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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Immigration to English nations

Now we come to a very difficult area of debate: The question of what would be the long term affect of non-English language speaking population immigration to the English nations and also that of outsourcing of jobs, and that of business processes including manufacturing.

This is a very complex issue with a lot of side issues, many of which are connected to the language character also. One of the main themes that should be borne always in mind is that in the recent times, especially in the last ten years or so, a lot of money, technical know-how, resources, and even the business connections have been allowed to be passed on to the non-English speaking nationalities. The average Englishman was not unduly worried about the long-term implications of this event, for he lives in a cocoon like social structure, where the negative affects of a feudal language living condition has very rarely disturbed him.

The colonial experience: The only English persons who, more or less, did have some level of understanding of the sinister implications of these feudal language social forces, must have been the British person, who lived in Asian or African colonies, practising a sort of psychic aloofness from its sharp sting. Yet, there is proof they were very much aware of its existence; and of the diligent effort they took to keep it at bay from inflicting their social communication. One of the major barriers that they tried to keep was by not to marrying into Asian or African families. And if at all they did marry, they more or less existed beyond the clutches of the feudal communication systems, by maintaining a sort of superior aloofness; but those who failed to maintain the superiority, or failed to understand the hidden social force in feudal social communication systems, and spiritedly when on to learn the local dialects, and mixed heavily, and then by some factor of ill-luck, lost their superior footing must have seen the full fury of the feudal language stifling in a structured family and social system. All other Englishmen would never understand the full reality of what I am repeatedly harping on.

When England started having colonies, the new-rich commercial class, saw the expanse of the wide world and also the varying status of the many levels of society. It had its immediate impact in English commercial systems. A sort of disdain for the working class, more or less, as that seen in Asian nations, infected the minds of the English businessmen. Yet, the society in England was English, and the pitiable levels of the working class there wouldn’t synchronise with the English communication systems. For, in English language, everyone has more or less equal human dignity.

This factor is very much absent in feudal languages. For example, I have heard in English movies, many persons using the words, ‘ it is my right:- to know;-to understand;-to have an explanation;-to dignity;-to decency;-to civil behaviour etc.’ It may surprise many when I say that such rights are not there in feudal language communication systems. For, the person who is understood to be of the lower indicant level does not have any such rights. It is very much in the psychic affect of the language. Do not think that a daring person can demand it. It would not work. For, if anyone tries it, it would only evoke anger, distress, surprise, a sense of impertinence etc. And not as a decent demand of equal rights. And the higher indicant level person would not require to make such demands, for along with higher indicant words, all things like decent behaviour, precedence, courtesy etc. comes.

A lot of non-English speaking persons coming to the English nations is an unmitigated disaster for the English nation, and its people. And just knowing English is not enough, unless they know what is good about English, and why their mother tongues should not be allowed to get embedded in the English society. And there is need to have an understanding of the heritage that the English language carries in its depth. Otherwise, there would come to be an understanding that English is just another language like say Tamil, or Hindi, or Spanish, or Zulu.

The finer aspect of job outsourcing: Also, the new phenomena of outsourcing of work is also another thing that can bring in disaster to the English nation. The whole jobs in the English nations stand to be lost; what would begin, as a small tide would turn into a torrent and then into a deluge.

But the tragedy is not confined to the job losses; to something of more refined eeriness. It would bring in a new culture to the English nations, and a sense of loss to the English minds. The feudal cultures would come, with more and more assertiveness, and also with a sense of self-righteousness, and along with an unforgiving sense of historical right and vindication. And when they come, it would be a sort of goodbye to all the smooth systems, of administration, law and order, civic sense, decency, social security, individualism (of which Ayn Rand ranted much about), and then the rules of the game would be ‘who is more street smart? Who can display a variety of personalities, all at variance to each other? Who can be more corrupt, and who can corrupt with superb equanimity?’ And all issues of moral codes that the English nations debate with diligent poignancy would all seem frivolous, and a mindless exercise of the juvenile.

It was all in the coming, and I could discern all this on the distant horizon, many, many years ago. The last ten years was a sort of years of solid stupidity for the English nations. But even before that they did display it with sharp solidity. When they armed Japan with money, technical skill, with education, with freedom of commercial enterprise inside their nations, all these were foolishness they showed in the case of one nation. And in the case of many other nations also, they have been remarkably naïve and foolish. When the whole education system in a specific nation is teaching anti-British, anti-American themes, to continue to support those societies, with all help is the height of foolishness.

It is absolutely foolish to believe that any of these nations or its citizens would have any sense of gratitude for anything that came their way. They would claim that it was an inducement for getting something from them, and any success they make out of it, they would claim as because of their innate smartness, and supreme intelligence.

