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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
What the future holds for the white UK group


There are tens of thousands of lazy people in this country who won’t work and think they are too good to clean toilets and work in KFC so why not let peole who will perform these tasks with dignity and good humour have a go? Have you calculated how much tax these people pay our government?

I fear to tread into immigration issues in the UK; for the rebuke I may be subjected to; and frankly, these issues should not bother me. I am neither in the UK nor am I a ‘white’ as understood in native English.

One cannot blame a huge portion of the world population striving to arrive in the UK by hook or crook. Taken from an earthly perspective, Great Britain can be the nearest conceptualisation of Paradise for a great portion of the population in many nations, including India, Pakistan, East Europe and Africa.

At the same time, it would be utter foolishness on the part of the current natives of GB to allow all of them to land in their minute land space.

I aim to only comment on the words quoted above. The hint of toilet cleaning. I can give a quote from the book written by me, some 18 years back, when Britain was much different from what it is now.


One of the causalities of feudal language in a society is dignity of labour. There is no general sense of dignity to any labour, which mainly involves physical labour. Proponents of these languages have then argued with me that in their languages, each work has a dignity consistent with its social status, and thus they also have dignity. Though I have not been able to make any sense of what they have clearly meant, it does seem that each sort of labour has a dignity, which is in a hierarchical position to so many others. It may be true that different type of labour have different levels of attractions, and also repellents. Nevertheless, in the feudal language, the person who does any type of labour is affected by the level of the labour. In other words, any type of work, which is having a lower level, will affect all the social attributes of the person who does it.

It is a fact that in India one has to be very careful of the types of work one is doing. For, there are lower type of work, and even business, which if you are involved in, can catch you by your throat and fling you to the depths of society. It has nothing to do with the English concept of honest and honourable labour. For, even if your labour is dishonest and dishonourable, you will be respected if you are the master of it, and you make a lot of money.

Toilet cleaning is not a tedious work; only what is tedious about it is something that can be alien to English. The feeling of some sort of a huge social force pulling a person down.

At the time I wrote my book, toilet cleaning was a hideous work in India. Now it is understandable that it so in England also.

I can prophesise that within a few decades, not only toilet cleaning, but many other jobs also will stink over there. Even now, many jobs may stink if done in the presence of persons from many nations similar to India. It is in their language; the affect is something completely alien to English and England.

Such workers as restaurant workers, building cleaning, real estate agents, taxi driving, vegetable sellers, fishermen, and much else can become thus; stinking. It is a slow process. Actually all these jobs are fantastic and I would vouch for the fact that many of them do have a definite quality of adventure in them. Yet, in India, sitting like a potato in a dull office for a whole lifetime is considered decorous.

The moot question is why should England become so un-English? I also foresee the possibility of many current native youngsters ending up in jail in the future for racially charged dialogues. Why invite such tragedies?

Moreover, as more people start pouring in, more jobs will be there lying awaiting a suitable person from outside. The locals will start catching the abhorrence disease.

My contentions have nothing to with ‘Whiteness’ and ‘Blackness’.

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