373. He ought to study exhaustively and in detail only that subject in which he intends to work during the rest of his life

I need to qualify this great contention by adding that quality English, Arithmetic and a trade or technical skill to earn a livelihood or run a business should be learned. People who are not good in pristine-ENGLISH should not be allowed to run a business. Otherwise, those who work under him or her will have to suffer the degrading pejoratives. People who are not good in pristine-ENGLISH should not be allowed to become a government official.

374. But it is a perilous thing to base the general culture of a nation on the knowledge of these subjects.

Actually, the danger is more than what Adolf Hitler mentioned. A huge mass of youngsters whose heads are full of higher Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are not going to lead the nation to any level of greatness. Actually only very few people are required to know all these subjects with deep knowledge.

As to getting employed in companies doing scientific jobs, like technicians etc., the companies usually teach them what to do, and only what to do.

Most complicated information, they would not divulge. Those things they would maintain as their trade secrets. Looking from this perspective, the huge number of years spend by the individuals in schools and colleges are mere waste. And nothing worthwhile is learned. Unless the person learned good English. In most schools in India, even good English is not taught. Most of the teachers do not have the mental acumen or desire to learn English.

375. Roman history, along general lines, is and will remain the best teacher, not only for our own time but also for the future.

Roman history is not what will create fabulous social quality. In fact, it is doubtful if the Roman Empire can stand anywhere near to the English Empire in terms of the support it got from the common people of the various locations inside the Empire. In the case of the tremendous amount of inspiring support the downtrodden masses in the various feudal language nations received also, the English Empire will stand unbeaten.

However, the English Empire has suffered a terrible amount of bad publicity from the various higher classes who took over the positions of power in the various nations that were given actually part of the English Empire. Even the great fake movie ‘Gandhi’ has disseminated a totally false picture about the English Empire. READERS are requested to follow this Link.

As to the Roman Empire, the various characters, in Hollywood films, do have an English aura about them. They speak in English and have physical postures which are very close to that of Englishmen. Their social relationships also seem to be quite like that of the Englishmen. This much is known by everyone who has seen the various Hollywood movies made about the Romans.

Even Julius Caser looks quite English, with very good English accent. It is the like the Gandhi movie. People fell in love with the English Gandhi. When actually he was just a Hindi and Gujarathi speaking feudal suppressor class man of India.

If the real Roman had been depicted as they really were, they would not be much better than the barbarian suppressors who used slaves to build up huge and colossal building structures everywhere.

376. but by a spirit of self-denial and the joy of giving one’s self in the service of others

This is not possible in feudal languages, unless one is bound to reap ‘respect’ for acting selfless.

377. This national passion is like a highly tempered thoroughbred who is discriminate about the sort of rider he will tolerate in the saddle.

No comment

378. a weakling is always more pleasing to those who want to bend him to their own uses than is a man who is made of harder metal

Without connecting the above sentence to the context in the book, I need to mention this is a very enlightening sentence. In fact, all policymakers in current-day English nations should take this as a touchstone when deciding on policy matters connected to making judgements about other nations’ rulers and leaders.

When they get a good opinion about a particular leader, it simply means that the person who gave the opinion has found the leader a very nice and malleable person. At the same time, if the opinion is bad, it again simply means that the person who gave the opinion found the leader too tough to manage or influence.

When dealing with Asian/African nations, what English nations should use is not a flashy James Bond, but a Henry Baker or a John Pennycuick. Dedicated men who understood the social emotions of the Asian people at close quarters. Instead of that if the policymaker try to act out the stupid themes in modern James Bond movies, England will end up like a silly Computer game player. Bombing here and there with no idea why it got involved in the first place.

379. But the fact that the enemy likes this form of government is the worst kind of condemnation.

True. The US for instance has no coherent foreign policy, being driven in various directions by the various extra national lobbies that have all literally taken the US leadership into some kind of hostage situation. If people come out of a strong nation and condemn the leadership, and more or less seduce the US government to attack that nation, the question should be asked as what is it that the US government is trying to support.

If it is going to install a pro-ENGLISH government, that is a very justifiable reason. However, if it says that it is going to install democracy, then it is fully crazy. For the word democracy has a very different way of acting in feudal languages. In fact, in feudal languages, no attributes of English democracy will work.

380. but in reality these same heroes would scamper away like rabbits if called upon to defend that banner with their blood.

No comment

381. The best defence will not be in the arms it possesses but in its citizens. Bastions of fortresses will not save it, but the living wall of its men and women, filled with an ardent love for their country and a passionate spirit of national patriotism

It is quite funny that this was the spirit that German warfront faced from the English soil. That of common people assembling to draw up their own civilian defence. This can happen only in planar languages. If the common language is feudal, there will problems of hierarchy, and respect and pejoratives creating emotional explosion at each and every human interaction, that is needed to assemble a group of unconnected people.

I fear that current-day England is a far cry from the divine England. In fact, in every political, social and military issue, the nation will divide into mutually antagonistic parts. This is what insane democracy has given to England.

382. An inventor must appear great not only as an inventor but also, and even more so, as a member of the nation

This spirit has literally been imbibed by the Indian media and textbooks. If one were to open a school textbook on Mathematics, there would tall claims of ‘Indians’ having discovered this thing and that thing, some hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Students do believe of a great nation as great as the Roman Empire as depicted in fake story Hollywood movies. However, recently I had a real insight of how the youngsters would react to reality. I simply send a link to this Website that depicts the pictures from the Malabar and Travancore areas in the southern parts of the Indian subcontinent. Many of the viewers literally got a jolt in their mind on seeing the images.

383. The man who loves his nation can prove the sincerity of this sentiment only by being ready to make sacrifices for the nation’s welfare. There is no such thing as a national sentiment which is directed towards personal interests.

And there is no such thing as a nationalism that embraces only certain classes. Hurrahing proves nothing and does not confer the right to call oneself national if behind that shout there is no sincere preoccupation for the conservation of the nation’s well-being.

Adolf Hitler really misses the issue of what makes a man truly in love with his nation. People of England loved their nation without any particular instigation to promote it. People in many locations around the world still love pristine-England. All this has a particular reason behind it. It is that only in pristine-ENGLISH would one find the fabulous levels of human dignity, with no need to fight for it.

Simply invoking spirits and passions of patriotism wouldn’t work much beyond the direct strings of personal loyalties and love and affection. In fact, it is quite doubtful if the German Nazi party would have survived much longer had Adolf Hitler died with or without a war.

In India, even the most corrupt government employee is seen to be quite ‘patriotic’.

384. One can be proud of one’s people only if there is no class left of which one need to be ashamed.

In feudal language social systems, it is very difficult to remove the various classes who are despised for their lowliness. They are repulsive to the higher classes, who fear not only the touch, but even a lack of ‘respect’ in their gestures, postures and verbal addressing.

385. The spirit of nationalism and a feeling for social justice must be fused into one sentiment in the hearts of the youth.

Actually this is not something that should be indoctrinated into a citizen. He or she should naturally come to feel that this is the best nation to live in. For instance, see this report I saw on a website calling for people to support an appeal to the government to take an action against a government employee who did show sign of some deep-rooted mental instability.

However, the fact is that this mental instability is common in most government employees in India, when they chance to come across a citizen who is not willing to exhibit obeisance to them: