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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 2 : 402 to 434

402. the principle will be upheld that man does not live for material enjoyment alone

Even though Adolf Hitler does speak in a tone of great aspirations, he has not been able to mention how to redesign human emotions to fit into this high aim. The fact is that unless a language that syncs with this is introduced, these words all remain in the realm of wishful thinking.

403. we are not so simple as to believe that there will ever be an age in which there will be no drawbacks.

No comment

404. Man should take care not to have too low an estimate of the power of an ideal

I have had the opportunity to discern the quality of the English administration in the portions of the Indian Subcontinent ruled by the English Empire. The native officers under them were in a mood to follow the elegant social manners of their English officers.

405. An applicant who has hitherto been a Zulu or Kaffir is told: “By these presents you are now become a German Citizen.”

It is currently worse in Great Britain. Anyone from anywhere can get the tag, Briton, if he or she has the money to buy a British citizenship. In fact, in recent years, I was quite surprised to see that many persons who were extremely weak in English, passing the IELTS exam. This is an exam that qualifies some of the applicant to British citizenship.

On a very casual enquiry, someone mentioned the bribe amount that is now being asked for, for a pass. I do not have any direct experience with this, but then it seems plausible. Seeing the quality degradation in the IELTS qualification.

406. Nothing but a stroke of the pen, and a Mongolian slave is forthwith turned into a real German.

Being a German is only a secondary choice. The first is to be a citizen in any English nation. In fact, there is no need even for that. If a person has the money, all he has to do is to have his wife deliver their child in any English nation hospital. The child is a British or American citizen. It does seem that the nations’ policymakers have gone absolutely daft. What kind of a Briton or US citizen is this?

407. The People’s State will classify its population in three groups: Citizens, subjects of the State, and aliens.

Actually, I think Britain did have a term called British Overseas Citizen. I am not sure. But then, it seems that by some cunning ploy when no one was looking, this term was negated and everyone became full British citizens. Native-Britain has no idea that it has been hoodwinked by the rich folks in colonial nations in the colonial times. Now, this is continuing unabated. I wonder how long Britain will exist. Unless some absolutely drastic remedies are not implemented to face the disastrous situation.

408. The rights of citizenship shall be conferred on every young man whose health and character have been certified as good, after having completed his period of military service.

No comment

409. sharp line of distinction between those who, as members of the nation, are the foundation and the support of its existence and greatness, and those who are domiciled in the State simply as earners of their livelihood there.

If English nations have the daring to implement this idea, they are safe. Otherwise there are simply in the huge whirlpool, which is bound to gather strength exponentially, that will take them down into the stinking drain.

410. it shall be a greater honour to be a citizen of this Reich, even as a street-sweeper, than to be the King of a foreign State.

Not really in Germany, but in pristine-English nations. And that is the truth.

411. The principle, that one people is not the same as another, applies also to the individual members of a national community.

Technically there is no harm in admitting the difference, when the top rung is occupied by English speakers. If the top rung is occupied by feudal language speakers, it will add to the trauma of the populations that occupy the lower rungs. A sort of caste system will develop automatically.

412. show the best racial qualities ought to be encouraged more than the others and especially they should be encouraged to increase and multiply.

If Hitler had not mentioned the word ‘racial’, it would have been great words. What has to be encouraged are the refinements embedded in pristine-ENGLISH. And not anything in feudal language codes.

413. A philosophy of life which repudiates the democratic principle of the rule of the masses and aims at giving this world to the best people

Democracy is a very stupid idea, unless it is implemented, controlled and maintained by quality people. By quality people, I do not mean people who are morally good, or have good education or who are pious, or who are honest etc. For these are all relative claims.

By the term ‘quality people’, what is mentioned are people who are innately connected to a planar language which is plateau-coded. An example would be people who are home in pristine-ENGLISH and do not think in or speak other languages. The correctness of this contention can be understood if one were to realise that languages are software applications with very specific social relationship codes embedded in it.

It is like understanding that the way items are related to each other is different in each specific application viz. Adobe Dreamweaver, MS Word, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress etc.

414. better equilibrium between poverty and riches, or to the extension to broader masses of the power to determine the economic process, or to a fairer wage, or to the elimination of vast differences in the scale of salaries –

On to the issues of vast differences in salaries, in the private sector, one cannot control the higher limits of what the boss wants to give. However, in the government services, the employees are simply dipping into the national income and taking as much as they can, in India. This has to be controlled.

In India, the government employees literally loot the nation by earning monthly salary of the range between 10 times to 30 times the average income of an average citizen. Apart from that, astronomical pension and commutation of pension. No one can question this, for the languages are feudal.

415. Hence all inventions are the result of the creative faculty of the individual. And all such individuals, whether they have willed it or not, are the benefactors of mankind, both great and small.

No comment

416. The most valuable factor of an invention, whether it be in the world of material realities or in the world of abstract ideas, is the personality of the inventor himself.

Not at all correct. Especially in feudal language nations.

417. Therefore not only does the organisation possess no right to prevent men of brains from rising above the multitude but, on the contrary, it must use its organising powers to enable and promote that ascension as far as it possibly can

No comment

418. Only those should rule who have the natural temperament and gifts of leadership

It is not a very profound idea. Instead of finding quality in individuals, the more stable item would be setting up quality institutions, wherein no one, neither persons of quality nor those of no quality can make great changes or deviation. In fact, this was one feature of the English colonialism. That whoever was in charge, the essential quality of the administration remained pristine-English. Anywhere and everywhere in the world. Other than in places where the English colonialism was in the hands of the Celts.

419. only very few are left who can be classed among the elect.

Finding them is going to be very difficult. And after finding them, if the institutions of power are not of quality, they remain as a waste.

