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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
British Collective Intelligence

Recently I came across the contention that our brain is wired like the Internet. A lot of similarities were being found between the two. However, it is more likely that the Internet is a not a single brain, but more akin to reality. In that, there are certain vantage positions from where certain entities can actually seem to have god-like powers over what happens in the internet. I have experienced the fantastic powers of search engines, and even of Google which can more or less keep track of almost everything that happens on the internet. Beyond that as I struggled to set up a web based complicated business structure, I was overwhelmed by the singular power over what I did that certain persons in certain organizations had.

For example, my server owners/leasers were having tremendous powers over the existence of my website, and the kind and quantity of emails that I could send. In fact, if I was found to be doing that was against their interests, without any warning, I would find that I am simply shut out from doing what I was doing. The effect was simply amazing in that my actions could be manipulated or my actions could be controlled from afar, by a simple change in a value or even by a simple ticking or removing of a tick in a field box by a person sitting in a very distant location.

I have written my contention that reality is really the work of some software. However, the current writing is not really connected to the secondary codes that design reality, but more connected to the primary codes that is connected to everyday life and existence in this material world.

The theme for discussion here is something known as collective intelligence. Early every distinct nation or society did have a highly definable collective intelligence, which was more or less aimed at the betterment or preservation of the status co of that social system. However, in the current day world, this collective intelligence has become more and more corroded and one may really find it difficult to exactly find the location, ideology or even aim of this collective intelligence in such nations as Great Britain and United States of America.

Collective Intelligence is in many ways connected to quality of the language of a particular nation. For example, in India the languages are highly feudal. There is a particular pattern at which the society always arrives at, whatever kind of social reforms or revolutions take place. The social design is based on complex maze of social requirements, connected the concept of ‘respect’. This concept of ‘respect’ invariably is entwined to a corresponding concept of ‘non-respect’ or ‘insult’ also. So that a varying array of layers comes to form in the social system, which is more or less impermeable.

All communication routes are guided by the powerful ducts of this respect/insult code. There is a terribly powerful urge to be with the ‘respected’ persons, and this respect is more or less connected to a person’s financial acumen or to his or her capacity to injure socially another person. Usually, a person’s refinement, politeness, and such finer features do not count in this reckoning.

Instead of there being a single route of communication between persons, the Indian communication route was defined by varying levels of words. So that each communication between two or more persons can really be visualised in totally different routes of interaction. Each of these routes would be of different social standing and power.

Communication between persons of differing levels are terribly routed. Such things as family strings, social positions and financial capacity are used in introductions to open up a route for communication. The way money moves in this social system is also along the routes laid down by this ‘respect/non-respect’ concept. The giving of gifts, bribery and such things are used to create an opening in all cases where the other features mentioned are not there. The need to give more to respected persons, and the social intelligence to deprive and exploit a non-respected person is also there.

Even if the society is designed in any other manner, in no time, it will again come back to this pattern.

Now, there is a social intelligence at work here. It is a complex mental intelligence in all sections of the society participate in, in the form of words and usages. Everyone will invariably fall in line, as the words are designed to fall into a perfect alignment to each other, all pointing to the recreation and maintenance of this social structure.

The coming of the English colonialism into India did throw a spanner to this machinery. For, the English colonialist had a language that stood in sharp contrast to this. For the language that was brought in did not have much of the stinging levels of ‘respect/non-respect’ in it. As lower class persons started seeing the English social communication and also started imbibing the English language skills, there was a marked changed in the stature of the lower class persons.

This was to bring in a total crumbling up of the centuries old caste system. Till the end of the British rule, the magnanimous affect of the English language were there to be seen. In that even official corruption was more or less non-existent at most of the levels of the bureaucracy, other than the lower levels.

When the British left, and the communication systems went back to the original ‘respect/non-respect’ levels, things started moving backwards. Now, everything is tinged by this infection. Official powers are draconian, official salaries are fabulous, corruption is rampant, interaction of the officialdom with the common man is more or less like that of master treating a slave etc.

