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Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Virginia University Campus shooting

More than 30 persons were killed in a Virginia University Campus shooting. It was a shocking incident. A lot of mutual recriminations, and blames and many debates will ensue.

The shooting was done by a South Korean person. There will be demand to put curbs on Asian immigration. There will be demands for bringing in gun control.

What could have triggered the shooting could be due to one among a thousand possible reasons. Maybe the first shooting that killed only a few, could have been directly the result of some mental aggravation; the other could have been due to the sense of hopelessness that has come about from the first.

As to it being an Asian issue, is not reasonable; for there has been immense other shootouts, wherein Asians did not figure in at all.

America has had a very free attitude to guns. It had its good points; for it did act as a deterrent to petty criminals; and gave a sense of freedom to the citizenry to move around.

Before going ahead with the theme, let us see a hypothetical situation. Suppose India allows guns in the hands of all its citizens. Within a matter of just 3 years, almost 90 percent of its citizenry would be decimated. For, the level of mutual irritation that exists among Indians is of so much amount. Yet, nothing of that sort happens, for private individuals have no access to guns.

There is much slaughter going on here with other instruments including knifes, and axes; recently in my home state a male teacher was literally cut to pieces right in front of the students. Yet, such incidences do not make international news, for it happened in India, and not in a school in an English nation. Moreover these things are done on an organised level; the irritated solitary individual has no instrument to avenge his distress, on the spur of the moment.

Even though Wild West is considered to have been trigger happy, what was seen was that the English social mood did bring in sense of responsibility over the years, which was not imposed by the law, but self made. Otherwise, with so many guns around, there would be no one left alive.

Now, the question is can America continue to have a free attitude to guns. The nation is teeming with persons from outside, who will still take time to reach the level of self control as of the native English speaker (I am talking on an average level; and that English language does have negligible mentally aggravating points).

Allowing immigrants to have guns is a very dangerous thing. It is similar to the scenario of all Indians having guns in their pockets. If America needs to continue its free attitude to guns, I would suggest that only persons who are native born in America should have the right. There is no need that all persons who drop into America should have the same right immediately. Such rights are to be given over a (long) period of time.

The other thing I would suggest would seem more preposterous. It is this: persons in America, who are more at home in feudal languages other than English and such, even if they are born in America, should not be given the right to possess guns.

Even though the reader may seem that I am being extremely absurd, think of how the issue of Italian mafia would have been simply snuffed out had this understanding being implemented. I am sure that there are immense other ‘mafias’ brewing out there now in the immense lanes and by-lanes of the immensity of towns and cities there.

It is my conviction that the guys with George Washington were a pretty dumb lot. I have not been able to figure out what they gained in the long run. They simply disconnected their British connection; which practically no sensible people would do; and led their nation to be the breeding ground of immense other nationalities. It is like a future Britain, rich and superb, but the citizenry completely from different bloodlines.

Now, talking about the changes in future America; actually, in the years to come, as non-English immigrants start gaining more ground, there would have to be a lot of changes in personal laws. For example, in many residential areas dogs will not be allowed to be kept, pork and references to pigs in educational books and fairytales, and nursery rhymes will have to be removed, blaring sounds from temples and mosques will become a matter of right overriding the right of other citizens to silence, freedom of speech and writing will have to be censored ( Joseph Hllary’s God Knows, should have made him fit for assassination had it been translated into some other feudal language), dressing standards will be enforced that they do not inflame sensual passions in the immigrant crowds for then it becomes their right to interfere in that person’s body, public showing of affection will have to curtailed drastically, as it will also grant right to others to interfere bodily.

At the other end, there will also be a real freak out as these persons with rare chance to so much freedom simply go wild with rapture. When such persons come to have guns, they simply would seek to a venue to use it.

In Virginia, the person who shot was a student in a college. If this be his mood, then imagine the mood that stalks the immense moods outside. His distress may or may not be due to genuine reasons. It burst out. I do not know whether it can have statistical value.

Really as undesirable immigrants pour in through all the porous points on the border, the citizenry would really require guns, as an instrument that induces self-confidence and also as a deterrent to objectionable elements; yet, shallow logic would request a ban on guns. If the nation is on a tranquil stance, guns are not required for the private citizen. But America is becoming the ‘hasty pudding’ as in the Yankee Doodle song.

Another thing that I need to mention is the ludicrous call including themes on non-violence in school curriculum. Horror of horrors, there would be call from daft persons to teach Gandhi. Why ludicrous? Because the issue is actually an event of an English social scene being disturbed by a peaceful national.

I remember one Indian Doctor from Britain on his visit home, telling the media here, that after the bomb attack on London, walking the streets of London was terrible. Everyone seemed to view him as a terrorist, and there was continuous querying by the police on the streets. It certainly was demeaning. Till one man asked him what would have been the scenario if a similar thing had happened in India. The answer was off course revealing. If a similar thing had happened in India, there would have been days of communal violence, and sectarian killings. Riots, plunder, murder, rape, and burning would have been the order of the day.


Posted 19 April 2007 - 05:12 PM

I thought I need to add up certain points to my own posing here.

I find there is a lot of significance being given to the psychological profile of the Korean student who did the shooting. I am sure the psychologists and psychiatrists over there in America would have examined him from the English language perspective.

Yet, there is a major area wherein they cannot enter; for this person’s mental functioning will be in Korean language. If this language is feudal, and having other link features different from English, then this part of his mind will be entirely different from English sensibilities. In which case, he would actually be functioning in two entirely different personalities. The problem would be that signals received in one can activate moods in the other personality also.

I am sure what I am saying would seem very improbable, to make it understood in a minor way I will state this incident: Once I saw the words of President Clinton to Monisca : ‘You are very pretty’ written in an Indian vernacular. The original sense was entirely lost, and a sort of very base level of interpersonal interaction was displayed.

The actual fact is that this same statement can be translated in a varying levels of standards in the vernacular; each conveying different standards to the speakers.

I have found this same problem in many other translations, including the manner British policies and statements were transliterated for Indian common man’s understanding. The fact is that the translator stands in a very powerful position, able to deliver both benign as well as malignant auras to the concerned persons.

Why I said this is that without understanding the factor that persons from exotic language software come with strange mental processes, western world psychologists, and also all psychologists who have imbibed English psychiatry would miss so many essential points in understanding these persons.

Without saying more, may I quote from a person’s lines, when he/she debated with me on this very forum pages: It was in my posting:

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