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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 3 Contents

81. The Moon and Sixpence and A Thing of Beauty

82. Do I miss the old comics?

83. The varied reading

84. Smacking Children

85. When the Princess died

86. Séance

87. Cricket’s thread

88. Britain Really Did Rule The Waves

89. Business Process Outsourcing

90. Financing the Royal Family

91. Will Saddam have a fair trial?

92. Now, what might happen in Iraq?

93. Hindi Movies

94. Royal Navy sailors arrested by Iran!

95. Non-English social systems in English societies

96. The compulsions of Robert Clive

97. Achieving equality with the English, By going up or by bringing down?

98. The impending suffocation

99. The tragedy of being Saddam Hussein

100. Muthappan

101. The Timer, the Knell, the Codes, the Encryption

102. Quality of knowledge

103. Macaulay and Bollywood, Dispeller and distributors of poison

104. Multicultural contributions, how much can we withstand

105. Envisaging the future, Enlarging on Evansthespy’s misgivings

106. If I were

107. Virginia University Campus shooting

108. Can someone please explain, UK doctors working abroad

109. Leaders target undecided voters

110. On understanding ‘Muslims’

111. Leading international organisations

112. Iraq, The wider dimension

113. Beggaring Pakistan, Imposing democracy

114. The Iron Sieve, Opening Pandora’s Box

115. What the future holds for the white UK group

116. CIA Torture techniques, The simpletons

117. Inconvenient truth

118. Decorated British Soldier gets life imprisonment, For murder of Asian waiter

119. Running out of breath, The British exit

120. The Earthquake, The rescue

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