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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Im sorry i didnt have all night nor a lot of space to go into detail voluntary workers are still workers , disable people are not fit to work , and people who worked and lost jobs are not long term unemployed burdens to our society. Im pinpointing the ever growing free society in this country breeding a british race of unproductive misfits who are becoming conditioned into a sub culture of ever increasing circles.

Seen from a solitary perspective, there may be many items for appreciation in these words given above. Yet, the present day Britain is not the one that existed a few decades ago. Now, it is a nation that may have to face the daunting prospects of experiencing extremely distressing social psychologies that are entirely different from its historical experiences.

It is true that the system of social security can be misused, and used as a standby for laziness. Yet, there is something else that needs to be borne in mind. This system is something that helps a British citizen to maintain his or her level of innate personal dignity; and adds to his or her bargaining power.

Actually, if the Britain were the old Britain, where persons of only actual British ancestry lived, this feature wouldn’t have to be discussed. Yet now, the nation is being crowded with immigrants, who come from nations with very strange notions of individual dignity. They carry evil themes of varying human values, rights, and dignity; an understanding of which that seems inscrutable to the English mind.

Poverty is traumatic, anywhere in the world. Yet, from the perspective of the mind of many non-English nationalities, it carries a more virulent form of brutal indignity, which is carried in each and every word that is spoken. This form of evil mood is entirely foreign to the English mind.

The strange and ugly social atmosphere that exists in nations like India, Pakistan etc. are actually the result of this evil mood, which also comes in combination with an absolute absence of social security for the absolute majority of the population.

One when declaims, ‘Cease Social Security’; one need to visualise far. The looming prospect of innately English persons, one day standing with a begging bowl in front of persons from nations like China, India, Pakistan etc. Or being subjected to the taunting stance of bargaining, that comes to naturally to persons who live in many non-English language atmospheres. The psychological trauma that can ensue from such an eventuality to both the individual, and to the society, is entirely discernable to those who know what I am talking about.

Even the seeming innocent scenario of an English medical representative trying to sell his company products to a feudal language nation doctor, in a competitive atmosphere can have entirely differing versions. One, that of the mental scene that exists between the doctor and the medical rep. The other, the visualising of the scene by others from the same feudal language mental mood. Both are entirely different.

The evilness that exists in the latter scene increases more as more persons from the same language mood gather over there.

Welshman: What I really meant


Otherwise I will assume you are either simply trolling or merely trying to generate book sales.

Am I writing all this to generate book sales? Well, it is nice if someone buys my book; for philosophy and strange understandings cannot buy me food. Yet, I need to qualify the charge, with a little more inputs.

I wrote all these things actually, many, many years ago. In fact in 1989, I wrote the first impression of the book, which I later rewrote last year. However, the themes were in my mind even many, many years before that.

The problem with my book was that, even though it had many themes that could really help change my own nation, it contained themes that could go through an editor, or publisher over here, like a knife. Moreover, I was severely confronted by the prospect of plagiarism.

To answer the charge of trolling, in foreign waters, I need to say that in 2000, I did a most incredible attempt to bring my themes to the English limelight. I went to Delhi (around 3000 km from my hometown), and handed a copy of the initial writing to a lady in the British High Commission over there. I requested her to hand it over to some official of British citizenship, for reading. My contention was that there was a message in the theme for the British Government. The lady, naturally an Indian national, naturally must have thought that I was gone off my beans.

This period in my life was when I was facing a lot of internal family distractions, which were heavily disturbing. Naturally, I couldn’t follow it up; but many months later when I went there, my writing copy was handed over to me unceremoniously by another subordinate official, presumably unread. (So much for my efforts at free unsolicited service).

Before concluding this write-up, I need to bring one other theme to the fore of debate. The approbation aimed at persons from non-English nations, who carry superior academic qualifications. Would it seem preposterous of me, if I propose that these superior credentials should not be seen to be superior to even an ordinary English person’s attributes? For even ordinary persons, who exist in English, do extrude a positive communication aura that really enlivens all around them, which should be conspicuous by its absence in persons from feudal language societies.

The superior qualified persons, in their own (feudal language) nation, do not contribute to the social liberation of others. Only add to the mental strangulation of others. And many of them do inherently carry mutually opposing mental moods, that initiates from appeasing affability and grow on to moods of destructive opportunism, that can lay to waste centuries old social conventions-over there.

Let the majority of the immigrants come, work, improve themselves, and then return to their native lands. And pass on their liberating experiences to their fellow brethrens. (I fear this they will not do).

Moreover think of why work is becoming humiliating. I fear that this will become more so, as languages and their moods that carry more evil themes come to inhabit over there.

If the great professors of social sciences, human psychology and other sciences do not have an inkling of what I am saying, and cannot bring out the themes for popular debates, I must say that they are just a waste. For, they fail in their duty of national service.

I know that I moved from Social Security to Immigration. Yet, all things are connected.

Yesterday, I watched a programme on the brutal exploitation of elephants for using them in timber industry in the Asian nations. The narrator spoke of the constant taunts that mahouts dealt out to them. He said, ‘Even though the elephants cannot understand the meaning of the words, they do understand the emotions they carry.” And are affected by it.

Now, these words do have a strange resonance to the following words, I had written in my book:


Another thing about animals is in regard to what happens to their personality, when one deals with them in a feudal language and when one communicates with them in English. I would really like to see if there is a definite difference in the demeanour of an Elephant in an English Zoo, which is under an English Keeper’s custody, and that of an Elephant in India, where it is under the control of the crude Mahouts, who are literally of low social status. The demeanour of the Indian Mahouts is of the servant class, and their superiors usually keep them in the lower indicant word level. I have heard the Mahouts use the lowest indicant words to the animal and that too in a very crude and brutal manner. The crude and brutal manner goes with the lower indicant terms. I would like somebody to study and see what is the definite impact on the Elephant, when a lower status man uses the lower indicant words on it. Whether the animal can sense, that it is being crudely prodded by the man who is not only puny, but also of low social status, among the human beings.

What I would like to bring to the fore here is that there is there problem of detection. Like one cannot detect the presence of a Black hole using conventional instruments like the telescope, English cannot detect the vileness in the feudal language communications. Yet, it can be detected through the effect its causes on persons who are subjected to it. And like in the case of the elephants, once this vileness comes over there, even though the real meaning of the words may not be understood, the emotions it carries can get conveyed to the society; and cause irrevocable damage there. The divinity that England carried through the centuries actually, existed in the fact that the English mind couldn’t detect the negativity, many other communication systems carried.

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