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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
What ails Britain?, My inferences

Posted on: Jun 2 2004

( Rich-The European Union)


I find it interesting that when I speak german in Holland I am ussually met with a certain amount of hostillity. The moment I start speaking english, smiles appear, and I instantly feel more accepted. Interesting how much difference a language makes

(Marina-Suffering dogs and starving kids)


The society is just going down the hill around these days.

(watching-Michael Howard’s BNP Speech)


where you live in an area where the ‘new people’ are settled and become predominant so much so that your own culture is compromised and threatened

(watching-Michael Howard’s BNP Speech)


And, of course, if you believe in the merits and the promotion of your own culture, you’re a racist



its quite silly to define someone as british, since what is british now, wasn’t british 200 years ago, or whats british now might not be british in the future.



a british person, who is too lazy to realise what freedoms he has, or threw away, due to his laziness.

( england expects-BNP)


the solution is not to flood our country with foreigners but to train OUR people to do the work AND pay them properly FOR DOING IT.



I rarely hear of unemployed “homepride” British going to a more prosperous country to find work.



Immigration is- by and large- not hostile like an invasion!



I meet who are desperate for the politicians to listen to their concerns about asylum and immigration.



Why can’t we be free to experience each others cultural influences? And why not create new cultures all the time, why not learn from each other and develop new subcultures based on what we are interested in, this already happens in most countries

(england expects-BNP)


We can’t “ be free to experience each others cultural influences” because that is like trying to mix oil and water. it simply will not happen.



MULTI RACIAL SOCIETY IS COMPLETE NONSENSE,98% of the races do not mix,what we have now is ghetoes like birngreave where the population is ethnic and who have very little contact with the indeginous population.



we have our own traditions and culture and, in certain areas, our own languge.



why is it necessary to ‘assimilate’? White people should intergrate with them? No? Well, we all know that this is what white people don’t do and what they do is known now as ‘White Flight’!



Well, white Europeans DID exploit Africa during its colonial years. In the Congo, the Belgians installed huge rubber plantations, forced the villagers to work there and then cut off the hands of te lazy to teach the others a lesson.Britain wasn’t as bad as Belgium or France, but we did use slave labour.



I do believe we the English gave more to Africa than we took.(and unfortunately we still do)



the truth is there were more blacks involved with the slavery trade in their own country than white europeans... )



I’m trying to work out which part of a hundred years of slavery and cultural prejudice against Africans that still exist in the US today were a GIFT.



Looking at the reasons why everyone wants to leave Scotland and the North and move to London - that might solve London’s problems.

Well, there are others also, but I did not have the time to get them. But this will do, for my purpose.

Quoting:Rich-European Union


The ideas you are putting forward are quite interesting. I would like to know how you came to the conclusions you did. Although I don’t know allot about them, I have always been interested in the orrigins of language. I find it interesting that what you infered is so accurate in real terms.

Quoting:Peanuts-March of the Evil Empires

And later on in the thread, you speak of negative aspects of other languages that are not present in pure English as spoken by the English.

Quoting:Top Hat- BNP

If BNP ever get anywhere near being the governing party then I’m off to Spain. I don’t care if I don’t know the language, I’ll learn it on the plane in between bouts of Deep Vein Thrombrosis.

What ails Britain? Not much, considering the fact that Britain still is one of the best nations in the world, with very attractive educational institutions, and many other things. Yet———


Many years ago, I did have some strange feelings that the English nations are on a very dangerous path. You see, when the Englishmen came to the Asian nations, even though many of them had very lofty ideals, almost all of them went in for a sort of elevated aloofness from the local society. It was decried as racial bigotry, and prejudice. But then, they existed in mortal fear of being dissolved into the native social undercurrents.

It was generally believed that they did practise the vile art of racism, or some other level of pseudo superiority. Yet, this was not really the full truth; for, what they saw from an English mental understanding was not one society, but a series of societies, each at variance to each other, and also having a strange level of impenetrability, from other levels. Yet, the Englishman who lived in the superb confines of his own nation could not understand what mutates in the Englishman, who has gone abroad. Generally everyone went to make money. But, why the means seemed foul, and why it was being allowed, was not clear to the non-colonial Englishman. Also, why centuries old political systems seemed to just crumple in the face of British battle campaigns, using mostly the same native soldiery? And why all European nations ultimately lost to the British.

At the very dawn of my understanding of ideas connected to these, I did discern that the English nations do not have a very clear idea about what is different about English from other communication systems.

Posted on: Jun 3 2004

I am sorry if I sounded pedentic. Actually, I used a different style to engage in debate, as long articles tend to put off people.

I am continuing: Well, it is only a preprepared article, posted in bits

From many of the postings that have come up on this site, I do perceive the following contentions: one, English nations do face the prospect of being inundated with immigrants.

Two, there is an understanding that quality is fast disappearing from social and civic life.

Three, there is a level of sluggishness in public service organisations.

Four, monarchy seems outdated, and can arguably be abolished (?)

Five, wages are going down.

