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Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
The foreign worker and economic prosperity

Is America showing signs of senility? I wish to continue:

The foreign worker and economic prosperity

A thinking in construction

Quoting liz

these job seekers are coming here to work and they’re doing jobs that the average brit would not be caught dead doing. they’re here because its lucrative for them. they send money back to their families who are very poor and live a substandard life where theyre from. our economy needs them. those who complain are the ones already abusing the system

I wanted to write clarify with my own thoughts on this quote from Liz, which came in another post in the thread on British immigration policy. But then that thread is now closed.So——

I do think that I can put in a few words here.

For one thing, it is a very wrong notion that the economy of a (developing) nation does improve on the basis of the foreign earning of the foreign worker. Actually it is a very complicated scenario, and cannot be dealt with, in so small a space. But let me try.

What needs to be understood is that when the foreign worker is bringing earnings, which seem to the native nation a fortune, there is an underlying anomaly existing that rarely gets debated. This earning is generally because of the low exchange rate of the native currency. It need not be more emphasised that it is the interest of the foreign employed that this anomaly endures, for they stand to gain substantially in this.

Moreover, these foreign working persons do bring in a lot of luxurious changes to their home environment, like superb houses, and other amenities. But then they stand out in society as a sort of superrich, cornering access to most technological and allied infrastructure; with a lot of unfortunate beings subsisting all around them, who did not have the opportunity to get any work in the developed nations.

Nor do these persons generally like to see the mental and social development of their fellow natives, as it would threaten their shifty status. For in many non-English languages, there is a need for social inequity, for social communication to run. And again, these people literally become the social leaders, and also the cultural leaders, all on their economic super strength. The tragedy for these social systems, accentuates more due to the factor that persons who exist at menial levels in rich nations, are the cultural leaders in the impoverished nations, much to the chagrin of more hardworking persons. The hard-earned cash of the latter seem to literally vanish in its purchasing power in the limelight of the former.

There is another factor that needs to be understood. One might feel that the immigrant worker is industrious, and hardworking. Yet, the factor of an English environment aiding this has not been understood. For, working in an English environment is a very, very mentally and socially liberating experience. But, bemoan the person who has to work at the level of non-English speaking workers. Persons who live in English mental moods, if they have to work in lower jobs, where the workers interact in native languages, can really feel strange belittling sensations, which others might understand as snobbishness, and other mental complexes. For, I fear (from the comments I received in this debate forum) that not a whisper of this understanding seems to have arrived in the native English minds. And the fact is that most Englishmen who lived in the colonies did sense it, and run for social cover.

Why? Because, they discerned it in its superb magnificence! While the native Englishman get to see only a pseudo-English posture from the immigrant person.

In many non-English nations, people do not enjoy working for another fellow citizen. It is demeaning, and a sort of wearing a yoke. But then, having a job is much better than not having one!

I have dealt with this theme in many of my postings, including that on the Janitor attacking nursery children.

May I quote from the prologue of my own book?


The communication viruses and feudal social programs that they bring in may play havoc with the smooth working English social environments. To protect the English social scene, first of all an understanding of what is the virus, and then the means to delete, neutralise or quarantine them should be had. So that, all immigrants can be made to undergo a virus elimination program before they get embedded into the English societies.

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