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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
The Iron Sieve, Opening Pandora’s Box

A travesty

Recently I happened to watch the economic summit that took place in a European city, in which financial leaders of many nations participated. I saw it on the BBC. It was done in the background of the economic meltdown in the US. The tremendous self-confidence exuded by the Asian side was remarkable. The economic power is shifting to the East, and the West is going down.

The whole scene was dripping with tragic levels of un-understandings. Let me explain. It is a most complicated scenario.

The changing scenario

There is money in the Asian economic leaders, and they are readying for the leap into the vast unconquered domains. It is a scenario that should bring happiness to the people of the east; well, would it? I doubt. As to the west losing the economic power, well, is the West really economically powerful, if the English nations, and a few others are not taken into account? Is Russia really powerful? I am not talking about the technology in the war machinery. What about the East Europe? Is it not West? What about Germany and France, who literally have economic and social systems that swing from one extreme to another periodically?

The source

Let me start from a bit farther back.

At least till some fifteen years back, the splendid ‘knowledges’ were in the hands of the US and the English nations. I admit that I am being biased in these words, for other European nations were also in the know of many things. Yet, basically information dissemination started from Britain over the years. (My explanation in this regard later).

Magnanimity towards the scheming

Then came the open mindedness of the English Universities to bring students from all over the world to study their sciences. It was a very noble endeavour, no doubt at all. Yet, look at the other side. If there was such information in any such nation as India, China etc. does anyone think that they would allow any outsider to come and collect them? Only a very, very foolish man would think so. Remember the story of how the ancient Chinese tried to protect their silk manufacture monopoly by restricting the taking out of the silkworm from their nation. It is a story, I do not know if it is true.

Opening Pandora’s box

Now look at the scenario. The basic idea of computers came from Britain (English nation), and developed in US (English Nation). Now the technology is in the hands of the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, and much else. Like that, every other item of information and technical knowledge that were discovered in the English nations is in the hands of nations that had no legacy to it. Think of microbiology, Medicine, Mobile phone technology, Modern Textile manufacture, modern technology in Iron & Steel manufacture, and every other item. Beyond all that think of such things as Aviation and Weapon manufacture; and also of Nuclear technology, including nuclear bomb manufacture. I must admit it is a terrifying thought that terrible technologies can now be in the hands of touchy social systems.

Where it all garners

Everything is in the hands of nations that are literally the very antonym of English nations. Now, look at the international power struggle scenario. The English nations have been over the years giving money and much other assistance to the developing nations. This money and the assistance end up in the hands of a few persons in these nations. They individually develop and garner strength to come back and compete with the English nations. Looking at this scenario from a feudal language scenario, the English nations have been utterly foolish and gullible.

The creamy layer in the citadel

Now, look at the economic scenario in such nations as China and India. By viewing a selective scene in these nations, one is impressed by the looks of the few who are riding high on the huge economic surge. Yet, there is a huge mass of people who are not touched. Why? Is it because they are slowly approaching the wealth, which is on their way? No, not at all. Only a very stupid person would say that what they lack is wealth. No, the situation is not so easy; it is a bit more complicated.

Poverty as a component of social communication

I have heard of US and UK ‘experts’ talking of daily wages being only a few dollars in some of these nations. The reality is that these ‘few dollars’ do have the same power locally as what a similarly placed persons in an English nation can derive in their own nation with their daily earnings. To put this perspective in place, I will relate an incident, which was related to me by another man. This happened some twenty years back. I am taking it from my memory.

A South Indian person was employed as a cook with an Arab household in the Middle East (I think in the current UAE or some similar nation). Though in the Middle East context the pay was negligible, what was happening in the native state was simply of the supernatural level. The very fact that this man was employed in an Arab’s house had the value of gold in the local society; including the banks. He was able to built a huge house, have a number of servants and a buy a few buses and such. Still he continued as the Arab’s cook in the household, for this was the fuel that made this splendid social machinery churn. One day he, in a desperate mood to convey his realities to this Arab boss, invited him to this native land. When the Arab came, what he was to witness was really of the stupendous order. Actually, his cook was in reality the possessor of a much bigger capital than he himself. Only thing; if the items of possession were converted into Middle East currency, they would diminish heavily in value. Yet, there was no denying the intrinsic value.

