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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
The Timer, the Knell, the Codes, the Encryption

There is four of them. One O’ Clock high.

They are coming around. Watch ‘em.

Too bad. Its 6 O’ Clock up, coming in. Better watch, chief.

B 17 in trouble, at 2 O’ Clock. Watch it.

There’s an engine on fire.

There is two more diving through the 94.

Three planes, 9 O’ Clock, coming around.

Keep your arm aboard.

Coming around at 10.

Watch it, Chuckee, Keep your eyes open.

Break’n in at 11. Break’n in at 11.

I got ‘em.

He is coming around at10 O’clock.

I don’t know.

Two at 2 O’clock

Watch him, Scottee.

I got my sights on him.

Check out at Seventeen, Chuck.

3 O’ Clock.

Motor is smoking.

Fire at 10th,

They are coming around.

—10: 30, up for a ——.

B 17—————at 3 O’ Clock.

Come on you guys, get out of the plane. Bail out.

There is one already come out of Bomb Bay.

Ya, I see him.

There is a Tail Gunner coming out.

Watch out for pilot.

Keep your eye on them.

See any parachutes falling?


So far at 9 O’ Clock.

Eight men still in that B 17.

Come on, hurry you guys, get out of there.

Come on bail.

So far three more chutes.


11 O’ Clock.

Fire 6 a.m.

Heavy one O nine, at 3 O’ Clock.

- — - - -

Can’t see him.

I am on him.

Come on, you Son of a Bitch. I got him.


He got him, Chief. Boggy, Where is he now?

Damn it, don’t yell on the intercom.

Fire at 10 O’ Clock.

Watch those two————, they are coming in.

They are coming in,—————.

Get that ————————.

D———- is much possible.

Watch that fighter coming in at 3 O’ Clock.

It is coming in, after all. Pull her up, Chief, pull her up, hurry.

The lines given above are from the real scenes of air battle; the words are of the crew of Memsisbelle , the famous bomber plane of the 8th Bomber Command of US Air force during the Second World War as they went to fight over Germany, flying from England. The lines are what I could decipher from the tough accent; as seen in the documentary film on Memsisbelle. There may be mistakes.

The British-American side won the war. The crews of Memsisbelle were brave, no doubt. They were possibly resourceful, daring and much else. Yet, the Germans, Were they cowards? Lacking in intelligence?

To presuppose that only the English side has positive mental bearing would amount to some sort of a prejudice amounting to pure stupidity. Yet, there does exist a very visible streak of winning consistently with the English side, all over the world, historically.

A very visible imagery can be seen in the dialogues given above. From English, it is most ordinary sentences, that is extremely natural to the circumstances. Yet, there is a very vibrant difference. What is it?

It would be very easy to understand what I am hinting if I say that if the same lines and sentences are used by the soldiery of many other nationalities, including possibly the Germans, instead of shooting at the enemy, there would be a very volatile environment inside the plane, wherein they would possibly shoot each other.

The easy manner of interaction seen here is a sheer impossibly in many languages, including Indian.

Maybe what I have said here is not new to readers here, for I have mentioned it many times in this forum.

I was watching the Steven Spielberg Serial: Into the West. The direction and production are superb; as good as his other serial: Taken.

My daughter, who naturally had a pro-English stance, was visibly shaken, such being the force of the scenes on the TV screen. The terrible White Men bearing down on helpless Red Indian settlements, and massacring them, with stupid ferocity was simply awful to see.

The scenes shown did have, no doubt, much links to real happenings in history; much better than the movie by Richard Attenbrough: Gandhi, wherein unreal understandings were superimposed as historical reality.

Yet, going beyond the Movie, there are certain undercurrents that may be extracted from history with regard to Red Indians. My own understandings about Red Indians and their decimation are very limited. I remember the first time I came across this massacre factor during my early childhood. It was in a Phantom Comic, in which the present day Phantom visits a Red Indian Ghost settlement, wherein he is given a rousing welcome as the legendry hero (actually his forefather) who once saved them from a ferocious American Army attack.

