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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Beggaring Pakistan, Imposing democracy

America is running around the world to trying to impose democracy everywhere. Now it is after Pakistan.

Has it occurred to anyone that imposing democracy is as equally dangerous as imposing any other political system that does not spontaneously arise from that particular society.

How would the present American president act, if he were the president of Pakistan? Does he think that the crowd is same and they act in similar manners to that in America? I am pretty sure that President Musharaff is doing a better job than America is doing in Iraq, where it went to impose democracy.

Is it: impose democracy and let the people starve? The enemies of Pakistan will be overjoyed to see the return of democracy in Pakistan. They will await it with drooling mouths.

Democracy is a failed political system in most Asian and African nations. Yet, there is no other system, which is better in these nations. All are equally bad; the only silver streak is that, at times good rulers appear. There is basic design error in these societies.

Democracy can succeed only in a society that has the language that has created it; that is English, and similar languages. If any of the politicians come to power in Pakistan, it is my confirmed conviction that within no time, the nation will plunge into an era of gigantic corruption by them and their coterie; this is what America is desperately trying to impose on Pakistan.

Talking about America’s commitment to democracy, would it not one day say that the British monarch is an anarchic entity and send its troops to shoot him down and also his deputies in Australia, Canada and New Zealand? What is to be understood is that America should strive to first bring in the unique social condition wherein democracy becomes the easiest political system naturally; that is by creating an English social system.

Has democracy been a success in India? I do not think so. Ninety nine percent of the population are wary of the government officials, and everyone is terribly frightened of approaching the police for anything including giving civic information. Corruption is rampant. Technically an official who takes a bribe of just Rs. 5 can be send to prison for at least 6 years hard labour. I am yet to hear of anyone really spending time for this. It is common knowledge that to put the corrupt officials of India through the court proceedings as per current efficiency will take at least a few ten thousand years. If this is the manner democracy is going to give results, then it is better it is thrown into the Arabian sea, and a strong man with vision takes over. It is very difficult to find such a person in Asian nations. I do think that Musharaff may be an exception: I do not know if he is corrupt. I hope not. In India, even the so-called founding father like person Nehru’s family is neck-deep in corruption charges.

Talking about decisive action, this is piece of history from British-Indian days: There were a huge group of persons existing in North India in the early days of the East India Company rule. They were known as Thuggees. Their main preoccupation was alluring traders and merchants on long distance travel with kindly attitudes and then killing them in a ritualistic manner. They actually struck terror in the minds of the populace. But none dared to talk about them, even if the persons concerned were known. For they came with political patronage, and also divine connections. Even the British in the earlier times took an attitude of pretended ignorance. Yet, when a decision to crush this menace was made, the appointed officer, William Henry Sleeman did it with meticulous efficiency. The culprits were caught and hanged. I do think that a modern type of judicial appeals were allowed to them. I believe that Sleeman did not expect that he would be alive for a few centuries to see the judicial processes through.

This writing of mine is not anti-American, but actually pro-American. I am just saying ‘Conserve your energy and help others; but do not waste your resources in useless ventures, which will not be appreciated’.

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