The Power of the Web as a media: Let me take the case of the Information Technology industry. The basic ideas came from British and American minds; of what skin colour I do not know; and it remained in their hands for many years.

Then the technology went public. The World Wide Web became everyone’s property. The industrial leaders in this field thought that they could get cheap labour from third world nations. Actually, those who came here were definitely not the poor in these nations.

And it must be understood that it was pretty sneaky of them to have done it. For, any work in the English nation, there are plenty of persons in the third world nations willing to work at dirt-cheap rates. But, what one may call dirt-cheap rate in the USA would be a small fortune in their native nations. The big question is how was this allowed. No sane nation would have allowed the export of technical know-how to other nations, to the detriment of their own citizens and workers. The very fact that the understandings of Web designing and computer-aided other functions, were allowed to be in the hands of competing nations and their citizens, do point to the fact that the planners in these English nations are living in a seclusion, from which they may be rudely wakened.

When I say that many of the so-called leaders of the so-called Indian freedom struggle were intelligent enough to make use of the new technologies brought to India by the British, to outwit the British, and to make themselves look smarter and cleaner, when actually their whole contribution to the betterment of India, would not stand much in comparison to even a small time British administrator in India, it may be taken with a pinch of salt. It was the time when the mike or the loudspeaker was coming; also, the age of the dawn of Newspapers. And also, the time when the British had given an unheard level of freedom to the people of India. For, who has heard of anyone writing anything against any Indian King or Emperor, or even against a small time Indian feudal lord, and then still maintaining his physical posture intact.

The power that the loudspeaker gave to a solitary, and in many cases diminutive, individual, to command the attention of vast amounts of persons was something new. Also, the power of the newspapers to take command of the thought process and imagination of the immense amount of readers was also phenomenal in British India. For, the fields were empty, and any idea, however preposterous and wild, but new, could easily be sowed in small, yet regular quantity, and then reaped as a huge outburst of intellectual barbarity.

Now, why have I brought this discussion here? A fairly well administered India, which earlier was a geographical mass of splintered, and mutually disturbing entities, could be disturbed by small groups of persons, once they came to command the new technologies in their hands; and their very command of these new techniques, gave them a halo, in the ready to adore, small minds of the populace.

The same thing may be said of having the knowledge of using computers and Web. The Web is a great thing. And it is now in the hands of the citizens of the nations that I have described as the Evil Nations. The implications are abominable; if not so understood now, then the reality could be dreadful.

Through the intelligent use of the Web, command of very large commercial enterprises can be had. Now have I at any time, given a feeling that I am in love with the rich business class of the English world. I don’t think so. And even if I have given such a feeling, it is not correct. I am not in love with anyone. But my concern is that if the commercial power comes into the hands of persons who traditionally think in feudal languages, and live among feudal societies, then whatever freedom English-the language, has been able to bring to the world in the last so many centuries, is in grave danger.

Posted on: Apr 13 2004

Hi there Tony!

I don’t know how you are receiving my posts. Hope that at least some of your members do find it interesting and worth the read.

Today I do not want to post anything long. Yet, I have been impressed by your fantastic imagination on the purpose of the Mars exploration of the USA.

And many members here do have taken very simplicitic views about the whole thing. You see, an international space team is not a very enviable thing. And if anyone does thing that it is, then it is a very bad thing.

For, in the term ‘international’ English nations are going to be miniscule. And actually I have given thoughts to this theme also. I need to send you a post on this aspect. But let it wait. For, I think I may have excced my limits of space.

And Hi Abm! thanks for returning to the arena.

I don’t remember posting about any Apes or monkeys on this site. But, by some lucky coincidences, I have actually discussed about the affect of feudal communication programs amidst them.

Posted on: Apr 14 2004

Hi there:

There are a lot of things that I would like to bring to the fore; like South Africa, Space Exploration, and many other items, which may seem unconnected; but which I can connect with the theme of the software used for human communication.

Yet, it may take a lot of space. But, when I read england expects’ write-up, I have really started wondering who has gone nuts; is it the people of Britain or is it the self-claimed ‘Black Teachers’?

It is my understanding that the Britain is guilty of absolute gullibility, and, more or less, verges on levels of stark stupidity. You people should take it for granted that you still offer the best environments to even the most objectionable person, who arrives over there. Yet, you live with a persevering sense of guilt of being overbearing. It is true that the English citizen does have a seeming posture of superiority complex. But, do you know how to account for it? For, the most feudal, and terribly stifling lord in India is very affable, and his serf, who dares not even look at him in the eye, feels that his master is the very manifestation of pleasantness. How do you account for this seeming contradiction?