My own observations come from varying sources, imbibed accidentally. One of the major understandings I had was that when the British handed over the American Colonies to so-called freedom fighters of America, it literally heralded the destruction of the Red Indian tribal setups. For, I believe that if it was the British rule continuing, then there would have been better accountability. Also, I think that the British did give some sort of statutory protection to Red Indian settlements. I do not have real information on this.

The second observation is not confined to the Red Indians; in that, everywhere in the world, the English speaking communities did forge ahead, in spite of them being outright foreigners to the geography. Though I do not have information, I am sure that the various Red Indian communities would be self destructively competing with each other. When seen from an outside perspective, all these bickering may be for simple and stupid reasons.

Here again, I come back to my ancient theme that if the languages of the Red Indians are dissected and studied, one may clearly see the codes of self destruction embedded in them. It is not that they are unintelligent, innately given to self-destruction, cowards, unfaithful and such. No, it may even be seen that they were intelligent, brave and faithful. And the English sides may have persons of cowardly disposition. Yet, they won. Why? It is because the Red Indians were to function as per the codes of their languages, which would simply move them to defeat, when they came into confrontation with a software program that was simply superb in action and reflexes.

I do not know anything about the Red Indian languages. Yet from the serial of Steven Spielberg, I chanced to see certain things, real or from the screenplay writer’s imagination. The language of the Red Indians are being tried to be understood in English. Yet, Red Indian languages are simply not the translations of English, and vice versa. Both are simply apart, and do not have much common points. The emotions in the two languages differ to the point of there being no points of correspondence. What then come out of trying to decipher emotional information in one language from another simply gives crazy understandings. Yet, only persons who know both may see the impossibility of the scene in its clearness.

One of the few things that I did notice cursorily is the term: Elder Brother. In many languages, this is a very powerful word, not a simple meaning of one’s brother who is elder. Then I did notice the propensity for elder men to be in positions of social prominence, like that of wise, old men. This also is a very powerful position. Both these terms do point to a feudal language system. Feudal language systems gnaw the individuality of various positions of people in the society, who in turn also gnaw at the system and the others in prominence. Moreover, all positions are in a state of dynamic equilibrium of mutually competing persons, whose egos are in a state of ever-readiness to burst out.

Another very visible thing is the way the American Army leaders are being easily irritated by the Red Indians, for seemingly innocent words and actions on the parts. It is true that the serial does try to portray many incidences as sparked by mere misunderstanding of words and sentences. It is not as simple as that.

People used to English systems can very easily get very, very disturbed by a lot many words and usages in feudal languages; yet, what insulates them is the fact they cannot understand the words. Yet, persons who live in the same social system, like say a Brahmin or a elder person etc. , when he or she hears a wrong usage by others in society can become very, very angry, and wicked. What they then try to bear down on the other would be a real murderous attack. For much less, there is periodic burning down of entire villages in India, going on even now.

Even the words of a Red Indian leader describing an American officer as ‘young man’ nay not simply mean ‘young’, it can have meanings which may be very, very demeaning, the sense of which one cannot understand and continue to live in the same manner.

Is what I said understandable? I am sure it is not.

What then transpires is that the American side is not very more powerful or intelligent, but they functioned in English; while the Red Indians fought them with courage, yet enwrapped tragically in a feudal language social machinery, which came encrypted with a timer of self-destruction when it confronts a superior software.

What happened is not simply an issue of misunderstandings and wickedness, but the steady working of anomalous lines in social and language programs.

What I have desperately tried to delineate here has much bearing on current day global happenings. When powerful persons from feudal language nations take over institutions in English nations, there is a timer ticking. When English armies go into un-understood social systems, with the same nonchalance as of entering other English nations, again there is a timer ticking. When English nations go in for economic empowerment of dark social systems, with the grave misunderstanding that an input of money, education and technology is going to improve the lot of the society there, again a timer is ticking.

Timer may be set to set off the knell, not a tinkling bell.

For, society in these systems is eternally hijacked by a few persons, who simply exist in the vantage point for receiving all the benevolence coming their way. They simply become more empowered, and can manage their slaves better with not only rhetoric, false philosophies, buffoonery, and gimmickry, but also with better technology and a foot in the English West

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