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Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Have you received anything yet

Note: As of now, I believe the England should have kept away from World War 2. I do not know what is there in this writing. However, I need to say that it was a foolish war for England.

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Have you received anything yet through the letter box,Evans

I can’t understand. Around 11 hours back, I posted the following comment into this YouTube Video:


The video is in meticulous bad taste.Only a super nut would identify British Nationalism with Nazi aspirations.Preserve a little space for the original British way of life to subsist.It is not a case of ‘Us against the world’, but that there is something wrong in the outer world; for, everyone, everywhere is making haste to reach English shores.It is high time BNP came to power, before Britain turns into a 3rd world nation, financially, culturally & socially.Preserve British systems & Britain!

The writing was crisp due to the character number limit. The comment never appeared. I tried it a few times. I am not able to understand why. More terrible words, profanity and worse are allowed and appearing instantaneously, with no qualms, whatsoever.

It is evident that I have no personal aims in my views, other than that they are what comes naturally to my logic. They in no way corroborate with my own interests or means of livelihood.


I wanted to post a rejoinder here. I had to restrain my urges, for there were other pressing engagements reserving my time. Hopefully, the Book download page of my website would display the products of these pressing preoccupations shortly.

A strange resonance

I cannot have any reason to quarrel with anyone here. However, the issues at stake do have some strange level of resonance to some of my earlier writings here and to some intuitive uneasiness and apprehensions that had bothered me continually for a long time; possibly for some 3 decades.

I had not heard about the BNP before I started writing in the UKResident some four years back. My connection to England was just an intuitive imagination that had sort of sculpted itself in my mood from my very childhood. I have had the experience that many of my intuitive perceptions and insights about human social and historical experience are perceptibly correct.

When I first made a few posting on this site, I was made to understand that I was resonating the philosophies of some strange political entity called BNP. I really don’t know much about this political entity, and I don’t have the time to do much research on them currently. May be there are likable or may be they are obnoxious. I do not know. Nevertheless, it seems that what they are declaiming is in sync to my own views on the what is happening to Britain over the years.

The sinking by association

When I went to see the video in question here, the most striking thing around was not the video itself, but the quality of the talk that abounded the place. The video was not of any arresting quality, other than whatever entertainment it might lend to those who have reasons to rejoice over the contents. The comments and the vocabulary that sprung up in reaction was what caught my attention. Most of the content quality was the kind that I had experienced in my college days over here. The debate was of, with a few exceptions, mediocre quality. The agonised reactions were also of the most spiteful kind. Well, it does really reflect the levels to which England has been forced to sink down to. May be it won’t be understood over there, but the fact is that over here one generally goes down or goes up to the level of those one react to. The other person is really the deciding factor. Therefore, generally people keep away from unacceptable groups.

A passing show?

The main issue at stake is whether there is something called Britain with historical and social significance or if it is just a passing show in history. My belief is that there is something very much definable as England, and Britain. Even though it is easy to identify Britain with a small island off the shores of Europe, it need not be just a geographical entity. England really is a group of people linked to each other in a particular fashion, in a particular language. Their language, social systems, history, monarchy and much else has fashioned this entity. It is true that everything evolves over time. However, evolving over time is different from being contorted by outsiders.

The secure enclosure

The best definition of Britain is off course English, even though there are other languages in Britain. Even though English is a wonderful language, very simple to learn, and very stimulant to intellectual expansion, it also has certain very dangerous aspects. One of its very dangerous contents is that a person who lives in the seclusion of English gets a very secure and liberal idea about the world and about others; that is, until the reality of the others strikes in.

