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Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Currency devaluation: the deceit

I have not studied economics, but then seeing the immensity of mediocre writings connected to this subject and also the quality of the persons who profess to understand the intricacies of this quite intense theme, I must saw that I was not and am not impressed. Currently the way they make predictions is like the way the weather department of Kerala used to do many years ago. They would literally look at the skies and would come out with predictions based on the clouds they saw in the sky. Any man could say what they said with more or less equal level of accuracy.

In many ways, I did feel that the learned economists were just like the learned psychologist and psychiatrists, in that all of them were talking with authority about a subject, on which they had very, very superficial knowledge. In fact, I understand that economics and the concept of money are very much connected to very powerful secondary codes that design and control reality. For, money is a very powerful coded method of transferring power. If this extremely powerful theme is left to the dabbling of sundry economists, national wealth and resources can get depleted. Like what has currently happened to English nations including Great Britain and USA.

I do not have the time to write more. But for a minor understanding of this powerful concept, let me take the case of a glass of milk. Into this glass, a spoon of milk from another source is added. Is there any method to seek out the milk particles that have come from the other source in the glass of milk? Well, even if it isnt currently possible, it is a fact that there are very definite milk particles that are from the other source.

In the same manner, if one add a hundred rupees to a 10000 rupee account. Is there any method to find out the exact 100 rupee amount that has entered into the total sum? Well, even if it is not possible, is it true that in the total amount there are exact particles of money that are from the added Rs. 100? Well, I would say that this theme would take us straight out of the ordinary themes of economics to the world of secondary codes.

Well, I cant dwell on this theme more here, for I had come with the aim of speaking about another thing. This is a theme that most modern economist does not take much into consideration. I will write a brief hint of it here.

Many years ago, India exploded a nuclear device and the operation was code named (for the sake of some childish delight) Buddha is Smiling. I think former Indian President Kalam was also involved in this operation, possibly as an academician. It has later transpired that this explosion was a failure, but then just like that silly code name, this fact was kept a national secret.

Internationally there was an outcry against India taking up the nuclear option for military purposes. Sanctions were set up and Indian currency value went dirt cheap. I think the Pound Sterling versus Rupees rate more or less doubled.

Many Indians applauded the nuclear explosion. People who were living inside India, with typical foolishness, smiled in idiotic understanding. Indians were foreign employed smiled and were happy, with intelligent understandings. For, when the Indian money value fell, their earnings literally doubled.

One of my relatives was working in Mobile USA as a ship engineer in the oil cargo ship. He was paid in British pounds. Suppose he was bringing home 1.5 lakh rupees every month, this literally became 3 lakh. That is, what he could buy for 2000 pounds in India, could now be bought for 1000 pound.

People around him also were happy, for they also were in the correct position to get the frill benefits. However, a huge majority of the Indian population had gone down and they were nowhere in any position to garner the frill benefits.

Over the years, I have been studying this so-called national benefit from foreign money, that more or less comes in whenever the currency is devalued. I have noticed that the administrators as well as the persons who are working abroad want the Indian money devalued, so that they can more or less buy up India and the Indians for a less cost.

Over the years, I have started suspecting a neat deceit in the so-called free balancing of Indian currency. No one in authority wants the Indian currency value to go up. If it goes up, their foreign earnings would become equal to that of an Indian living in India. They do not want to be equal to an Indian living in India. They want to have him or her as their servant or serving class.

For example, think of an exporter. When the Indian currency value goes up, actually the whole India is benefiting. But the exporter is coming down to the level of the other Indians. That is not allowed. Instead, the Indian currency value is very deliberately devalued and the exporter starts getting a profit. When he gets a profit, he reaches to Himalayan heights. Others simply go down to the levels of his slaves.

I am sure that this is the essential fact of all foreign money national earnings. English nations do not want their currency to go down so that a few individuals gain at the expense of all the others in the nation. However, in Asian nations, including China, this could be the norm. The rich Indian or Chinese boss would be able to built offices and other structures that can vie with even Taj Mahal. But then behind this finery, there is the real fact of an enslaved people.

Now, if the policy makers from England and US do not understand this game, well then, it is a national tragedy for those nations also. For the cunning business leaders in the feudal language Asian nations could bring everything else into disrepute and penury by their cunning techniques. It is a very cunning technique that cannot be fully understood from English.

Post Script: Recently I heard that Dubai had gone literally bankrupt. That should affect the earning of many Indians over there. But then, as a saviour to them, Indian money immediately went down relative to UAE Dirham. Just to accommodate the foreign employed guys at the expense of the local employed persons.


See this link:

This is the first time I am getting documentary evidence that there is manipulation from certain vested interests in India to keep the Indian currency down. I have always suspected this for a long time, after meeting a lot of senior persons involved in this. Moreover, all Indians with stakes abroad are keen to see the Indian money going down. So all this talk of money coming from abroad has a hidden secret behind it.

When India claimed to have exploded the bomb in Pokran, the so called Buddha is smiling series, it later transpired that the bomb never exploded correctly, Indian currency fell down to half its value. British Pound went up from around 40 rupees to 80 in one shot. All Indians abroad applauded the incident. They wanted India to do such things again and again.

One family member who was getting his earnings in British Pounds literally doubled his income in one go. He more or less bought 2 acres of land in the city for half the amount he would have had to give earlier, (as per his salary in pounds calculation).

It is time the common man here understood the terrible fraud that is going on here. All income entering India from abroad should be made liable to super tax and the money thus collected made available for constructing public conveniences in India, including free rest houses and English education for the common person.

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