Actually, the poverty stalking most of the developing nations is not a lack of resources, but in the social design, which does not allow equitable distribution of human personality. I am sure this is may seem a very weird contention. It is true that there are nations in Africa, Asia and South America, which are seemingly so lacking of resources that poverty is only a natural component of their society. Well, the truth is that it is not so. For example, if the whole population of any of a state of India are replaced by the British, with access to the same resources as to the earlier natives, what would happen? Or, consider the population of Britain are removed and replaced by a same number of people from India. What would happen? Both the places would simply display the quality of the people residing there.

Graces in seclusion

Now, what actually has happened is that information and technology has passed on to a few persons in the developing nations. Persons who are connected to them will also reflect the glorious times dawning on them. Yet, the majority population would remain the same. None of the persons who have got the blessings of the technology would like to share it with their lower level fellow citizens. (The only way for it to go down would through the marketing stance of huge MNCs, who want to gather a wider market).

How the fortress can be infiltrated

At the same time, what is happening to America? The situation is a bit dangerous. What was more dangerous was the mood of splendid placidity. As if America is living on a pedestal where it remains above the scheming of the others.

The word recession is dangerous; as of now. It is not like the earlier times. During the recession of the 30’s, American recession did not happen when the economic leaders of the feudal language nations were in powerful situations. Yet, now the situation is dangerous. For, if America goes down, American institutions, built on English communications systems will get bought by the sneaky economic leaders of the feudal language groups. It is an experience that has not fully dawned on the English speakers. Only the English men who lived in the colonial nations understood its power in its full awfulness.

Arranging seclusion from the alien cultures

Here I need to slightly digress to emphasise this point. Even though the English ruled India, they couldn’t mingle with the Indian crowd much. Not because the Indian were of the inimical type, or because the English were of the superior types. The reality was that the English were weak in the Indian systems, and the only refuge for them was to keep away from the Indian systems, other than from a position of superiority. It is a big topic. Just one minor point would give an inkling of what I am alluding to.

Consider an English man in colonial India who teaches English named ‘Harry’. Can he allow his students or the Indian social beings to address him as ‘Harry’ or even ‘Mr. Harry’? When his wife Alice, is going to the town, can the locals be allowed to address her as Alice or even Mrs. Alice? These questions may seem quite silly. Yet, it is on the power of these silly understandings that Indian languages and society works. If anyone say that nothing will go wrong if the people were to come and call her Alice, then this is the stark un-understanding that I am referring to.

The folly of the stupid

In the Economic Summit, I referred to in the beginning, the American Treasury Secretary warded off the threat to American economy by the growth of the Asian economy by saying that this was good for America, as it would give more market to the American goods. He said it was a win-win situation for everyone. He was smiling when he said this, and seemed to give the impression that he was clever and had thought about this situation thoroughly. No one else laughed, and seemed to gaze at his thorough gullibility with a mood of disbelief. For, when the Asia economic leaders take over the stage, everything imaginable in English would change. There is not going to be a win-win situation for everyone. It would be a situation where the Asian monarchs will simply override everyone and everything.

Creating Shah Jahans

They are the new Shah Jahans of the Economic World. Look at the Taj Mahal. Does it reflect the reality of India? Well, it does; but not in the manner, the shallow experts declaim. It reflects a language and social system, which focuses the whole level of power and reasons for existence on a few persons. Others are simply slaves; yet, willing slaves, who find salvation in displaying stolid reverence and obedience to the master class.

