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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 4 Contents

121. Teaching Sex, Teaching Commitment

122. Britain in Recession: The stuff of nightmare

123. Heaping a Sieve

124. Who is the enemy?, A series of mistakes

125. A Reprieve for the US, 700 Billion Dollar Squander Bill

126. Barack Obama, Defining his demeanour

127. Have you received anything yet through the letter box,Evans

128. Carnage In Gaza, Psychiatric cure

129. It Wont Work!, An epitaph for the British!!!

130. Policy Or Racism

131. British Causality in Afghanistan: Treading in the darkness

132. A strategy with a finesse

133. The return of the Empire

134. What is the present level of Physics?

135. Court tags mother to control her truant son, A report from the US

136. The English Legal System, Penalties, Death Penalty 145

137. What I really meant, The alien experience

138. British Collective Intelligence

139. The Liberation Tigers, Refining common impressions 159

140. A comment in an Internet site on Indian social and official reality

141. A homeland for the South African Whites

142. Wearing a Sikh turban in the US army

143. Attributes of ‘Sar’

144. Indian Marriages

145. BP Oil Spill and the infections that led to it

146. Money and Indian Languages

147. Saving the English Economies

148. Currency devaluation: the deceit

149. Communal Tension and Language Codes

150. What does (Indian) freedom mean to you?

151. The Hallowed Persons: How they create themselves?

152. Godfather: What props his pedestal?

153. What happens to fine Cities! The British exit!!

154. Language as a weapon 1

155. Language as a weapon 2

156. Language as a weapon 3

157. Racism: A skin deep, yet painful, emotional reaction 1

158. Racism: A skin deep, yet painful, emotional reaction 2

159. A piece of blasphemy

160.Where Islam and Muslims diverge

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