The shocking meanness

What I have said here may seem shocking. I can explain: For one thing, England taught everyone English. Well, it may seem a very silly theme, until one learns that in every village, in every town, in every household in India, people who know English strive hard to see that it is not disseminated to others of the lower class or even to any competing groups, high or low. They know that once the others and their children learn good English, they also reach up to their levels or go beyond. At their innate lower levels, the lower classes are obsequious and uncomplaining. Once, they get English, it is like Adam eating the Fruit of Knowledge. They see the reality of their disabled position, and complain and react. They, for the first time, contemplate on human rights, and equality. Human equality is not encrypted in Indian languages. I do not know about European languages. I am sure many of them are similar to English, but not all.

The spineless daring

The comments that appeared on the video had another striking feature. The daring spitefulness and the ignominious words of those who spoke against the BNP. There is no doubt that at least a significant percentage of them are from the outsiders who have currently domiciled Britain from outside. Well, imagine if the same thing done were inside a Gulf nation like say the UAE, or Muscat or Saudi Arabia. Would anyone dare to say such words? Outsiders are outsiders, in those nations. Would anyone say that these nations are stupid and only England is intelligent to open its doors of citizenship to everyone who ventures to come for a work?

Containment in practise

In the Gulf nations, workers come and work and go back without complain. They are grateful, and also respectful. They love the gulf nations, which gave them money. They hate to go back to their homelands, especially those who come from such places as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and such. They have barely any rights to judicial appeal in the gulf nations, and even if they have, it is practically unusable. They are free to travel everywhere in the UAE, but their meagre earnings would simply vaporise if they engage in such activities; thus effectively keeping them in tight geographical containers. I speak of the majority labour class. In their own nations, they are relatively rich or at least, above many others around them.

Irresponsible lawmaking

Many years ago, I think in 1987, in a tourism class, I heard that a child born in a British plane is entitled to British citizenship, and a child born in England (even accidentally) to anyone is also naturally a British citizen. I do not know if these things are true. If it is true, I can only say that it is the height of stupidity. Beyond that, it is downright callous prodigality of national heritage and sovereignty.

The errors and the patching

Here I want to explain one thing. It is not like India giving citizenship to a person from Pakistan, or Sri Lanka or such other nations. For almost all them come with a similar social mood, even though they may find differences in finer aspects of cultural customs, and such other things. When viewed in a wider frame, they are all from the same social codes. However, when such a person enters into the English social systems, he or she brings in sharp discords to the links and codes. The errors a single person brings in would be easily patched up by the immensity of others of the native kind all around. But then, the problem here is compounded by the naïve English rules and laws. Each person is entitled to bring in an immensity of others. They arrive and exist inside England/Britain as a powerful container of alien social links and codes. Here the subject matter may need to move to another part of my writings, wherein I have tried to bring in the connection of language and culture. I do not want to go into that here, but interested reader may see my writing in Agora and here.

They have link to their native nations, where due to their very British domicile, they exist above the others. It is like having minor kings and princes living inside English landscape.

The terror and the nightmare

BNP seems to terrorise many persons. It is evident in the sharpness of the animosity that springs out from their words. But is it the BNP that terrorises them? I think not. For I don’t think that the BNP is a terror organisation. Then what terrorises them? Well, what really terrorises them is their own native lands. If what BNP proposes comes into practicality, there is a possibility that at least some of them will end up again in their own native lands. This is what will torment their minds and dreams, and exist as a shadowy nightmare in their thoughts. What is it that can torment their thoughts of their native lands? Well, the rotten urban landscapes, the social strictures in the rural areas, the unspeakable rudeness to the common folk to other common folk, the containments that they will have to cloak themselves in, the callousness and the offensive impoliteness of the officialdom, the terrifying mind-set of the uneducated policemen, the grotesqueness that sets on the looks and moods of the people, and much, much else.

Beyond all that, there is another thing that will gather the hatred for the BNP, from the far-flung areas. There are relatives waiting desperately to escape from their native lands and come to England. They see the BNP as an evil apparition in their lives. They cant be blamed.

