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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Multicultural contributions,

Reply to

Multicultural contributions, how much can we withstand

What evansthespy is focusing on is an issue that was fully clear to me years and years ago. I may even say that it was not a difficult thing to envisage.

I deeply regret that England is changing. Yet, it can’t be otherwise. For, England carries a guilt conscience for certain things, where actually England should have been proud of.

England and the English live in a very soft world, imagining all sorts of guilt for all sorts of debauchery going on all round the world since times immemorial.

Everything about England and English is the very antonym of what is most of the rest of the world, mainly the so-called exploited nations. Multiculturalism cannot work as it simply means allowing malicious cultural inputs to subdue English systems.

As for slavery, what England did as to abolishing it was an event with no parallel in the history of the world; taking upon itself the task of compensating the slave owners as well as using the Royal Navy to patrol the High seas for arresting the Slave ships. All nations had slaves; only when the English started having slaves, was the public conscience touched. I can assure you that a thousand times more terrible thing cannot touch a person’s heart in most so-called newly liberated nations.

Slavery is a living reality in many places including India, ancient, medieval as well as modern. Most of the slavery in most places functions under different nomenclature; that is all.

As to immigrants, there is a grave error in immigration laws. England can at best afford a few hundred legal immigrants a year; taking into consideration the smallness of the geography; or else the simple English cultural systems shall be overwhelmed. I may even suggest that malevolent cultural inputs can create severe mental problems in the native citizens; where again they may simply again get a guilt conscience of being racial or having inferiority complex etc.

Actually most persons in Asia and Africa and also East and possibly West Europe may aim to converge on England in the next fifty years; unless some intelligent measures are taken. I know of persons who simply want to deliver in an English nation so that they naturally become the relatives of English citizens.

England simply cannot exist with malevolent cultures. I have fears that within years the public administration will get corrupted, if it not already so.

Talking of change: well, if England were to experience all that is beyond its shores, it would not be just like a rollercoaster ride, but a sort of celestial collision.

I know that my saying all this may seem preposterous. It is partly intellectual inputs; partly my sense of gratitude to England for its historical activities; and partly my feeling that England should continue to exist as England always been. Otherwise, there would be no more sensible place left; for in all other places, pure diabolism has been left loose.

I beg your pardon: Yet, I must say it is all in the language codes.

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