648. The great leaders of Jewry are confident that the day is near at hand when the command given in the Old Testament will be carried out and the Jews will devour the other nations of the earth.

If the original bible in Hebrew can be deciphered and the hidden codes re-read with the aim to extract these codes, a lot more information can emerge.

I can give a minor hint of a verbal hidden code.

1. You give him a plate of Butter chicken.

2. You give him a glass of water.

In English the Butter Chicken given will be quite easily understood as the more powerful statement.

However, in feudal languages, there is no such guarantee. In fact, the ‘Butter Chicken’ and the ‘Water’ do not have much social significance in the social stature encoded in the sentence. Depending on certain other minor words, giving the ‘water’ can be of fabulous power. The person who is to be given the ‘water’ will be acknowledged as a socially great man, and whose very presence can lend a very positive aura in the place. At the same time, the person given the ‘Butter Chicken’ can be made to mere nonentity and a social disgrace, by the same sentence that means: ‘You give him a glass of water’ in English.

So it very logical to understand that the English version of the Bible will be literally sterile version Bible. It will be like a Shamanism Chanting translated into English. The literal meaning will have no sense of what was there originally in the original text.

649. Precisely the members of our so-called intelligentsia are the hardest to move to a really clear and logical defence of their interests and the interests of their nation. They are not only burdened with a dead weight of the most senseless conceptions and prejudices, but what makes matters completely intolerable is that they have lost and abandoned all healthy instinct of self-preservation

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650. As a healthy relation we may regard only that condition which assures the sustenance of a people on its own soil.

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651. Only an adequately large space on this earth assures a nation of freedom of existence.

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652. If a nation’s sustenance as such is assured by the amount of its soil, the safeguarding of the existing soil itself must also be borne in mind. This lies in the general power-political strength of the state, which in turn to no small extent is determined by geo-military considerations.

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653. The German people entered this struggle as a supposed world power

Many populations do have this erroneous conceit. In fact, there are many Indians who feel that current-day India is the greatest nation on earth. In fact, their school textbook history teaches them of a nation of 7000 years antiquity. As to their forefathers, the local films inform that they all had looks better than the looks of Romans depicted in Hollywood movies.

654. yet no one cite England as a proof to the contrary, for England in reality is merely the great capital of the British world empire which calls nearly a quarter of the earth’s surface its own.

Whether Britain did really call nearly a quarter of the earth’s surface as its own, is not known to me. Yet, the fact remains that England did rule a huge percentage of the globe’s surface. In the Indian subcontinent around half of the geographical area was ruled by English officials, directly reporting to England. However, the introduction of democracy in the English-ruled areas of the subcontinent did really spoil the quality of the English rule, in the subcontinent.

As to the other half of the Indian subcontinent, they were ruled by the various kings, and administered by very corrupt officialdoms. However, no textbooks mentions this very powerful information. Everyone celebrates the national Independence Day, when actually on that day most of the kingdoms lost their independence.

IMAGE: Adolf Hitler's last public appearance. 20th March 1945. Things are definitely very bad!

655. we can actually speak of an African state arising on European soil.

Current events do point to a possibility that of Adolf Hitler’s words coming true. However, what is wrong with it? Well, the issue at large is that Africa in actually was a terrible place. It is not an agreeable thing that the cultures of that place should be allowed to expand.

656. at the beginning of our history two thousand years ago

It is funny. In Indian textbooks, earlier the talk was about a national antiquity dating back to two thousand years. Then it became four thousand years. Now, there is talk of a seven thousand years antiquity. With technology making many seemingly impossible things possible, any claim is possible. But then, no one seems to know or care how it was some 150 years back.

657. We have lost all proportion to the other great states of the earth, and this thanks only to the positively catastrophic leadership of our nation in the field of foreign affairs,

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658. for we cannot measure the strength of an empire by itself, but only by comparison with other states.

The above words contain typical feudal language mentality.

659. our people is certainly excelled by none on earth in heroism,

Indian ‘Aryans’ also mention the same things.

660. the political experiences of our people for more than a thousand years

Again, Adolf Hitler is on a tall claims spree.

661. The distinction between the real political successes of our people and the national blood spent for fruitless aims is of the greatest importance for our conduct in the present and the future.

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662. One half of our political figures consist of extremely sly, but equally spineless elements which are hostile toward our nation to begin with, while the other is composed of good-natured, harmless, and easy-going soft-heads

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663. to secure for the German people the land and soil to which they are entitled on this earth

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664. The soil on which some day German generations of peasants can beget powerful sons will sanction the investment of the sons of today, and will someday acquit the responsible statesmen of blood-guilt and sacrifice of the people, even if they are persecuted by their contemporaries.

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665. But one thing is certain, that the confusion they can create is desirable and convenient to our national enemies.

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666. State boundaries are made by man and changed by man.

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667. Germany will either be a world power or there will be no Germany.

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668. Because the Italy of today is not the Italy of those days

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669. The question, therefore, most not be: What did Bismarck do in his time? But rather: What would he do today? And this question is easier to answer. With his political astuteness, he would never ally himself unth a state that is downed to destruction

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670. 1. Chiefly involved were representatives of various Balkan states, and some from Egypt and India, who as individuals always impressed me as pompous big-mouths without any realistic background

2. But there were not a few Germans, especially in the nationalist camp, who let themselves be dazzled by such inflated Orientals and readily accepted any old Indian or Egyptian student from God knows where as a ‘representative’ of India or Egypt.

3. above all were authorized by no one to conclude any pact with anyone

The insight in the above words is quite terrific. When Queen Victoria took over the reins of power in the English East Indian Company ruled areas of the Indian Subcontinent, it gave a terrific freedom to the various feudal rich persons all over the subcontinent to enter England. Moreover, the Indian Rupees was very valuable. I think it was more valuable than the US Dollar of those day. So the rich in the Indian Subcontinent would literally go to England and wallow in the social facilities available there.

All of them came from the feudal rich classes of the subcontinent, who would literally have a heart attack if anyone of the servants or servant maid were to learn English. However, these very persons took up the pose of being the leaders of the ‘enslaved’ populations of ‘India’ in England and Europe.