What spurs the passions

Well, the truth is that no one can be blamed. Not the BNP for opposing immigrants and for the immigrants for opposing the BNP. However to propose that the BNP is simply having racist philosophies would be over simplifying the issues. It is easy to be racist and very easy to be anti-racist. What is difficult is to understand the underlying reasons that springs up passions that easily gets demarked into two opposing definitions.

The complicated themes

It is a very complicated theme, and I do not intend to go into them in detail. Let me try a brief discussion here:

If a lot of immigrants come to England and become nationals, then what happens to England? Well, the least thing that happens is that England simply ceases to be England. Here let me say that the theme England is not to be identified with the geographical boundaries of a small island.

Defining Cosmopolitan culture and the dangers of multiculturalism

The word cosmopolitan is used over here to describe a town where different linguistic groups settle down and English more or less becomes the common language of communication. This township or town necessarily carries a demeanour, which is different from that of the other towns in the locality. Generally, there is a liberal social lifestyle, and modern dressing standards.

However, if many different linguistic groups settle down in a place and the common language is Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Konkani, Punjabi or Gujarati etc. one does not categorise the township as cosmopolitan, in the common understanding of the word. (Many years ago when I first contemplated these issues, these languages were pretty far from the English horizons. How near they all have come to the English shores in so short a time!) It is necessarily English that brings in the liberal standards in the multiple-culture town.

Here it may be understood that English is only lessening the stifling holds of the vernacular cultures. So, the corollary stands that the vernacular can bring in stifling social codes into English, if it is allowed a free rein in the English social systems.

The social wraps and issue of being foreigner in one’s own land

There are other issues involved. One is that many language communication systems move in a particular direction and in closed containers. It is not like English, where generally the language allows anyone to speak to anyone who is willing to listen, in more or less same level of personal individuality. When a large group of vernacular speaking persons enlarge upon an English township, they communicate among themselves in their own language in a most exclusive social wrap. The English speaking local society is more or less outside this.

The Dracula affect

Here the problem is that most of the Indians know this factor, and do not allow any such forces to subsist inside their own fiefdoms. However, what I have explained here is not understandable to the English speakers. The only way they can understand its parameters is to study any one of these vernaculars; in which case, this person also gets infected. As to the infection, since these vernacular languages have different layers of human existences, the newly learnt Englishman would more or less arrive at a very comfortable part of it, and never get to see the other sides of the nightmare.

The gathering clouds

Now, the single immigrant to England is not a problem in himself or herself. What would be troubling is the laws that allow all his relatives, including wife, children, father, mother, grand parents, nieces, nephews, and much else to gather into England, by hook or crook.

What should be reckoned is why are all these persons running away from their native lands. It can’t be poverty, for only the relatively affluent persons can afford the cost of shifting their residences to places so far geographically, and so high in the inner codes. Don’t they also carry the same codes that has made their own nations insidious. Won’t they create the same social conditions inside England?

The disparagement and the holy cows

The problem with English is that the very word Great in Great Britain becomes obnoxious; while in the vernacular, even a minor man with some attainments is a holy cow. Yet, the fact remains that Britain is truly great. Most of the great discoveries in this modern world are really traceable to England/Britain. The reason for this is also traceable to the inside codes of the English language. I say this because in the local school textbooks here, currently there is very rarely any mention of Britain in this regard. I found that when discussing the discovery of Aeroplanes, the name of Leonardo da Vince is mentioned. When talking about democracy, it is Greek and Indian antiquity that is connected. When talking about science it is India, Maths it is India. Many things are China, many are European. Well, that is indoctrination. (England, just a land of thieves!)

Yet, the truth is that science, maths, medicine, geographical discovery and much else are connected to the English speaking man. Ultimately, it all revolves around the intellectual freedom that English creates. I cannot compare this with the issue of employing a lot of engineers and researchers and then having them discover new things.

