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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
A piece of blasphamy

This was a piece of writing that I did on on 10/13/2006. It did garner some interesting responses. I was preoccupied with some personal issues and couldn’t post a reply. However, when I came back to give a response, I found the post removed. I was informed that it was a more or less non-serious content and hence removed.

Actually, the post was intended to be an introduction to my views or understandings on the way the creator of this universe might be controlling it, and even the ways and methods He uses to communicate with his special persons here. My pondering would have been on what could have caused a sudden cut-off of communication links.

The story of Jesus had caught my imagination for my very childhood. There was a variety of things that had made me think of Jesus. In my book there is a mention of him:


One thing that has caught my imagination is the history of Jesus Christ. Taken from a secular point of view, many of his deeds do smack of an attitude of a revolutionary, bent on wiping out the corruption and the strangling hold on the society by a section of the dominant class. At the same time, at the end of the scene, the very section, that is the common people, who should have seen him as their saviour against the exploitation by the master class, cried for his blood.

What was there in the language that could have made the people do it?

Here my aim is not to go into this perspective. There was another thing that bothered me right from my childhood.

I am not sure how many persons believe that the story of Jesus is literally true. Yet, it could be literally true also.

A quiet man of unknown qualities suddenly seems to be full of supernatural powers. He sermonises. He has the power of persuasion. He can walk on water, thus defies the laws of known nature.

He can satiate 5000 with just 5 loafs of bread. Water turns into wine at his command. Lepers get cured, by his mere grace. The dead can be called back to life. He talks of moral standards that exist in a higher stratum than that is a layman’s experience (here I must say ask: could the layman’s language contain such themes?)

Now what is my blasphemy?

If one can take the story as literally true, which I am ready to do, there was really something or some factor, or some entity that gave the power (or magic or technology) to Jesus to accomplish these actions of seeming impossibility.

He, who had the power over death, over disease, and over the minds of the people, is suddenly bereft of all powers. He becomes a mere mortal, vulnerable to the burdens of ordinary physical laws. False rhetoric, human treachery, judicial incompetence, sting of the whiplash, weight of the heavy wooden cross, human body’s natural thirst for water, sharpness of the iron nails that pierce his flesh and bones with imaginable pain, and all such other things bear on him heavily. The brunt of all, he faces alone, in his soft, vulnerable human form.

Where had his patron disappeared? How or why did all his supernatural powers desert him? He himself seems in a state of unbelief as he asks of this benefactor, as to why he was forsaken , at the very hour when help, indispensable help, should have reached him from the mystic realms from where he had been commanded to go forth on his perilous path.

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