Reflecting hierarchy in architecture

Again a slight digression. I have seen on Discovery Channel various documentary films on such cultures as the Maya, the Inca, the ancient Egypt and others. The commentary talks with splendid ignorance and expert assertiveness on the social compulsions of these cultures and their glorious achievements. Actually, most of the splendid structures that is on display are not examples of glorious scientific achievements (may such achievements are there; may be not); instead what they display are the extreme feudal communication structure of the social system. In heavily feudal communication systems, there is need to exhibit terrible levels of might and power to enforce the huge canyons of difference in the hierarchy. In many ways, it only shows the mediocrity of the people involved. Even in present day India, when the top or lower persons are from a mediocre tribal class, there is need for majestic buildings and very obsequious behaviour patterns to enforce the communication system.

Actually, even in English systems, where there is a feudal content in the communication, there ought to be similar buildings; like for example, where the monarchy dwells.

Shah Jahan as an exponential force

The modern economic leadership of the Asian nations are simply the modern Shah Jahans. Their power is of a very different kind. Everyone below falls into line in the local language system as the ‘Shah Jahans’ become more and more powerful. This power goes on increasing exponentially. It is like being a part of the military machine. Persons who become part of the management systems are willing slaves who also get a beautiful share of the glory; the majority stands outside this shower.

What has the English nations done by empowering the capitalists of the feudal language nations? They have only created ‘Frankensteins’ (the word is wrong actually; check the story) who will come to take over the English economic systems, and then move on to corrode the English social systems.

In another communication design

Going back to the Summit meeting. The conversations were in English. Imagine the scenario if the whole conversation was in Hindi or Tamil, Chinese, Telugu, Malayalam etc. The world becomes different. In the current situation, nothing grave would happen; for the understanding is there that the leadership is still in English hands. Yet, if the leadership is in any of the aforementioned feudal language persons, then the dialogues would bear painful spikes and pounding hammers. If this dialogue of mine remains un-understood, then the English economic professors are simply wandering in shallow waters; they have no inkling of the dangerous depths.

The wisdom of the ‘White Man’

Around the year 1997, I met one persons of severe feudal language personality making haste to go to America. He was a computer professional. He knew a sprinkling of English, which was enough, since with that much English he could do Visual Basic, C Plus and such other things. I tried to imagine the scenario of such persons becoming a link in the English social structure. I simply asked him one question: ‘If so many computer persons enter America, what would happen to the local English society there?’. He immediately gave a very remarkable answer, ‘The White men there are very clever and know what is what. They would allow only the correct number of persons who are required, and so it would be good for everyone’.

Now, this answer I knew was of a silly level, and from my own experience in 1987, (when I saw persons in another place planning to entering to enter America through Mexico), I knew was not correct. Yet, what was remarkable about this answer was that the so-called ‘White Men’ were not very intelligent. For, in spite of being the best in scientific knowledge, good in natural resources, fantastic in infrastructure, and many other things, the power is draining out to the inimical sides. Beyond all that, America has allowed itself to be engaged in so many world conflicts where all it has gained is a reputation of being an associate of evil regimes or senseless happenings.

When communication moves through valves

Some ten years back, one very patriotic person came and told me in a most boisterous mood that the majority doctors the public health service in England were from India. I am not sure if this information is true. He was only boasting about the capacity of the Indian doctors. Well, I have not found that Indians are intrinsically of lesser intellectual capacity. Yet, my thoughts simply went in another direction.

It was like this: In Indian communication systems, every person in the communication link has a relative value, (it can be a number, if one can visualise it as such). When information, queries, commands, requests, and such things move in through the links, there is inner code that works and check, the relative value of the recipient as well as that of the sender. Actually, I am talking about spoken communication, either directly or by phone (written communication is slightly less influenced). Depending on the relative differences, the communication moves through a sort of valve. When the results of the checking is positive the message, information, query, command etc. moves; otherwise, the valve blocks it. In short, everything moves only in certain directions, and to the other direction the communication gets halted.

Since Britain is fully English, the effects of this valve wouldn’t be much. Yet, as more and more persons of the same feudal language become part of the communication link, there is bound to be a strange level of inefficiency coming into play. It is strange because, the persons concerned may even seem to be very effusive in their work, and also much committed. Yet, things get delayed, infrastructure starts getting inadequately maintained and such. In the macroscopic level, it can cause national havoc.