The effect of England

Well, I can also give an example of the affect of England. I have seen persons who have worked in England for some one or two years and come back. They are very vague about what was the work they had done over there. But they do have a very nice change in them. Their English accent is very near native English, even though they may lack in vocabulary and depth in English literature. Many of them within no time inform that they have become ‘corporate trainers’. The effect of England on solitary individuals! I have examples of what was the affect of England on huge social groups here. However, that needs digressing.

It is a privilege to work in an English environment and a natural personality development program. To work under Asian/Indian work atmospheres in vernacular is a spoiling of the innate godliness each person carrying within himself.

The class that immigrates and the spoiling

Well, again let me tell about the persons who manage to immigrate. A sizable section of them would be the offspring of the official class. The official class in most post British colonial rule nations are wallowing in the riches of their nation, much to the detriment of their countrymen. Even in India, the pay, perks and pension packet a government official garners is simply equivalent to a King’s ransom, when compared to what the ordinary citizen earns. Most of these people simply use this money to gain ‘escape velocity’ to let their children escape India and go into the celestial world of English nations.

The problem here is that most bureaucrats are corrupt also, and have successfully practised the art of bypassing all statutory rules to gain riches. If their offsprings come to England, I don’t think they would find anything wrong in spoiling British social and administrative conventions for their own selfish benefit.

Being racist and being non-racist

Then comes the racist issue. The white colour of the original Englishman. Well, the non-white colour; does it disturb in itself? Well, if certain colours disturb, then the English nation would not use such colours in their neighbourhoods. But it is not so. Is there anything in the typical Asian that is disturbing other than colour? Something that is not tangible, but exists?

The reality of annoyance

Well, the truth is that there is. It is the words in the vernacular. It does disturb over here and create fights, and even bloodshed. It is understood over here. Each word chosen to describe a child, a man, woman, a group of people and much can create unspeakable hatred or happiness; it depends on what is chosen. The very looks of an outsider to a particular group has a distressing aspect, until that person has been positioned into a particular acceptable position. People do not really understand the cause of the distress, so they simply try to define it in terms of caste, profession, gender, age and such else. The real reasons are actually beyond these factors. If this is the situation inside India, why shouldn’t the same creepy feelings not be generated over there also by the same type of people when they use similar words? In which case, how will the creepiness be defined over there? The only tangible aspect would be the colour; nothing else would be known, even though there are non-tangible aspects that creates this distress. Even now, England is not exploding just because it cannot understand vernacular words, and its stinging contents. If it does, there would be fights inside each and every residential area.

The imbecility

Well, when a group of persons enter into a soft English social system and play havoc in the social strings, using their terrifying language software, only the imbecile would say that they are not dangerous.

When social and administrative systems go into decay due to this inexorable attack, it is the rightful duty of the patriotic person to say that enough is enough.

The impossible conceptualisation and the sudden liberation

What can be done is to make it a statutory duty to understand what is the difference between England and many other nations of the world. Saying that everyone are equal is utter stupidity. Everyone can be equal only in English; it is a sheer impossibility for everyone to be equal in many other languages. If anyone strives to be equal to unequal levels in the vernacular, he or she would be beaten down remorselessly.

The problem here is that no one dares for equality in the vernacular, at the same time, the moment one person learns English, he is literally bouncing with energy and goes in for extreme claims to equality, even though he literally radiates his inferior standards afflicted by his vernacular moods. It creates rancour; the English then stands accused of bigotry.

Understanding each nation and each group differently

Before passing laws on immigration, the English authorities should have taken pain to understand what it is that immigrants from each nation is bringing in. If there is accusation of racism, let there be. Anyone can accuse anyone of anything. What is required is objectivity. The colour and looks can demark. One can identity a nationality. This person belongs to this nation. What are that nation’s national character? Would this person carry all those issues to the insides of England?

{I don’t find anything wrong in describing a black man as a black man, an Arab as Arab, an Indian as an Indian, a white man of a particular areas as that. It is a very evident feature. If a black man feels denigration on being identified as black, well it is his problem, and his admission of his own aversion to Black.

