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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
What I am trying to convey

I am trying to convey what is in my book. I will be brief and say that in feudal languages, persons do not exist in a same level of mental dignity. In each word, each addressing, in each referring to, and in many other ways, persons exists with a very strange experience of either social elevation or suppression. Both get markedly different social acknowledgement, with all interactions radiating the structured vibes.

The total effect is that the society is splintered into a series of levels, with a multifarious affect on everyone. It is very visible. The effect of this on an English society is very terrible, and when it goes on without the knowledge of the mainstream citizens, as a sort of underhand communication, it becomes a very evil thing.

I will take a small theme that comes in the introduction of my second part of my book. Maybe it will convey some sense.

“When I was in Delhi*, a place where the language is Hindi, I used to go and meet many businessmen, in the course of my business, which included even meeting Publishers. Suppose when I am sitting with the Proprietor or Manager, or Editor, or even with my friend who may be a Businessman, I need a glass of water. I tell the man sitting opposite (in this case, either the Proprietor, Manager etc.) that I need a glass of water. He would immediately call his subordinate, either the lower staff or his secretary to get a glass of water. In Hindi, the word for He is either Ous or Oun, and for For Him the words are Ous Ko, and Oun Ko respectively.

The former without formal respect and the latter with formal feudal respect. What he would say would be: Give him a glass of water. Or something to that effect. When the first dialogue is dealt out, one can distinctly feel the subordinate personnel keenly seeking for the key word used, that is, whether it is Ous or Oun

The effect the different words can create is purely remarkable. For, if the word used is Oun, the whole atmosphere in the office changes, to an air of sweetness. The body language of the subordinate changes to unconsciously exhibit reverence and deference. There is not only an air of submission, but also a quickening of bodily movement to accomplish the requirement. At the same time, if the word used is Ous, then also the effect is supremely phenomenal.

The subordinate personnel’s body language changes to that of marked discourtesy, and the air in the whole office turns to that of indifference and disdain. A general immobility unconsciously comes into play. The requested item’s arrival is not so fast as could have been in the other case. In both cases, there would have been no other verbal communication made to indicate the importance, or lack of it, of the person referred to, other than the change of Oun to Ous. “

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