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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Business Process Outsourcing

What do you think of outsourcing of business processes, back office jobs, manufacturing, research etc. to less developed nations, and also the allied issue of bringing in of low paid, immigrant workers to English nations? Does it help the nation, economy, and the cultural growth? What are the finer issues involved, which shall not be debated in English nations, (for English intellects have arrived at a very funny situation, where the very debate on the finer themes can mark a man for life with very discomfiting identifications).

And do you think that this would lead to the general social growth of the third world nations or would it be just a case of exploitation of both, the working class of the first world and the poor of the third world by persons who stand in vantage positions?

For, it must be remembered that the advantage of work done in third world nations crops up mainly due to the fact that majority population remains in absolutely dismal conditions. Once this is removed, then the advantage is lost.

What is my interest in this debate, which can paint me with a hue of a renegade?

Well, I do not want to see the demise of a culture based on English language communications, and see it replaced by non-English economic systems. There is a very significant factor of horror in this, which still remains un-understood by persons whose thought processes are in English. (I believe that the new possibilities, if tackled with a finer understandings can bring advantage to both the citizens of the first world nations, as well as to the poor in the third world nations).

The very conceptualisation of other cultures and social systems by English minds do have a level of anomaly. For, when English minds imagine other cultures like ancient Egypt, Incas, Mayas, Asian, Roman and most others, the very imagination of them are as one would conceive them from an English social and mental level. And as such they absolutely fail to see and feel the non-tangible strings that hold these societies and its beings, in a vicious grip, and shoves them all to act out most reprehensible actions. Actually, it is very much possible that non-English nations, persons, and mental attitudes do not have any resemblance to English settings.

Romans look English, Egyptians look English, why even Indian leaders may seem to have English features when Hollywood constructs and ennobles them. It is a fact connected to everyman’s mental environment. I remember seeing a drama in an Indian vernacular language. It was based on a story about a famous Indian Hindu saint who had an English/American lady devotee. In the vernacular drama, I could see that the dramatisation of the devotee had changed the devotee so much that she had more Indian vernacular features. In fact, she could have been just another Indian devotee.

Now what has this to do with outsourcing? First, let me tell you that it is not just a matter of English nations losing all jobs, and along with it all skills; (and, I have nothing to lose in this). And let me stress that almost everything that is done over there is on the way out. For, I stand right in the middle of what is going on. If it is medical laboratory diagnosis today, tomorrow it is going to be medical research. In fact, all research.

What it is going to give to the persons in the other nations who stand in vantage positions of the gold mine, is not going to improve the lot of the poor in the developing nations. For, they are poor and exploited, and have to remain so, otherwise there is no advantage in the very concept of outsourcing.

Working in an English atmosphere is very, very different from working in a non-English atmosphere. The first does have a very, very positive feel, while the other is the very manifestation of negativity. Especially if one has to work under a group of non-English-speaking persons. I definitely hope that all English speakers of all colours and hues, are spared this abominable fate/ordeal. (I know how to make this theme understood, but this brief space is not enough).

When one thinks of international business firms, companies etc. which are known as British, American etc. do their nationality really mean anything? They don’t. For, a British company with almost 90% non-Englishmen working in it, and most of its units outside can simply not be called a British firm.

There is need to re-understand the now forgotten social and economic issues connected to the factory-system time of 19th century England. There is a very significant understanding that I have found missing in history books. And I believe that if this factor is still not understood, the same situation can come back again to haunt the English nations. And this time, if it does, it can very well be an affliction that literally can pick on the nerves of the English social systems. For, the pace of movement has gone up heavily. And along with it the assertiveness of the negativity.

And what is the political leaders and intellectual debaters doing? It is a very pleasant merry-go-round for them, with minor issues being debated with the grandeur that actually should have been reserved for the gravest. Actually it is the time for the consolidation of the advantages, the English nations have in terms of heritage, traditions, and institutions, and not for the destructive dismantling of the same.

The issue needs lengthy debate. I cannot go further here. Yet, I would like you to read the speech given by Robert Clive in the British House of Commons in 1772. I found it on the web when I searched for Robert Clive. Modern History Sourcebook: Robert Clive: Speech in Commons on India, 1772

If you read it, you may not find any connection in it with what I have written here. But I could give you a singular understanding based on this speech that bring in a very strange link. And I remain deeply impressed by Clive’s insight, which came around 232 years ago. I will come back with my thoughts in this regard another day.

Also, forgive me for trying to tie-up a lot connected themes together here. But what to do, I can’t write pages here.

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