Six, at least some persons do feel bored with Britain, and would like to find a new place of abode.

Seven, Britain, instead of being the rightful leader, is turning into a follower of US.

Eight, at least certain persons do identify the British heritage of greatness with the racial quality of being White.

Nine, many, essentially British, skills, like being at home in the seas, are being eroded with the ongoing policy of using cheaper skilled persons from other nations.

Ten, there is an essential sense of boredom in being just British, and many would really like to taste the new package called European Union.

Eleven, there is an undercurrent of feeling that things are not really right, and that they may even go worse.

Twelve, nobody seems to really know why Englishmen can’t go abroad and work under other nationalities, like for example under an Asian. There is a reason, and a feeling that it is abhorrent, yet the real reason remains unclear.

Thirteen, when non-English persons converge on a place, generally the native English persons want to move out; yet, it defies their own perception of human equality.

Fourteen, no one has yet discussed the wider ramifications of job and manufacturing outsourcing, on this site.

And last, no one seems to have understood that there is a strange social strength in the language that one lives in that can define many aspects about human behaviour. Only one person on this site, that is, Rich did allude to a vague understanding of this point.

As I have mentioned in another posting, I did feel that there is need to protect the Englishness, in Britain. For, there was an essential level of positive energy in this system. How did I perceive it? I saw it when I compared it to many other language systems, and in their depth I saw where they go into weird social connections, reactions, and relations, when compared with English.

Posted on: Jun 10 2004


Few if any manufacting jobs thanks to successive Governments and the trade-unions driving these same businesses into the ground!Call centres (jobs) for Banks, Insurance Companies and other such businessed off-shored to places like India!

Actually there is another deeper side of Business Process Outsourcing that has not even been imagined by English nations. It has to do with dealing with other cultures, which have different social perceptions.

Other than losing of national skills and allied items, there could come a very significant change in the understanding of what is right and wrong. For, in many other nations, especially third world ones, the very motivation for achievement, both social and financial, come from very different mental programs.

And once, one has to compete with very weird social systems, one naturally changes. It is almost a sort of reaction to an anomalous stimuli.

Quoting: oldfred

I believe one of the biggest ailments of this country is the rapid errosion of the family and it’s values.

Rember when children had a mother and a father!

When families sat down to meals together!

When couples actually got married!

Oldfred’s writings do reflect a theme that has caught my fancy many years ago. Even though Britain is the creator of the nation known as USA, in a world where languages naturally tend to equate size with magnificence, USA has tended to outshine Britain.

Actually US is only a natural geographical expansion of the innate British historical experience, strictly in a package of English language.

But then over the years, US has tended to be the place where the people of the various nations come to stay and assimilate English social communication and other English systems.

But then, they have also brought in erosion of English values, due to the fact that in English social systems, one tend to lose many of one’s native inhibitions and strings. In dress, fashion, communication, attitudes, administrative set ups, business acumen etc. the Americans seem to have gone beyond what was earlier defined by the British.

And the most striking thing is that in many cases, it was seen to be practised by persons, who in their ancestral native places, did not show any superior intellectual skill. The persons include those of European descend and all other races. And the tragedy is that even the language of English seems to be under the new speaker’s control, to define.

Yet, the question whether UK should follow and imitate US remains.

In my opinion, UK requires to take a stand, and exist as the standard in all things that came from Britain. Here, it does not mean, existing as a place of monotonous stagnation, but as a place where all changes are first studied and ratified.

Let it first start with the English language, itself. Now, any Tom, Dick and Harry from all nations all over the world, can distort, change and damage the English language. The less they are good in English, and more assertive they are, the more is the damage they do to the English language, which, believe me, is really a repository of immense historical experiences, and movement towards a very refined society.

I find it really disturbing when, even the English natives seem to get infatuated with the modern uneducated manner of using English in a messy, jumble of letters style. The grief comes when I see that most uneducated-in-English persons do also, easily exhibit a show of depth in English, by going for this seemingly stylish, ridiculous design.

And why Oxford Dictionary should give legitimacy to the distortion of the English language that goes on, as a scholarly process, in barbarian nations, is still beyond my comprehension.

Why imitate American social disorder, which naturally comes, when persons from stifled nations come there and get freedoms, they never had in their native nations?

It is time Britain reasserted that it still can reproduce the magic that inspired immense men all round the world, to assemble under its aegis, sensing a strange new positive halo in what was being ushered in. But for this, Britain still needs to remain Britain, not a nation dazed and smitten by the dazzle of wondrous merriment of newly unshackled persons, in a nation (US) that exists as a living proof of what English systems can do to uplift the human spirit.

If that ancient spirit is retrieved, then Britain still remains the leader, and America only one of the creations of British experience and imagination. If America still refuses to recognise this reality, then it will increasingly be made to run amuck by the crowds that barge in and dictate the political and social ideology.

Bring back what is still adored all round the world as British culture.


Let every child have a father and a mother!

Let family members sit together and enjoy the pure bliss of mutual affection!!

And, let couples actually marry, and commit themselves for life!!!

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