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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Language as a weapon - 3

I really can’t believe the animosity that I have raked up here. It doesn’t matter.

If I exist as an intruder here, well then, let me explain, not defend myself, and exit.

I am not a professional writer. I do not live by writing. I do write a lot, almost all of it freely (many persons come to me for translating into English, some literally for content development of their themes, be it letters to the government authorities, or someone else).

I do know the advantages of knowing English, and living in English. I am aware of the snobs and class consciousness in English world. The problem here is that most of these themes I have dealt out in my book.

(Many Indian do know the advantages inherent in knowing English. It is not like knowing Hindi, Urdu, German, Spaanish. The knowledge of these have other commercial advantages.)

The best explanation I can offer you is that you still do not understand what I have tried to convey.

OldDad’s : Your claim of knowing what I am trying to say does not in any way make my position weaker. It only emphasises it. Yet, I do not really believe it when you say that you can understand the theme by having talked to the Indians, or having lived with the Indians, or having had an Indian secretary from Delhi. Actually, it is not you who faces the problem, but the Indians themselves. English shall save the Indians, not from the English, but from the other Indians.

As to Delhi, the language is Hindi. It is a wee bit different from many other Indian languages. Yet, Hindi also has a definite amount of negativity.

About my selling books on this site. Actually, I have spent much on my website and ecommerce. I had a paid ecommerce earlier. Yet, I do not think that I have made any money in this proposal. If anyone buys my ebook, I hope to get around Rs. 84, if Paypal doesn’t take any commission. But then I spend much more than that every two days on internet usage, just to write and browse through other’s writings. I try to sell my book not because it would give me a fortune, but because I wrote my book for others to read.

Nothing on my website constitutes my means of livelihood. It is basically a training programme for my daughter, as I myself do the web design. I do not know web designing. Yet, when I experiment on these things, my daughter also learns it. She is only around 10 years of age.

I should actually use the term that I do pity you for not been able to understand what I mean; yet, again by a great paradox, I cannot pity you, I can only envy you, if at all, for not being able to understand the theme. For you exists with an immunity from the infections of the feudal languages.

Yet, there has been others who has seen the great negativity that I speak of : Let me quote from the last pages of my book;

All these things are themes that shall remain beyond the grasp of an ordinary Englishman, unless he himself has the opportunity to see its working. One Englishman who did have the unique opportunity as well as the calibre, to understand that there is something very uncanny going on in the ordinary Indian communication system was Robert Clive. His famous speech in the British Parliament, defending himself is loaded with this understanding, when he sort to convey that India was different from what an ordinary Englishman can imagine: His words, “ The inhabitants, especially of Bengal, in inferior stations, are servile, mean, submissive, and humble. In superior stations, they are luxurious, effeminate, tyrannical, treacherous, venal, cruel ” does carry this understanding.

Can you understand that in India, if you insult and be rude to seeming social subordinates, you get respect, and you are hallowed? The meek understand their power that they lend to their superiors. They are indispensible to the superior who wants them, to exhibit his/her social elevation.

Politeness has a weak stature.

Well, I cannot go on like this, for it all touches only the fringe of what is in my writings.

Since I see the imminent ouster from this site, let me just put this point also across. Language has much to do with what is generally considered genetic designing. I have in my own family ample evidence to show what the real physical redesigning English has done. Not just knowing English, but being able to exist in it, immune from the inflictions of the feudal languages. The Indians who were born and bred in English nations, away from their feudal language environment are entirely different from any local Indian you may see in India.

I do not see much point in pulling out here and there from my arguments, and putting it across. It exists here in a most disjointed manner. It definitely is not the way to convey profound subjects, notwithstanding the fact that it is seems to be known to many (even though still in my many training programs I mention it, and people simply are amazed by the clarity with which they can reshape their understandings of what is happening around them).

To dabac: I do not know what is that is having a nasty scrolling action . Is it my WebPages or the book in pdf?

To conclude: Living with feudal language persons for long time, has a very negative affect. The persons get infected and a very real feeling of megalomania gets attached to the personality. The British officers of the colonial times, came back to England with this and gave the creeps to the local population. The so-called: ‘Babus/ and /Nawabs”. These people actually missed the obsequious loyalty of the Indians, when confronted with the casual attitudes of the local English.

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