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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
If I were

I feel that UK has come to a cul-de-sac sort of situation with regard to immigration. It was in the coming for long years. I could see it with growing apprehension many, many years ago. My own feeling is that the personnel in UK who are in charge of this most tantalising issue are very incompetent to deal with its multifarious facets. Not because they do not have the commitment, or intellectual competency; but because they are burdened by both a general lack of knowledge of many involved information, and also by the fact that they at most times are to act or legislate with a sort of hands-tied mood, for they have to steer clear of cunning accusations of racism, colour issues, and also language issues. English heritage of fair-play and impartiality shall prove a dead burden, when the going gets tough.

My own judgement is that any piece of legislation that Britain may bring in, shall be watered down, because it would only disturb those who are welcome, and never prove affective in discouraging the unwelcome.

From my present position, I may not be able to view its essential requirements. I should stand in a different shoe and see from a vantage point.

I shall take an extreme step and imagine things from the point of view of an Englishman, who also has the insights that I have on trans-national mood. I would simply put it like this: If I am Englishman, with statutory powers, yet with the same understanding that I have on language and other related issues; How would I see the immigration issue and what would I do about it?

In this simply imaginary scenario, I would simply see that British positions and possessions are consolidated. Every item of social change would be taken up for questioning and seen if change has been for the better.

One of the major corrections would be in judiciary, wherein it has come to resemble Indian Judiciary; judicial orders are simply neutralised by using the technique of prolonging the final decree.

Now, before going ahead with any sort of arguments, there shall be a list of nations and nationalities which are welcome. If it is deemed racist, or colour discrimination or such other thing, well let it be so. Yet, the real reason would be that I can see through the language codes and say with reasonable accuracy, which sort of nationalities would reinforce British way of life and decency; and which shall erode it. It shall be similar to the list proclaimed by Dubai, wherein 33 nationalities are given privileged in visa conditions, which others are simply discriminated against. Has such a list been proclaimed as discriminatory by any nation? No, it has only enhanced Dubai’s reputation.

Second, the question of asylum. Asylum from what? If anyone is persecuted against in their own nation, let them appeal to the UN. If Britain is specifically interested in protecting anyone, then they shall be brought in, either openly by plane, or covertly by the Secret Services. This is again to protect British citizens’ interests.

Next would be the question of why there are so many immigrants. I would simply say that a lot many of them who have to be removed. Yet, there would be many who have adhered to British lifestyle and not a focus of distraction to the English systems. Yet, how to identify them, and also to differentiate? There is an easy technique.

Once this differentiation is over, it shall simply be a question of forcefully asking them to move to their parent nation. Many nations now are allowing dual citizenship. For example, India is allowing all non-resident persons of Indian origin to automatically be India’s citizens, regardless of their being citizens of other nations. In many ways, this is a very bad thing for the residents of India, yet this the way things have been managed by the non-residents. For, it gives them immense rights in India, which becomes very forceful due to their immense financial acumen.

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