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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
British Casuality in Afghanistan: Treading in the darkness

The current British endeavours in most Asian nations, are tragic in their possibilities. No one, absolutely no one seems to know what ticks the Asian mental mood. The mood is encrypted deep, unshakably in the language codes, and is ridden with elements of logical treachery. Very few British men who lived in England and looked after the Indian rule from there, really understood India. Even Macaulay did not really understand India, even though he was fired up with the ambition of teaching the Indians English.

I would say Robert Clive did have a wonderful understanding of the Asian mental structure and what ticks it. However, he had to commit suicide, when he attempted to convey it to the thick-headed stay-at-home British intelligentsia.

There are powerful codes and links inside the communication system that can override professional command structure and loyalties and commitments. A single person who can be connected non-tangibly through these links can turn out to be potential bombs, or the corruptors of conventions and professional decencies. In Asian nations, even husband-wife loyalties can be overridden by these powerful links, wherein non-descript persons can become powerful centres of command.

Following the US, or keeping the US in a position of leadership is also a dangerous thing, for the US is fsst becoming a playground of silly and selfish international interests, and the real command of English on its mental stamina is eroding fast, and entering into a position of facade.

If the English side thinks that training the Afghan police and army is going to end the problems, it is a very powerful mistake, which they will have to regret. The best solution would be different, but may need an enormous political will and public understanding. It stands near to a position of isolating the English nations, from negative social systems; until they are fully understood. Currently, such understandings are severly subdued by a very mistaken understanding of the concept of human equality. See this video:

Also see this dialogue quoted from the link in the BBC Page:


The Afghan police are relatively badly paid - earning rather less than a Taliban fighter - and are said to earn extra cash from taking bribes from ordinary Afghans at official or often unofficial checkpoints.

It is a stupid understanding that says that if salary is increased, corruption would diminish. It would only increase! There are very specific reasons for that. But who knows them, and who cares!

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