420. the principle that it is the mass which counts – through the decision of the majority – makes its appearance only in the administration of the national community especially in the higher grades; and from there downwards the poison gradually filters into all branches of national life, thus causing a veritable decomposition.

The problem could be connected to the connecting the job of administration with personal power and prestige. In feudal language social systems, the power that perches on a person in administration is of the nth degree. In fact, every institution of governing becomes his personal fiefdom. However, in pristine-ENGLISH such a transformation is not possible. For the egalitarian codes of addressing and referring makes no one a divinity and no one a slave.

421. replace it by the numerical power of the masses

The same sentence above can mean totally different items in different languages. In English, it can mean the rule by the common English man. In feudal languages, it can mean the rule by the common feudal-language speaking man. The essential element is the quality of the common man, and how he interacts with others. If he interacts with coy ‘respect’ in feudal languages, he also would interact with arrogant denigration to others.

In pristine-ENGLISH, there are limits to ‘respect’ and ‘denigration’. In fact, in most conversation, they are not there or of very meagre content.

422. In the field of economics we see the trade union movement, which does not serve the real interests of the employees

Trade movement is basically a platform for the leaders. They rise up to the heights of feudal power in feudal language nations. For, the common worker cannot articulate many things, due to the controls in the verbal codes. The trade union leader remains as the mainstay of protection to the worker everywhere, even in going to the local police station. In India, if a common man or worker goes to a police station without any support from behind, it would be a very dangerous experience.

423. For in the long run it is impossible to satisfy popular demands merely by high-sounding theoretical phrases.

Yet, people are easily seduced by great aims, which are propounded without any basis.

424. whether it has the creative power to build up according to its own principles a civilisation which would be a counterpart of what already exists.

Yes, this is the tragedy of all revolutions in feudal language nations. There are social errors, of the most heinous kind. Yet, the revolutionaries who promise to change them are also part of the same fiendish language codes. Once they are in power, all that changes is the people in the various feudal slots. The slots still remain the same. The same suppression through words and the same corrupt practises continue.

425. by way of a return to the principle of personality

Yes, Marxism in practise has been the glorification of individual leaders to the level of superhuman divinities. In fact, it reaches very near to a spiritual religion in this regard.

426. If the social programme of the movement consisted in eliminating personality and putting the multitude in its place

Multitudes of pristine-England are not the multitudes of a feudal language nation. Even in Victorian-age England, the multitude, though much better than the multitudes in feudal language nations, still couldn’t be handed the reins of power in a most random manner. Even though all of them were repositories of the antiquity of England, they are still under various pulls and pushes, of varying social emotions.

The national stability can be maintained by maintaining the quality of the monarchy, with adequate training. However, it goes without saying that no one in England was also aware of the finer facets of this. There have been instances of severe breeches even inside the Monarchy of England, with regard to maintaining its exclusive attachment to unassailable quality. [Currently I have lost all my affection for the British monarchy. It exists as a fountainhead of national destruction. The present Queen is an anti national element inside England]

428. The best constitution and the best form of government is that which makes it quite natural for the best brains to reach a position of dominant importance and influence in the community.

Not really. For instance, the English Empire was not created by the best brains. The only item of supreme quality was the pristine-ENGLISH. So instead of focusing on the best individual, the focus should be on the best software that connects human beings in social communication. And that is pristine-English. The best constitution and the best form of government is what is written in English or what functions in English.

429. Genius of an extraordinary stamp is not to be judged by normal standards whereby we judge other men.

That might be true. But beyond judging, the sentence need not propose anything more. However, it needs to be mentioned that in England, the man who created the English Empire in the Indian subcontinent was treated like a common thief. There was no understanding of what he had achieved. Even now, the distance he covered from Madras to Calcutta, sailing in wooden ships, and defeating the Mogul nawab cannot be imagined. So huge was the landscape and the distances involved.

430. There are no decisions made by the majority vote, but only by responsible persons.

The concept of ‘responsible person’ is actually a great one, and quite a deviation from irresponsible democracy. Yet, if the container is a feudal language, the full benefits of this idea will not be derived. For, feudal languages have links that once activated can drag human emotions beyond the parameters of all these imposed limitations.

431. The responsibility can and must be borne by one individual, who alone will be vested with authority and the right to command.

Correct to the extent that the container is a non-feudal, planar language with plateau-codes.

432. No vote will be taken in the chambers or senate. They are to be organisations for work and not voting machines

Quite a great idea, if the members are of profundity in classical English. If one the other hand they are of profundity in feudal themes, things can still go wrong. For instance, in the various kingdoms, small and big, in the Indian subcontinent, kings and their various officials did exert perfect authority. Yet, what they created was just mean, self-centred institutions, with no care for social welfare or public convenience.

433. This principle of combining absolute authority with absolute responsibility will gradually cause a selected group of leaders to emerge

The idea is good to the limited extent that the language should be egalitarian enough to keep them in control. It should not be a language that can trigger ego issues based on single or more, words and usages. It is here that pristine-ENGLISH stands apart.

434. parliamentarian democracy, whereby decisions are enacted through the majority vote, has not always ruled the world. On the contrary, we find it prevalent only during short periods of history, and those have always been periods of decline in nations and States.

I should say that Adolf Hitler should have been more categorical in this amazing observation. I do get a gut feeling based on the above statement that democracy happens when nations go into a mood of complacency, in period of comparative prosperity, when couch-potatoes start dictating intellectual stuff. Democracy seems to be the location in history when nations flounder.

In fact, it is democracy that is going to be downfall of good quality nations, including England, USA, Australia, Continental European nations etc. English nations will flounder after being led into a mood of total lack of vigilance, mainly due to many persons talking together, from varying perspectives and towards varying aims.

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