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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Decorated British Soldier gets life imprisonment, For murder of Asian waiter

I quote from another post of mine:


The moot question is why should England become so un-English? I also foresee the possibility of many current native youngsters ending up in jail in the future for racially charged dialogues. Why invite such tragedies?

Decorated soldier Michael Ross shot dead a Bangladeshi waiter, when he was aged 15, some 14 years ago. His action was described as ‘savage, merciless and pointless’ by the judge.

I can only pity all the persons concerned. The murdered man, the accused as well as the judge. The murder has been seen as purely based on racism; that of a non-white skin irritating a white skin man to the point of encouraging him to kill the non-white.

I do not really think that skin colour in itself does irritate; if so, there are so many of my own associates, over here (a nation which is a million times more colour conscious) who have dark complexion, but are of attractive demeanour. If skin colour is the only thing that defines personality, then how does one explain Barack Obama?

There are many other finer elements that bring in the irritation, not just skin colour. Yet, skin colour is used as a very easy signpost to identify a lot of other attributes of a person; especially cultural refinement. But in modern times, it is not a reliable tool.

Now coming back to the murder issue, what could have really irked the teenager to take up the gun with such a mood of vengeance? There was a slightly similar incident over here in India also, more or less in the same period; in Delhi. The Jessica Lal murder case. A young boyish-looking youth during a celebrity party went to the bar and asked for a glass of liquor; was dismissed by the glamorous girl serving the drink with some snub. The youth took out a gun and shot her point blank. That much was the original story. I don’t know what has come out in the court verdict.

Now, what must have irritated the youth (of higher social class). Just a change of ‘Aap’ to ‘Thum’ or ‘Thoo’; all meaning You. Now, generally there is a tendency to use the lower ‘Thoo’ or ‘Thum’ for the youngsters; yet, in Hindi usually the serving class hesitate to use it to acknowledged social seniors’ children. Now, it is not just the simple change of words that alone terrorises; but the accompanied different level of attitude, glance/glare, shooing off/accommodative action, courteous behaviour/rude manners, not conceding to polite requests and such. Beyond all this, the very seeing of this scene by the many others all around. And also, the feeling that the lower status person has done a very negative evaluation. It is a very powerful occasion, which calls for adequate and equally powerful remedial action.

It could also have been the other way round, wherein the youth demands using the lower words; and reaps the rankling discourtesy.

I am not certain that this was what happened in Delhi; yet, I do think that it might be. Even though, no one has reported on these lines. The persons who react very violently to such terrible degrading inputs are usually the persons belonging to the softer world where they are used to respect from others. There are the others also, who are courteous and well mannered by temperament. The other types, who themselves are rude and ill-mannered or the lower classes do not get too much bothered by all this.

This tremendous irritation is an everyday event all over India. Yet, not much people get shot, or do the shooting. That is because, only very few people have access to guns. If it was otherwise, the exploding population of India would head straight for implosion.

Now, how do one connect the Delhi issue with that of what happened over there in a British restaurant? Well, one requires information on the English proficiency level of the waiter/ and his language of communication at home. Asian languages generally handle children at the level of servants, in the codes. One can see elements of deep distress in how Asians communicate with their servant classes. It is not really rude, but affable snubbing. I wonder if any English native speaker can understand my term ‘affable snub’.

I am sure that if the British government is running the nation and allowing all sorts of irksome codes to enter and function deep inside the tranquil social settings of England, then it is doing a crime of unspeakable enormity; and can be justifiably accused of being delinquent in its sacred duties: that of protecting the life and cultural refinement of the native citizens.

In India, no sensible family of refinement will allow any serving class person to provoke their child with degrading and irking communication inputs. I would say that the issue that I have pointed out here deserves deep study; along the routes that I have mentioned. It may not be found in current books on psychology, sociology, and cultural studies. It is better done before the whole English-speaking population (of all colours) turns into a group of wretched murderers.

In the incident in Britain, no attempts has been made to understand what provoked; and so powerfully. It is because the nation is being haunted by inputs that do not have the usual physical characteristics; it is like something that is there, yet one can’t put one’s hand on it.

Incidentally, (to slightly digress), in most places in India, a wrong usage to a socially senior individual from the relatively lower class, in itself is taken as a terrible crime, by the society. It has its merits.

Now, as to what really provoked the accused need not really be the dead man himself; like I have mentioned in my book, it can be the domino effect also, wherein the irritation arrives from elsewhere, and the reaction happens at another place.


A few days back, someone gave me the link to multiple search site. I simply searched for my book: March of the Evil Empires: English versus the Feudal Languages. There it was: on Google Books. I had put it on Google Books and promptly forgotten it, and all links from it were obsolete as I had changed the url of my sight.

Out of curiosity, I went through the book. Though it is around 500 pages, Google mentions only a fraction of the pates. Due to some strange levels of curiosity, I clicked on one of the keywords Google had mentioned: Amar Singh Rathore. It was a name I rarely remembered, for the theme was written years ago. When I reached the page, I was amazed that the content was in sharp synchronisation with the subject matter of this post of mine here.

I am deeply impressed that my far distant understandings do stand the test of time, and experience. As for the theme’s pertinence here, I would say that nations like England should seriously take cognizance of the issues implicit; and heed their warnings. Do not assume that the old colonial officials were truly knaves, and racial. There was something that disturbed them in the colonial social systems that drove them to paranoiac social aloofness.


I was working on a frame for my website. I use a frame to get another website under my url. Actually, anyone can thus bring another webpage under his or her own sites address. Look at this page: Periodic Table

The page opens under my url, but then, the actual calculator page is another website with which I have no connection at all. Now is it allowable for any other person to thus bring other entities under his domination? Well, what have I done? I have only done some code work on my own website. Technically I have not touched the other website in any manner. Well, what is the reality? Well, that is the reality. (In the present case, I had requested permission from the other site owner).

I have found that there are an immensity of themes in the Internet that connects directly with my own research on language codes.

What is now significant is that this issue seems to have been discussed in the British courts. See this link: The Shetland Times Case. The judge made a ruling without understanding the technology involved. See this line: ‘The judge ruled without a complete understanding of the technology involved, and based the ruling on U.K. law governing cable television’. The same is the case of the British Soldier.

Now this is the same situation with alien languages being allowed to connect with the British nation. Many other languages have the capacity to simply create links from elsewhere and forcefully bring changes in the stature of other individuals. What is scary is that the English world has no awareness of the enormity of the problem. They have no idea of the existence of these codes, for English has only a minimal of it, and that too not in the sphere of common man communication.

It can lead to splinter in the social sector, turn peaceful persons into racial bigots, and also lead to domino effect of technological failures,(collapsing bridges, train accidents etc).

I must mention that the Internet is crisscrossed by millions of links. But the links are not cable connections, but simply a code one writes in a solitary webpage. Yet, they immediately transform into powerful strings with enormous power. The same is the case with language codes. The social environment in the world of secondary codes is crisscrossed with similar codes.

I should have posted this write up in the Secondary Language chapters, but then I thought that it fits here also, for English nations are simply turning violent areas (Including Australia) and no one seems to think on the lines that I have been talking of for at least three decades.

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