Now, what about Britain? There was a collective wisdom in England, that was more or less marked with various highly distinguishable features like a feeling of superiority, a class system that was connected to a monarchy and a elite class, and common class, which though was lower to the elite class, was not at the level of the lower classes of India. In many ways, the elite classes of England did not have the terrible powers of insult and snubbing that the Indian higher classes did have.

Now, it may be mentioned that the refinement to this level exhibited by the English elite class is not due to any particular genetic refinement in them, but connected to the fact that their language of communication did not have the stinging words as found in Indian languages.

Moreover professional relationship could be maintained at a single level of interaction code, for there were no multitudes of words and usages of varying levels of respect and non-respect to create a harrowing terror in the communication.

Here it may be mentioned that each different route of communication did have different levels of powers of pulling, pushing, snubbing, cordoning and command. For example, a person of Asian origin who speaks his native tongue joins some government service in UK. There are conventions and professional ethics in his work area, and he is very much aware of them. In the normal course of events he would not violate them. For he is living in England, and the other social compulsion that could have made him dither from them are not there. However one day his uncle calls him and tells him to do an slightly unethical thing, that can be a sort of nepotism.

In the normal course of events, he would not do it. However, his communication with his uncle is in his native language. In this language, there are powerful words that align to each other is more or exclusive ways. In other words, the uncle stands in a position of ‘respect’ and in this route, there are limitations to the use of the word ‘no’. If such negative words are used, it could more or less mean the breaking of the communication, impertinence, and more or less slap in the face. However, this is the type of communication that is used in most Asian nations. To get a person in a particular position to do something he would not usually do, the technique used is to bring into the scene someone who stands in the position of ‘respect’ to utter the request to him. These words do have the power of commands.

Now, what I have just mentioned in only one minor instance of the English social intelligence getting corroded. There is a wider context to this. The original aim of the English social intelligence would be the preservation of Britain, its way of life, success for British enterprises etc. Now, as more and more non-native persons become citizens over there, this social intelligence gets compromised exponentially.

In India, in the early days, each caste would openly make comments that aim to contain the aims and aspirations of competing groups, or castes. However now, the caste system has more or less broken down. In its stead, a new caste of government employees, doctors, teachers, rich and such have formed. These are also actually highly self-contained self-serving, selfish castes. The open commenting and planning against of competing groups can be done by each such group, because there is no one of an outsider insider their premises.

Similarly in Britain also, there was a time, when the native born British man could speak out openly about the issues of other nations’ people, who are competing with British interests. Now, that seclusion is lost. For everywhere, there are people from other nations, who have more or less the same legal and national rights there as others.

However, they stand in sharp contrast with the other Britons. In that, they are actually more or less a majestic personage in their own nations (for they live in England). Each one of them has a revering following over there in their native nation.

Moreover everything that is discussed in perfect English in Britain can be re-discussed with their fellowmen in their native nations, or with those domiciled in Britain itself. This re-discussion would be in their native language. When this is done, a terrible and more or less satanic splintering of personality, events and institutions does take place. Many things do go despoiled. And a few of them would move up into the celestial levels.

Beyond all this, a good majority of people over there in Britain can go down to the gutter levels as envisaged in the Asian feudal nations do take place. All this is in a way do the corruption, degradation and unintelligence that have entered into the British Social Intelligence.

In many ways, the issues of Britain getting entangled in many wars in which Britain does not really have any stakes, the economic leak of the nation in the means of BPO etc., and the inflamed feelings that seemingly do have racial overtones could be due to this.

As the social intelligence slowly disintegrates, there could be a major change in what Britain is. I am sure that Britain has changed for the worse in the last thirty years or so. People who had visited Britain some twenty or thirty years back would feel the terrible difference in social communication that has set in.

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