As to white colour, I personally do not think that white as a race is superior, for the whole of Europe is white; but to say that the many nations therein are superior would be utter nonsense.

Actually, Black as a colour is a very powerful one, when one thinks of physical capability, and capacity to work in hot climates and in the simmering sun. But the problem with most blacks around the world is that they literally belong to terrifying social conditions. However, Blacks conditioned in English do not belong to this group. Barack Obama is a very easy example for this.}

Then categorise each nations’ negative features. For there are the things that need worry England. There would be criticisms. So what? It is your nation. You can do what you want for your safety. It is utter foolishness to allow outsiders into a nation which literally looks like a huge 5-Star Hotel and let them roam around with no idea what they are and what they are up to.

The limits of domicile

Then if a man comes for work. Let him work. After that, let him go home. If England is thinking that it can assuage the population explosion problem in Asia and Africa by taking them inside, it is on a very creepy mission. The population explosion is due to the negative social codes in these nations. Persons who literally are like ‘straw’ have being in power in these nations for the last 50 years.

Islam versus the culture of the various Muslims

Then comes the issue of Islam. Is it really the religion that distresses, or the culture of the persons who claim to be Islamic? Is it not true that even among the Islamic persons, there are many groups who do not like each other. For example, it is a fact that generally the Arabs dissociate themselves from being identified with the Indian/Pakistani Muslims. Arabs, especially from the Gulf nations, feel compromised to be identified with social groups who they see as their serving class. The very concept of Universal Brotherhood of Islam is under strain when it comes to this issue. For, the Arabs sense something wrong in the other Islamic groups communication system. (I need to talk about this in another context).

Actually, what the so-called Muslims are carrying with them as an ancient encumbrance is not really Islamic concepts, but the social codes of their own society, a bit coloured by Islam. When they come to England and form differing linguistic Islamic groups, what is being formed is strange lines of leadership. It is this that is going to be dangerous to England; not Islam as such.

Living in Islamic areas

Now, living in an area full of Asian Muslims has been described by one commentator in the YouTube as distressing. Well, I am sure that what disturbs is not Islam or Islamic concepts per se. It is the communication culture. A strange compromising of English communication systems would be encasing the place. Children, working class persons, women, and other such section who belong to the lesser level groups in Asian language systems would feel it. It can cause severe contortions on human personality; especially soft English personality. It is not an issue of anyone being bad, immoral, or of deviant sexual inclinations.

The crash

But then, why allow a lot of outsiders, not just Muslims, to come inside and form powerful groups which are literally antagonistic to English liberal social systems. The native Englishman gets disturbed and changes form. This is evident in the terrible vocabulary used in the YouTube Video comments. The levels to which England and Englishmen have come down; by association. Thirty years back, pristine England would have literally been distressed by the quality of the debate. Quality has literally crashed.

The Bloodline and its limits

Then the question of who is an Englishman. A person born to native-born English persons can generally be categorised as English. But then what about a man born to one English parent and one non-English parent, say an Indian? What is he? Well then, it depends on what is his upbringing. If it is in colloquial British social and cultural systems in including language, this person is English. If this person is brought up in Indian social systems, he is definitely Indian and not British. As to genes, lineage and bloodlines defining this factor, well these are really not very powerful as one imagines. For a person to be born 20 generations hence is actually connected to 2,000,000 persons currently living.

English manners and gestures versus that of the others

Then another thing. English manners, physical postures, manners of addressing, physical gestures and much else are refined by an understanding that all these should be non-irritating, and un-intrusive. However, in certain other linguistic social conditions, the opposite can be true. For example, in most Indian languages, it is considered as a feature of social intelligence to be overbearing, stifling and dominating. Even such physical gesture as of speaking with a pointed forefinger is considered to be a very effective pose. All these can literally irritate the English social scene.

