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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Saving the English Economies

Many years ago, I did foresee the events that are currently distressing the English nations. I think the ideas started taking shape in my mind in the early 80s. Later in the year 1989, I did write about this theme, but did not publish the same, as I was sure that there would be no one interested in such outlandish themes.

By the year 1999, I was quite perturbed by the idiocy of the English nations, especially Great Britain and the USA. I did go to one British High Commission office and tell some of the staff there that I needed to talk to some official there, who was a native-of-Britain British citizen. However, I couldn’t get any positive response from the local staff.

I have no time to go into the intricate logics now. However, what needs to be done shall be listed out:

1. Immigration to English nations is dangerous. Especially from nations with feudal languages.

2. Of the immigrant persons inside English nations, most of them who arrived in the last 30 years should be forcibly made to go back. Especially if they are from feudal language nations.

3. However this can be further refined by finding out the persons and families which are persisting in speaking their native feudal language and teaching their children also to do so.

4. All outsiders who have arrived inside the English nations, especially from feudal language nations, should be made to go home after their work period is over. There is no need to give citizenship to persons who come for work.

5. Outsiders should not be allowed to work in any of the significant areas of the economy. Outsider work should be confined to more or less menial work. The salary fixed for such work should be linked to their exchange rate of the outsider person’s nation’s currency exchange value. Otherwise, a menial worker shall be actually a fabulously rich person in his own nation.

6. Unless absolutely necessary, no outsider should be given the post of teachers, lecturers, and professors in any English nation teaching institutions. For, these persons can really become sort of intellectual beachheads for their native nation competing societies.

7. Feudal language nations should not be allowed to do any economic activity inside English nations. English nations do not fully understand the real limitations of free trade system. For in feudal language nations, there is essentially no free trade, even though it may seem so. There are communication corridors that route trade and commerce powerfully.

8. BPO activity should be halted immediately. If at all it is required, it should be conducted by traditional native firms and not by ones owned by immigrants from feudal language nations. Even employing personnel from feudal language nations can bring in terrible disasters and unexplainable technological accidents. Even such issues as the Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak may essentially be traced to the fact that a British company is not fully functioning in a total English/British communication atmosphere.

9. Doctors in English nations should necessarily be natives of that nation. Doctors from feudal language nations should not be allowed to take up the role of any leadership. At the end of their tenure, they should be asked to leave the nation.

10. Other nations should be very firmly categorized on the basis of their language content. Nations which are having feudal languages should be listed separately.

11. Sale of strategic machinery should be halted. Strategic machinery can mean any machine that can allow the buying nation to produce end products on their own, which they had earlier being importing from English nations.

12. Allowing students from feudal language nations, and other competing nations to come and study higher technology and skills should be seen as anti-national activity. Govt can reimburse the loss the universities stand to make.

13. Do not allow other nations’ especially feudal language nations’ governments to take part in any scientific experiments, including space exploration.

14. Do not equate the immigrant population from the feudal language nations with the poor in those nations. For the immigrant population in the English nations who come from feudal language nations basically are the rich or the off springs of the exploitative officialdom of those nations.

15. Do not get entangled in the wars of other nations, both civil wars as well as war between nations, especially in Feudal language nations. Actually removing the immigrant populations from English nations would very much give a detachment from being entangled into these things. Actually getting English armies involved in such battle is a cunning self-serving technique used by exploitative Asian/African officialdom/governing class.

16. Do not enter into treaties of equality in such things as mutual legal rights. For, feudal language courts and police system can be really terrible and maddening for the citizens of English nations. Feudal language nations treat their own majority population as dogs. And the people in such nations are used to being thus treated.

17. Do not equate communism and Islam with terror. It is not the theories of communism and the tenets of Islam that are terrifying, but the feudal social codes of the nations that do have these social philosophies. It may be understood that both communism and Islam are currently most popular in nations which have most terrible feudal quality in their communication system. Try to connect with the lower classes in the Asian/African nations, and understand that they are fighting to come out of the exploitation that they face. As of now, they find only communism as their sole saviour. Instead, English can be the other more practical alternative. For, English can deliver them from the shackles of their own feudal language.

18. Make a permanent solution to the Israeli issue. The creation and existence of Israel in another people’s nation is questionable. However, there might be need to understand why the Jews were hated in most nations, including English ones. An enquiry into their language structure may be illuminating in this regard.

19. Do not support any nation or organization that stands against the idea of population control. This applies even to ANC. Aid to any nation should be very clearly linked to population control. Many feudal language nations should be allowed only one child per couple.

20. Stopping given monitory aid to feudal language nations ostensibly for feeding the poor there. If at all, UK wants to spend money for improving the poor in such nations as India, it should do it on its own. Do not give the money to the government, for it shall only add to the coffers of the corrupt bureaucrat as well as their henchmen businessmen.

21. Do not give visa for entry to any person, even if he be a lousy journalist who has written against that specific English nation. This should include all others such as politicians, businessmen, professors, history writers etc.

22. Take a stand that English nations shall stand up to proclaim rights to their sovereignty. Be very candid about who the English nations like and who they do not like. It is an issue that really is not connected to colour, but to social culture. People from social cultures that can corrode the basic English social fabric should not be allowed inside.

23. Many big companies in the English nations are facing huge losses. Some of their CEOs are taking the blame and resigning. It is actually not their fault. The whole English economies have been compromised by being associated without any firewall protection with feudal language economies. This link and connection is sapping the very life of English systems.

It may be borne in mind that if and when the situation goes reverse and the feudal language nations come on top, they would never lend any information, education or any other thing that can improve other nations/people. This self centred attitude would be quite natural for them.

Understand that in feudal language nations, economic activities are really a sort of war effort. There is no sense of fair play. Beware of the rich from the feudal language nations coming to the top in the international arena. They shall only spoil the refined system, even if they aim to help. It is in their languages.

It is a time of war. All wars do have the inner aim of economic supremacy. The modern war is done at a very subtle level. Pull up the boundary wall. Close the gates. Catch the Trojans and sling them out into the oceans. Otherwise within a few years time, the great English nations shall become wastelands.

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