I can assure you that even the most discriminated oversees personnel over there, who literally lives with a sense of terrible shame, would have been a thousand times more vulnerable to the systems in his or her own native nation. But the thing is that when he or she goes back home, he or she literally is of the kingly race, as he or she comes with a UK-returned or -resident tag. And the money he or she has, expands exponentially to astronomical heights. I am just quoting from my book with a big part of it deleted in the middle. This is again from a chapter in the Part III. (I am not writing in england expects’ page, as I have found that my inserting literally dries up the replies.)

Back to Schools: Now that I have explained the bit on homogeneity that comes with English, it is only natural that I should argue that any contention by anybody to give another language a chance to enter the mainstream should be checked and blocked. It is good for everybody, including the persons who migrated from countries like India, and have become spiritually aligned with the English nation. For, once the protagonists of these feudal languages find the base and fix the roots there, then their next programme would be to rope in new members for their campaign. And then they become a distinct group, with all the feudal attributes; the existence of this group would create a new address and identity for the persons who have already blended into the English society. For example, there would be persons of Chinese origin in an English country, who were living in close association with the English culture; suddenly out of the blue appears a lot of Chinese, with the feudal fittings. They would come and declare their right to associate with the earlier group of persons. Then they would start finding fault with so many things, that it becomes a source of mental tension. This would really happen only if Chinese come as a very big group and exist as a distinct ethnic group. Though it may have not happened in the case of the Chinese, many other persons from other nations like India may have experienced what I have related here.

Before proceeding further, I need to emphasis here that I am talking about a phenomenon in this book, which will exist in a very vague and indiscernible manner, for a long time. And the real cumulative affect of all small effects would be felt by the English society only in a slow manner.

Here I need to digress, and tell of a social process that took place over the years in front of my eyes, and which I did anticipate and watch it happen with a mood of uneasy foreboding.

Here I have deleted a big part.

Now, what I wanted to bring out in this brief digression was the fact that negativity comes slowly into a society in a very indiscernible manner, and its evils affect can be understood only if one can visualize a long-term pattern of change. And most of the people are not able to decipher this change. Another thing about the coming of this type of negativity is that people become more insecure, and so, more self-centred, and they cease to bother about the comfort of others; for, their only concern is that of seeing their own safety and security, in a society which is increasingly being vile.

Now, this is what I want to convey about the English world; if they are not understanding the type of negativity that abounds the world around, and thus allow it to put roots into their nation, then this slow change would come; the force of this negativity would be much, much more than the power of all the bombs that fell in Pearl Harbor. For, when the bomb fell there, a united course of action could be initiated. But when the negativity that I speak of come and attack, the affect would be bewildering and confounding, and there would be no united action; only a sort of everyone for himself policy.

With regard to the other letter by england expects, I must say that if English nations start paying for all claims that come their way, then the whole world would seem to be filled only by English bullies. And one may not hear of any case for compensation from any other nations’ pocket. For, no such nonsense will be entertained by the caucus of Political leadership, Bureaucracy and Judiciary that rule the feudal language nations.

Posted on: Apr 21 2004

Hi Abm! Thanks for keeping me company.

You see there are a lot of things on which I have a very strange perception. It is not possible to go into everything in the small space offered here.

But let me touch on racism, for you mentioned the word. You see, everyone has certain ideas about who to interact with and with whom not to interact with. Colour is a very obvious and clear means of identifying the person’s cultural identification. Yet it is full of pitfalls. But it remains as the ‘most easiest’ one.

In all feudal language nations, there are very definite parameters inside the language that controls interaction between the different layers of society, which may exhibit very obvious variation in cultural and behavioural standards. And no one can exceed its controls. So, usually there is no amount of social irritation or disturbance. But, when the whole language of interaction turns English, all these parameters disappear. Then there is nothing to control mingling of cultural and behavioural standards of varying levels. Mental disturbance is possible.

It may be understood here that English gives a lot of liberty and freedom. But when I say this, I do not think any native English speaker will understand what I am talking about. For, they remain in a state of blissful ignorance about a great negativity that pervades a lot of non-English nations. The non-English person needs to understand what are the things that make his social attributes different from that of an English speaking person. (There is a definite difference between persons who think and speak in English, from those who do not, even in non-English nations.)

Here let me tell you that one tries to avoid persons who one perceives to be of disturbing cultural standards. And then in English nations, it may easily be identified as racism. But in Asian nations, it may just be identified with more benign terms like caste, education, family lineage etc. And in these rigid caste structures, everyone keeps to one’s social parameters, and no one can be accused of racism here.