Generalisations and its unintelligence

I speak of India because I know India. About other nations, I am unable to speak. However, it is possible that there can be different social requirements in each nations, depending on what each language insists upon. Some of them might be in alignment with English moods, others can be at variance. A generalised and common view of all external social systems is unintelligent and with dangerous portends.

The deforming

There is another thing to think about. Let me talk about the Anglo Indians in India. Many of them are not really ‘anglo’ but ‘European’. However, there were still a lot real ‘anglos’. At least some of them, did have an English bearing. They did exist as a sort of island of English systems inside India. However, their English behaviour systems were totally alien to Indian feudal communication systems. When the British left, they more or less became orphaned (in a stinging feudal communication area). Their easy behaviour systems simply became laughable stuff, when seen from the powerful commanding stances of the Indian languages. To put it in plain words, they simply were removed from the higher levels of the feudal indicant words, and were assigned lower words. It is a very terrible change of position, like demoting an Indian army officer to an ordinary soldier. Many Indian films used to use ‘anglo-Indian’ characters to depict buffoonery. Their usage of Mr. (used as Mistaar in films), and Mrs. and Miss, were seen as superb acts of jokers.

The portends

Now, what I want to convey here is the fact that if England becomes overfilled by outsiders, a time may appear in the very near future, when all English behaviour systems would come to this very laughable level. For sometime, the momentum of the ancient British cultural heritage would move the social system; but as reverse momentums gather strength, a moment would come in history, when this direction of motion would cease, and then it would be time for reverse gear. Ordinary English behaviour systems would seem poses of extreme cockiness and pretence.

Those who buckle and those who do not

Thing of the immense wars that Britain fought to maintain its British-ness. When the Germans came, there was a stubborn and impenetrable wall of resistance. Now look at an Indian town. If any other nation comes attacking, I am sure the majority population wouldn’t mind surrendering. For, it is only a change of guard at the top, with them always remaining in the bottom. Nothing much changes. Maybe Hindus would become Muslims; or Muslims may be converted to Hindus (I am not very sure about that, the issue of assigning a caste would be a block; maybe a new caste would be formed) and such other things. Yet, the basic social systems do not change much.

Why does only England resists external rule? Well, the fact is that the social systems that England possess are unique and not in existence in most of the other nations of the world. Life for an English man in any other social system would simply be hell. Maybe there are similar systems in some European nations, but I positively feel that they are not in existence in Asian nation.

If this be the situation, wouldn’t it be prudent to take care of this unique social system, the like of which never existed anywhere else in the world.

The commonness of the English common man

Let me talk about the English common man. He literally comes under an ancient feudal social system. (I must say the word ‘feudal’ as understood in England is different from the sense this same word means over here in India). However, the personal dignity of the English common man is starkly different from that of a common man from say India, Pakistan, Philippines, Japan etc. In these nations, a common man is a very insecure fellow, over lorded by a lot of powerful levels in society. Now, when shallow English liberals want to equate the English common man with these levels of people, very powerful shifting of social codes (actual software codes) is taking place. All to the detriment of the English common man. Just equating an English worker to an Indian worker is an unholy act. The Indian worker needs emancipation from his own stifling social conditions. Equating him with the English worker simply spoils the latter.

(Slightly digressing: Even allowing the British common man to speak to Call Centres in Bangalore and other Asian locations can cause strange unsettling mental moods in at least some of the English common man; it is related to another issue in the software code.)

Importing terrorism

Then the issue of Terrorism. Currently English nations are in close collaboration with so many nations, with which in reality English nations cannot be close companionship. For their social and political systems are in sharp difference with English systems. The antipathy they have created locally and the feuds that abound inside them are all connected to their own systems. When English systems go in for blind collaborations with them, they are actually not only inflicting themselves with these afflictions, but also seemingly giving legitimacy to negative issues. Be it Israel, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, South America and all other places, the best policy would be detached attachment. Do not put your soul and passion into supporting any side. Let these systems find their own solutions for political issues. The world has still not reached maturity. England cannot force maturity into them.

