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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
The return of the Empire

When taking into consideration the minor size of United Kingdom in comparison with so many other nations, like China, Russia, India, South American nations, certain East European and West European nations; it is sort of imperative that Britain return to the age of its empire.

Actually the English social system with its exquisite levels of soft communication system cannot survive in an inferior position. It can only survive in an elevated social position. Any standing beneath this rank can literally kill the English systems.

There was a time when a move by Britain could mean a move from anywhere in the world. Right from Alexandria, the various ports of Africa, Far East, Middle East, India, the American continent, Australia, South Pacific and immense other places all round the world.

What went wrong was not the dismantling of the empire; but the fact that in the various nations, the hallowed position occupied by the British was handed over to groups of persons who literally occupied social fame on the false propaganda that they were the personages who had brought the British Empire to its knees.

In most of these nations, the communication system was such that the lower citizen would literally crawl and cringe in front of the hallowed personages. And when the English occupied this position, it was only a natural phenomenon that they became the focus of this. Yet, there was a major difference; for the first time in history of these nations, the newcomers brought in a communication system that gave most of the natives the mental stamina to rise above the strangulation of their language and social system.

Yet, the essential tragedy of this phenomenon was that the English themselves came to be judged as per the new communication system, wherein they were found guilty of occupying a supernatural social status.

For many years, after the British left India, there were immense persons who had seen the bewildering difference that the English had made to their nation. And who would very candidly say that English rule was a great blessing. They talked from firsthand experience. Then came the newer generations, whose acquaintance with the English was through the school history books, where the British were the villains who literally looted the nations, and brought in the ‘new phenomena of poverty’ all round the world.

What went wrong was that after literally giving all the colonies immense knowledge, they were handed over to the same ancient feudal groups who had enslaved their fellowmen for centuries, and existed in supreme exalted positions of riches and power. This, to say the least, was giving the future competitors massive economic and other strengths

What can be contemplated is a strategy to revive the Empire, which can still endure without a geographical base. There are immense numbers of people all round the world literally yearning for the right leadership; in its absence, they are the grazing arenas of the vile propagandists.

Instead of feeding the various governments, with grants and aids, who use much of their time to indoctrinate against the British, what is to be done is to link with the minds of these leaderless masses. And there is no need to encourage any level of immigration to Britain; for if British ways of life becomes like that of the third world nations, the attraction loses its glaze.

This empire that can literally exist at a mental level can, in times to come, be a real empire; and when again danger looms large, can still repeat history. Like the times when tried his Napoleon’s continental blockade; also remember the remarks of Bismarck when France tried to impress him that France was as good England. (That the friendship of France would not compensate for the ill will of Britain).

To think that European Union is a new beginning is to be very, very naïve. It is just a beginning to newer issues and complexities. And where it will all end, one cannot say. At best a beleaguered Britain.

There are persons who love Britain even in European nations. Their enthusiasm lingers on as long as Britain stands apart. Once Britain becomes one among them, then this affection would turn into competition. (It would be a preposterous scene when the Britain dissolves itself in the mess of Europe).

It stands to reason that the British Empire can live in their minds also. And also in the US of America.

PS: I do know that in my writings I tend to use the term ‘English’ as a serviceable substitute for Britain. It is because I like Britain for its English. Not for anything else. And I am sure that the other constituents of Britain also do enjoy the halo that the English connection lends.

I remember a time, when I was conducting a Schoolchildren and teacher’s training programme. Suddenly an American lady came there; she was an acquaintance of the school principal (a nun). She spoke for sometime to the children, and teachers. She said she was of Irish ancestry. She harped on the theme that her ancestry was not British, even though her parents had presumably emigrated to the US when they were British citizens. Now what stuck me was how unimpressed the crowd was to hear of an Irish republic. And also, why anyone should disclaim any British link.

A sort feeling that she came from some minor nation was the pervading mood. And in a world where any individual’s security is connected to the prestige of his or her address, I am sure it is better to move around under the aegis of the Union Jack (even the Germans did this during the colonial times in Africa and China). (I am equally impressed that my statement stands in sharp contrast to the present situation of the British hostage in Iraq, whose British identity lends him danger, and possible Irish identity can save him. Yet, I do have a feeling that his English demeanour may slightly incline events towards his safety)

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