When the white elite keeps away from the white non-elite, it is not termed racism.

And I would contend that getting close to anyone is not easy. Everywhere one is snubbed, possibly in Asian, European, South American and African countries, (not just in English nations) if one tries to force oneself into newer social groups, unless introduced properly.

Being snubbed may be distressing. But, it remains a part of life. But, my main contention continues that all persons, White, Black, Brown, Yellow, or Red, should understand the undercurrent of positive energy that exists in English language and social systems, and try not to disturb the same. (The details are in my book.) For, I can declare that it is possible that Italians did bring a definite level of feudal social and language conditions into USA.

Actually, I opened this site to do some postings on the viruses that may infect the workspace, in English nations, if proper cleaning/deleting/quarantining of negative social and language programs are not done on immigrant workforce, who may otherwise be good. I do not want to see the demise of English systems. But then your letter, made me go into the theme of racism. There is much more to be said.

Posted on: Apr 22 2004

Your queries need a lot of writing to reply, for which I am not ready at the moment. And I need to inform you that my theory is not related to me as a person, as Classical Physics is not connected to the personality of Sir.Issac Newton. The truth in what he expounded remains, irrespective of his personal qualities.

Apart from that, let me tell you that I opened the mail today to post one pre-prepared letter. It is of current interest, and is a theme that I have dealt with in some detail in my book:

Barrie Blower, the Chairman of Walsall Hospital NHS Trust remarked about certain nurses that they ‘kill more people than they save’. He had to resign his post.

He reacted to his mental feelings. Yet, he need not be a person with malicious intent. And the nurses, he mentioned also need not be of malevolent character. Yet, negative feelings are being generated.

Well, I need to say that there is grave need to understand many things, which even now lie in the twilight zone for the English nations.

There is a virus ticking, getting activated by the hour. It can be annihilated, if there is understanding of what it is.

Unless it is understood, there is danger that English systems may get corroded, and later cease to exist. Reacting without understanding can bring the ill repute of bigoted action against the English nation, which still carries the logo of fair play in its heritage.

Is anyone listening?

Posted on: Apr 26 2004

If one feels that one’s children’s acquaintance with a certain group of persons or children is not conducive for the right upbringing of children, then one definitely has to say it. But what would one do, if every time one does it, an accusation of being a racist comes up? In all nations, parents do try to fix their children with companions who they feel would bring in positive sentiments in them.

In many non-English nations, including India, children who study in English schools are not encouraged to mix with vernacular medium school children; for, some negative attributes are visible in the latter. It is not genetic.

English, discerning parents may develop deep misgivings when they find their children playing in the midst of children who speak in Urdu, Hindi, Chinese, Tamil, Malayalam etc. They may have a strange feeling that as their children learn these languages, and also absorb the behavioural attitudes, and demeanours connected to these languages, their children do lose their innate English aura.

It is not easy to exhibit a difference between one’s antipathy for the disturbing attributes of a person, and the person himself or herself. For one thing, it requires real understanding of what is it that is disturbing. This, I now really believe, very few native English speakers do have. Secondly, it requires real powers of expression to shape words to convey ideas.

But the most disturbing thing would be that no one can dare to open his or her mouth about it, as the first thing to happen would be an enduring label of a racist. If anyone dares to speak, he adds to the number of racists.

The situation is not one of free speech, but of an overbearing mood that curtails free speech. There is no factor of the Checks and Balances that Justin of Oz enunciated in an earlier letter, coming into play.

There is negativity in all the languages that I have mentioned here. And in many more. Possibly in at least some of the European languages. I say it with the courage that not only my conviction gives me, but all with the daring that I can prove it.

But then how does one explain the common talk that the persons who live in these languages do have strong family systems, less of divorce, more educational acumen, and superior emotional stability?

Does this seeming paradox belie my statement that there is a virus in these languages, or is there any other way to understand reality? And do all of those who have come to English nations condone the continued infliction of their native languages on their adopted home?

Posted on: Apr 30 2004

It is easy to declare one’s non-racial attitudes and another to face an enduring chance to live with disturbing signals.

Maybe there might be a feeling that I have an adoration for English persons. It can be cured when you might remember that I said that there is nothing great in English genes; only in the language; or the communication software that creates the mental mood.

As for my grammar, I require it, and much more, for to convey a social understanding in a language, which is absolutely, the very negation of the English understanding, I still find that I could have more words at my command.

As for my aims, there is one, among others: to convey an unspoken idea.

As for your understanding about other Ethnic groups, I would claim it is very meagre. And the negativity that I have spoken about in their communication programs, if they themselves deletes it, their nations would be as good as the English nations.

And would you read the article that I am posting here:

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