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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Now, what might happen in Iraq?

It is not easy to predict on what all incidences would take place there. Yet, in a way the new government would be more effective in dealing with the terrorists. For, US is running a war campaign as if it is a picnic party.

Actually, wars are times when no quarter is expected and none is given. But in modern times, the English nations have worked themselves into positions, where if they are effective, they become criminals in their own nations. And, if their enemies do the same thing, they remain effective till they can be defeated in the war, and even then, they have to be successfully convicted in a court of law, where it all depends on other abilities to win or lose. And by which time, the public forgets the issues, as their minds are overwhelmed by other events.

Actually, in times of war, when people are getting killed, rapid extraction of information is a very critical factor for saving lives. But this thing can be done nowadays with equanimity only by the rogues nations.

The new government of Iraq would not be limited by this factor in dealing with the state enemies. But then, the persons who are going to do it are of the same mental and social breed, as the former men of the deposed autocrat. They would soil the name of the English nations. And then, it is back to square one.

Again, there is one thing that needs mention. That is, the new leaders may not have the charisma to match the deposed President. And when things go wrong, people may tend to compare the new leaders with the old one. Charisma in Asian nations, work on different connotations, as compared to what works out in English nations.

But then, it all depends on the personal ability of the new leader, and the way fate is decided in incidences, which can shape the future.

Another thing I would like to mention in this regard is this: only English nations would allow persons of alien nativity, working inside their renowned institutions, to use their thus acquired credentials, to air hostile views about those very nations, using derogatory terms. This thought is a reaction to an interview I saw on BBC World today, on the Iraq issue.

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