming from Earth etc. to force outsiders into English nations. Even though the first breech is expected in Continental Europe.

Saving human and animal populations that are in danger is good, but not by allowing them inside one’s own household. They can be provided with a separate living space, from where their innate tendencies do not cause danger to the saving person’s household. This minor common sense seems to have been erased by formal education and media indoctrination in English nations.

As to the USA, it is actually a fake English nation. It will carry this façade of a English-nation as long it suits its purpose. However, when the English cover is lost, there is no difference that the USA can have from the South American bananas.

104. What, for example, would we say about a poster that was supposed to advertise a new soap and that described other soaps as ‘good’?

Adolf Hitler is speaking about purposeful and much focused propaganda. However, in these modern times, in most Asian, South American and African nations, and to a limited extent in Continental Europe there is no need for this advice. For, when any vested interests tell lies, they do not say it in pieces.

However, England has always had this nonsensical approach historically. Almost all great enemies of theirs were given some grace. One might be able to find good mentions of both Napoleon as well as George Washington even in times of belligerence from them. However, the real tragady is the mention of British colonialism in similar words, by British native-citizens with the same pose of Your soap is not good we know. However, our soap is also not that good!

What kind of an advertisement or propaganda or national education is that?

See this comment I received on YouTube:


Jeff Bland 4 months ago

+VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS if you look at the positives you must also look at the negative. Sure, the UK did bring democracy and started local governments in these areas. However, we cause massive shifts in class, rob countries of their resources, caused massacres and even used concentration camps in some African wars. We try to repay our actions and apologise with money given to these countries. I feel we have caused a bit more damage to the world than good. But at least we’re changing ourselves, well most of us. END OF QUOTE

I did give reply, which interested reader can find on this link:

English colonialism definitely needs a restudy, taking into consideration the opinion or the version or the experience of the lower classes who benefited. Till now, it is the opinion of rank rascals that it being taken into consideration. Maybe British citizens will have the mental stamina to send back all outsiders who have barged in on the ‘you exploited our nation’ argument. Send them back home, from where their own native land people will finish them off socially.

English colonialists understood all this most brilliantly-and acted accordingly. They made no half statements that might have given rise to doubts.

Did the English propagandists or policymakers sitting inside England, really understand the reality? Maybe from a German perspective it might be true. However, in all English colonial regions, the gullible do-gooders would have actually created a wonderful world government based on fair-play, decency, rectitude, law and order etc. And at the same time maintaining a safe distance from the improving populations. Had the Satan Clement Atlee not climbed on to the seats of power.

105. only after the simplest ideas are repeated thousands of times will the masses finally remember them

Filling the minds of people with untruth definitely requires a lot of purposeful effort. As for India, even though the officialdom loots the nation with a pay, perks and pension packet that is astronomical, the general understanding of the common man is that everything was looted by the English colonialists. In fact, the members of the officialdom and their family members will harp on getting back everything ‘looted’ by the English.

Now, how is this kind of indoctrination possible? It starts from the very primary education. Fake stories of a great nation swindled by the English colonialists who forced the people to study English. Then another story of a fake freedom struggle, led by saintly persons. Then of the great leaders. Then of the various jewels ‘stolen’ by the English. ‘We had the Kohinoor. We had the peacock throne. We had gold’ etc. goes the claims.

No one bothers to think of the various items that came into the land. Of the joining up around 650 kingdoms into a big nation, under one flag. Of education, of railways, of the postal system, of the medical education, of the immensity of other things that were bequeathed by the English rulers.

106. enemy propaganda began in our country, after 1916 it became more and more intensive, till finally, at the beginning of the year 1918, it swelled to a positive flood. Now the results of this seduction could be seen at every step. The army gradually learned to think as the enemy wanted it to

It seems to be a great propaganda and indoctrination victory. That of the enemies being able to decide the thinking process.

107. While they starved and suffered, while their people at home lived in misery, there was abundance and high-living in other circles. Yes, even at the fighting front all was not in order in this respect.

If does seem to be typical feudal language social symptoms. This is the point at which usually native-ENGLISH nations win. Feudal languages nations will wither due to mutual backstabbing and disrespect both in times of triumphs and tribulations. However, most battles and wars are fought between feudal language nations. So, these things cancel out with both sides being afflicted with the same disease.


108. The munitions strike was organised

A nation that is fighting against itself when a war is going on. This is just an extreme case. More subtle infighting and mutinies are part of the life in any feudal language nation, unless suppressed by draconian laws and their enforcement

109. What was the army fighting for if the homeland itself no longer wanted victory? For whom the immense sacrifices and privations? The soldier is expected to fight for victory and the homeland goes on strike against it!.

It is a tragic state of affairs. However, if former English nations like the USA etc. do not heed the warning in these above words, the same tragedy is going to get enacted over there. The national army is being made to suffer in warfare in far-flung regions, taking part in belligerences with which the common citizen in USA is not interested. And would very well like to keep a safe distance from. In fact, each interference that the USA had in other nations, has brought in immigrants who displaced the native citizens of USA in every sphere of activity.

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