Luxury of an emotion

Coming back to the Economic Summit, there was one person from some Asian nation who talked voluminously about the fact that most of the wealth of the world is concentrated in the ‘West’. He was arguing stolidly for the poor and their requirements. Yet, this person himself looked pretty well-fed and seemed to have remarkable similarity with the political and social leaders of such nations as India. They all are pretty rich, and move around in international circuits; their servants sleep on the floor, and have to use very reverential words to them. Yet, they are disquieted by the riches of the ‘west’; their own riches they seem to consider as some personal grace of god.

This person’s one dialogue was very illuminating. The fact that what the ‘west’ give as food to their pets is enough to feed the poor in the world. The problem here is that in the English nations, many persons show very good consideration to their pets. Many Indians would look with incredulity at the affection some dog-owners show to their dogs. (For, many high caste Indians were trained to treat low caste Indians as dogs (not English dogs, but the variety that are around them; that is kick them). Now, the same treatment is given to the Indian citizens by the Indian bureaucracy).

The other issue about this dialogue was that the ‘west’ should give more to the leaders in the east, so that they can pile up their coffers more.

Opening doors to rudeness

Now, there is another scenario to be taken up. If America goes down and lots of people from other nations simply clamour inside in the ensuing melee and bedlam, what happens to the society there? An Indian poor is different from an American poor, not necessarily due to colour, but due to other social factors. For an American-Indian is remarkably near to a White American in demeanour, than to a rich or poor Indian. So, the problem the English nations need to be weary of is the wearing down of their social interaction system; more than anything else.

For what can enter English nations along with feudal language communication systems, is a strange level of rudeness; more or less, created by the inner working of the feudal communication among the new entrants. Yet, it can create sever jolts in the English community; and slowly it can create similar behaviour systems as reactions in the locals. Here the issue is not at all connected to colour but to real irritants in the communication signals.

Enforcing democracy in feudal structures; a case of jumbling designs

Now about America running around trying to teach democracy to the other nations. It is a pretty silly endeavour. For, democracy has nothing to do with the process of casting votes. It is very much connected to the freedom for articulation; not necessarily in the political circles, but in all arenas. In modern English, democracy is a natural component.

Ronald Reagan as a Gandhi

Now, think about how other nations, I mean feudal-language nations function. May be I can illustrate with an example. Many years ago, Ronald Reagan was shot at by a bystander. He did not die. Now, think that he had died on that occasion. If it had happened to such a leader from India or Pakistan or such else, this is what would come about: There would be an enforced national mourning. Then there would be clamour to take on the mantle of ‘chosen-heir’. One man would finally fit in this role, and he would ride to success in the next election, on the sympathy wave. The school syllabus would then start teaching about the dead ‘Ronald Reagan’ who would look remarkably like a saint. As generations go by, he would rise much above the common crowd as a divine person; and his followers would bask in the glory. This is the social scenario into which America is interfering with no understanding, with a beating stick called democracy.

Lending legitimacy to the diabolical

Here what needs to be brought into study is what is it that the US is doing by joining hands with the establishment in such nations, and lending legitimacy to their doings. It is doubtful if there is any Asian nation where social liberties can be equated to that in an English nation.

Ceylon as an example

Look at the case of Sri. Lanka. It was first Ceylon. When the British left, there was haste to make it Sri. Lanka. This haste does denote many other factors; that of local cultural issues trying to come back into power. Now what is wrong in local cultural factors? Well, Sinhala language could be feudal, where the lines and designs of hierarchy are perfectly in alignment to persons who follow that system. Yet, when persons from another feudal language system is asked to show subservience or alignment with that design, it wouldn’t or cannot happen. If the designs are studied, it would be seen that both have spikes that cause hurt to each other side followers when they come close. Incidentally, English has the ability to dissolve or at least non-detect these spikes. So, it can be understood that it was the presence of English language in supremacy that allowed both the groups to exist in harmony. When English goes out, then there can only be spite, spikes and hurt. The best way out is to live differently; and have a detached attachment. This issue is one of the causes of existence of the LTTE. (There is another cause also which does not fit in here). Now, in the fight going on there, why is the US coming as the saviour of one side, and that too the stronger side is a moot question.