Now what is the connection of this issue with immigration to England? Well, immigration literally messes up the English citizenry with these problems. It is like the absurdity of the situation when the British Prime Minister is saying that he is not sure if the persons who attacked Bombay a few weeks ago were British Citizens. It denotes an atrophy! An atrophy of the Brand Image of the word ‘British’. What a come down!! What a terrible imposition on this word which is historically connected to an immensity of noble ventures!!!

What about Europe?

Well, I have used the word ‘India’ much. That is because I understand the place much. But then what about Europe? Well, the great pressure for immigration to England would be from social systems, which have innate negative issues inside them. Now, what is to be said about this issue?

That takes us back to the earlier issue? What is Britain? It is the homeland of British way of life and very much connected to English. It is not a safe haven for terrible cultures that exist outside; be it halal killing (Muslim way of animal slaughter) or strangling family systems. What Britain should stand to promulgate is the dissemination of British systems, not some other systems which have nothing to show for themselves. The word tolerance is a much misunderstood word. For, see how it is used to describe India! The utter stupidity of it; it literally stands for nonsense.

It is true that many in Europe would love to immigrate to England. It can be real love that springs up from understanding what England stands for, or it can be simply an opportunistic stance. Either way, what England can do is to create England elsewhere, everywhere, in Europe, Asia and Africa. At the same time, create impenetrable firewalls to block the entry of Europe, Asia and Africa into England. It is a very formidable suggestion, yet very, very wonderful in its long-term outcome. It is not being fascist or Nazi. If that be so, then the very stance against Hitler is loaded with Nazism. The way of tolerance would be to allow the entry of Germans into England and propose that it is the way history moves.

Back to BNP

Now back to BNP. I understand this party is not a very popular one over there in England/Britain. Well, I cant comment on them without knowing anything about them.

As to Britain, it is time it claims its rightful place of supremacy in the international world. This feeling of superiority is not really connected to having money in one’s pocket, or having huge geographical areas, or with relative military strength. It is a mood. Britain has it. See that it is not eroded. In the right ranking system that I can perceive in my mind, England stands above USA in the scheme as arranged in the secondary codes. USA is great, for it reflects British traditions, even though they disown it in the heights of their ignorance.

Where do I stand?

Now, have I sounded renegade? Well, I am not the one who has run away, but others.

Well, I have written fast; I can write pretty fast. The brief time I kept for this writing is over. Maybe I have been able to make my points clear; may be not. But then, where do I stand in this scheme of things? My thoughts are simply what props out from my logic. I don’t think that they should be connected me as a person, or to my cultural or moral standards. Nor, do they have any ulterior motives. My own experiences with racial attitudes also do not affect my logic.

Possibly, I am more discriminatory than any white racist can ever hope be!!!

Of what use to immigrants

Well, what is in this for the immigrant population in UK? Well, hopefully they can get to see themselves clearly and what they carry within themselves without their own knowledge. If this enlightenment comes about, they can delete this unwelcome baggage and turn truly British and not a scary entity inside a divine area.


QUOTE (G Brown @ Mar 15 2009, 05:33 AM)

I doubt if you know what you are ON about?

It is possible that what you said is true, and I am saying things that are seemingly off topic, irrelevant and nonsense; but then think of all the clever people out there, who with fantastic brains, have driven both UK as well as USA to the grounds, literally, in the last few years! The best minds! financial geniuses!! along with a very prudent economic opportunity!!!

Yet, at the end of all this, funds have all fled off shore!

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153. What happens to fine Cities!

154. Language as a weapon 1

155. Language as a weapon 2

156. Language as a weapon 3

157. Racism: A skin deep, yet painful, 1

158. Racism: A skin deep, yet painful, 2

159. A piece of blasphemy

160. Where Islam and Muslims diverge

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