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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
A homeland for the South African Whites

I had mentioned the events to come in South Africa and its possible reasons in my book March of the Evil Empires, many years ago.

The situation in South Africa is definitely sad and bad. It was really a golden nation, that has more or less gone to the gutters. Here the issue is not really that the Blacks are idiots and the whites are intelligent. For it is not true. Social intelligence and collective wisdom are more or less connected to the communication software called language.

The blacks have definitely improved under the White rule, as in many other places. But then, they have not been allowed to control the political power, and also there were restrictions imposed on proximity. Now, it could be a distressing thing to the blacks who had gained education and sophistication including mastery over English. Their repulsion towards their own unsophisticated classes would urge them to enter into the domains of the whites.

Now could the whites really have been more intelligent? Well, my answer would be that their communication system, that is their languages could be more liberal, unfettered, and also less stinging on subordinates. That would allow them to live with more innate intelligence. It is a fact that Asian languages are very stifling and snubbing to those one perceives as subordinates. Probably African languages are also like for.

This type of communication can not only distress the mental process, but can also distort a person’s physical features. For example, see the physical features of a lower man in India and compare it with a person who was born and bred on the higher levels of the languages usages. These things are not there in English and cannot be understood.

If there be the same kind of distressing features in the languages of the blacks, it is only correct that the whites took pain to keep away from them. Now the question is, is it correct to keep away from people who one doesn’t like? Well, I feel that anyone has the right to keep away from persons who one feels can despoil one’s culture, life and personality. It is an individual choice. The blacks also have the same right, that of keeping away from those they do not like.

The state has no right to compel a person to mingle with persons he or she doesn’t feel comfortable.

But this is not going to solve the issue in South Africa. The most intelligent thing would be to seek if there is anything repulsive about the blacks. Colour in itself is not repulsive. There are enough and more of black persons adorning the world of adoration among the non-black persons in the English world.

It is very much possible that the languages of the blacks can have repulsive elements. What are these repulsive elements cannot be explained to the native English speakers, for they have no idea about it. Even now, they are completely in the dark. If they had any idea, they would have stopped all immigration from Asian nations to their nations. And possibly from Africa. This repulsive factor is a very powerful thing that can lay waste any quality people and nation.

The best solution for South Africa could be giving an independent Homeland to the South African Whites. If the blacks are not intent of doing this, well then, they are bent on despoiling a group which had given them education, cultural up-gradation, English, modern dressing standards, decorum and much more. They have come a long way from the ways of their ancestors, who could have lived in primitive, feudal cultural standards.

The blacks need to understand that the whites do not like to live with them. Well, if this be the case, why should they force themselves on the whites? That makes them more repulsive.

As to the issue of ownership of the land, it is silly to claim right to land that was more or less created by nature. It is downright stupid to say that the blacks had created the land. As to ancestral rights, it is a null account. For if this be so, then one cannot buy any land from another man.

If such claims of ancestral rights are given legitimacy, most of the Asian and African immigrants from Britain, Europe and American can be ousted. Further more, even the white and black Americans can be expelled by the native Red Indian claims.

Give an independent Homeland to the White and let the Blacks do whatever they want with South Africa that they got on a silver platter.

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