I remember the documentary film ‘Battle of Britain’ about British people’s motivation to meet Nazi danger. Women are seen readying themselves for battle. It was really inspiring. Now, what is wrong to get inspired by seeing Tamil women training themselves to meeting the Sri Lankan army. If USA sides with the onslaught from the army, it would be a case of heady stupidity which can call for divine retribution.

Hostages as sureties

Here again a slight digression: The so-called terrorist groups in so many nations including South America take hostages. UK and US consider them as terrorist based on this action. Well, it is only intelligent to understand that in most nations like India, Pakistan, South America etc. when a person is arrested by the police or army, it would be good to catch the concerned police official’s someone as a sort of surety or guarantee (that the person will be returned in the same shape as earlier). Actually if a woman is captured, a woman from the official’s side should be captured as a surety. This is the only manner in which it can be assured that the captured person would not be terribly ill-treated. It is not a case of the officials being bad or the other side being good; it is only a stark explanation of how persons in custody in feudal language nations will be treated. It is not an issue of individuals being good or bad, personally. For the US to be judgemental about people’s actions in other social systems, by understanding the words ‘police’ and ‘army’ as one understands them in English systems is being very, very stupid. I have no doubt that no English nation would willingly allow their citizens to be in the possession of feudal language police systems; (even in Philippines). If this be so, can one find fault in other groups also demanding protection from their own police and army personnel.

The one and only one legitimate rebellion

The US is conditioned to consider only one rebellion as legitimate; and all other rebellions and revolutions are illegitimate; and this legitimate rebellion is the American Independence war. Compared to the immense causes that spur revolutions in many other nations, the reasons that made the Americans go to war with their mother nation was downright stark stupidity.

Democracy and its strange bedfellows

Also, harping on democracy will give strange bedfellows for America. For example, under this label, India and America are equal, or at least India is better than America; at the same time, UK is a criminal. Possibly, in the distant future, Indian army will have to join with the US army and go shooting the British Monarch; ostensibly to enforce democracy there.

The US goes around giving huge aid packages to the varying nations in the third world nations. Does it in anyway check what happens to the money thus spent? It is only intelligent to understand that most of this money gathers into private hands, who are bureaucrats and politicians. They gather strength and later appear as global business leaders.

The disaster in the offing

Now about the current economic problem of America. Was it unexpected? I think the only question was when; and even now, remedial measures can be taken. I remember stating in some of my writings that the new concept of globalisation is a very strange phenomenon, much different from anything that can be conceptualised by traditional economic theories. For, they all functioned from an English point of view as far as feudal language nations were concerned. Now, the focus or let us say the power has shifted; the logic of international relations and economic activity will be dictated by the codes in the feudal languages. I can’t find my earlier writings here, yet one link is, which contains only a slight reference to the topic mentioned.

Bedlam as an effective political strategy

Now look at the situation in Iraq. Actually, what America is facing is a typical reaction. The enemy is not bothered to win the war, but to spoil the situation. In many ways, this is a situation in many feudal language nations. I am not very sure if the language in Iraq is feudal; it may only have a certain level of negativity, slightly different from such nations’ as India, Pakistan etc.

I can explain what I mean to say with this historical example. When the British were ruling India, they brought in democratic institutions. In the three Presidencies viz. Bombay, Madras and Calcutta, regional assemblies were created with a lot of elected Indian politicians filling in. It was a historically rare opportunity to get trained in such elevated political concepts for the Indians. Yet, there was one party under the leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru’s father, the Swaraj Party, which had only one agenda; that of simply get elected and once inside the assembly, simply create obstruction to the smooth functioning. In many ways, this activity would get them political mileage on the rude streets; yet, it was simply a negation of a divine opportunity. Now, this is the typical manner in which feudal language situations function.

I remember when I was in my college, where the communist party students’ association was powerful, they wouldn’t allow any other party functionary’s to make speeches. They would be shouted down. In many ways, the very hearing of another ideologist’s idea was frowned upon by the party leadership. It was not a communist issue actually, but that of the feudal language communication design, wherein even a simple hearing of another persons’ ideas or a simple acknowledging of a person from another group would create ruptures in the enwrapping leadership structural design.

Similarly, what confronted the US in Iraq is an attitude of wanton senseless destruction. The reader may remember when Iraq was conquered, there was a spree of burning up of oil wells everywhere. There was no thought that un-replenish-able global natural wealth to which they had no rights, were being destroyed. I should say there is a lot of minor understandings connected to this wanton act that still eludes the US policy makers. I remember the shocking scene when the American Secretary of State Rice replying to Senate Members using meaning less terms from the subject called International Relations. What was shocking was the tremendous level of un-understanding that nations do not really runs on the principle inside that subject, but on deeper emotions.

Encrypting hate and revenge through generations

One of the real items missing in English understandings is the hate and spite and the recurring urge for revenge that gets encoded/encrypted into the designs and links in the feudal language communication structure. All these malicious contents get spread through the links in the social system. Even though, there may not be persons who understand this concept in the precise words that I have said, actually the members of these social systems are very much aware of all this as a social mood. Yet, the English nations when they intervene in self-encased alien social systems, they have not much ideas about this. This ignorance really portends danger.

The false inspiration and the real trainers

Obama is impressive; yet, what has he said today? That he gets inspiration from Gandhi. Actually what is evident in Obama is the effect of English training on persons coming from non-English genetic pool. Yet, he does not seem to remind himself of this. When mentioning Gandhi, he is actually talking about things he has no idea about. It is like the advertisement I saw by British Airways, wherein a BA airhostess is saying a Namaskar to the passengers. BA evidently does not understand the real meaning of this gesture when a serving person is addressing thus a group of customers. (I would suggest that BA stick to English manner of welcoming. It is more elegant and also what they understand more).

Remembering a genius of the past

I would still say that Robert Clive some three centuries earlier had more understanding and sense about alien social and cultural scenarios than modern exquisitely-educated experts.

I have not written this much to caution about English knowledge, wisdom and information spreading to other social systems, but the need to carefully map out the ways and manners of how it should be spread. For, these things are entering into systems where the concept of free will is really a utopian concept. Everything moves along unseen and binding lines of conduct; everything including thought process. Let English knowledge spread out lending light and leadership to the hopelessly suppressed people; and let them also acknowledge the source.

I would have liked to write more, but words have exceeded beyond expectations. Moreover, time is also a very precious thing. Yet, most of these ideas are there in my book that I wrote first in 1989.


The defining moment

I can’t say that there is tragedy in the offing. That would be too pessimistic.

As far as all English nations are considered, it is time for consolidating their resources, and fortifying their borders, physical, economic, as well as intellectual. (I remember Winston Churchill’s words: We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked but not combined. We are interested and associated but not absorbed. I got it from Wikipedia, but I can’t find it now. I think it is time to think of an Anglosphere. It might be good for the whole world.)

As to pouring the money into the US economic gorge, it might be a better idea to pay for the homes lost and also get the homeless all in good houses. And to get back their jobs, before the onslaught of the lower indicant words in the other languages add to the tragedy.

One of my own relatives on a visit to the US told of a US war veteran she saw in a state of destitution, and asking for money. The words used in our languages for the poor is powerful and crippling. It was a defining moment. Defining the future if English systems collapse.

I remember films like Guns of Navarone, A bridge too far, The Bridge over River Kwai and such. I couldn’t really differentiate between British and American themes then. The last mentioned film depicts a British Syndrome, which I have named as The Bridge over River Kwai Syndrome. Well, have many of those characters gone destitute and homeless? Well, one wouldn’t be able to enjoy such movies, if such thoughts come in.

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