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Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
A strategy with a finesse

When you fight in the orient there is a strategy to be adopted. It is something that comes naturally to persons in the orient.

It exists in the very language.

What runs the command line in most orient organisations is the line of respect. This may be understood to have a very strong difference from what the same word means in English.

Beyond that also understand that actually, even though the array of opposing leaders seem to be fighting a common enemy, they are playing a subtle game of outmanoeuvring each other.

To make this idea very clear, let me take the case of one specific leader of Indian Independence. Even though his apparent enemy was the British, actually he was really playing a power game to outmanoeuvre all other leaders, who could displace him. In this sense, his real enemies were his own compatriots.

Between these leaders, there is constant competition for acquiring a greater portion of the people and followers. And the people are willing to follow only those who can acquire a halo.

Now who could bestow the halo? Here in this case, only the British. The British existed as a sort of super Brahmins of India.

And who among the mass of mutually competing leaders, the British show reverence to, naturally gets the reverence of the people. If anyone is treated as a comic, or as a useless urchin, by the British, then that would be the political end of that person. For, in these language systems, these persons are as good as dead.

The persons who can sit with the British; address them with their surname or first name; argue with them; be at ease with them; can tell stories of his experiences of life with them; and generally exhibits that he is taken seriously by the British; well he gets the halo.

Here actually the British were in possession of this very powerful weapon. But I think that they were not aware of it.

And again, understand in a nation like India, socially decent persons would decline to argue or debate with persons who they perceive as their social inferiors. At the same time, the inferiors desperately try to stir an argument or fight, with the seniors. If one social superior could be provoked to engage in a fight, the inferior’s social standing would rise exponentially.

Generally, discerning persons from feudal language nations do not engage in verbal or physical fights with persons who are their social inferiors. Also, if anyone is trying to engage in a fight, the strategy adopted would be to make him engage with one’s servants. So that, that person’s social levels immediately falls to the levels of the servants. So, whatever be the outcome of the fight, he loses socially, and in the long-term, he loses on his hold on to his social status and leadership. (Understand that every level in society is separately encoded in feudal languages).

Now, may I just converge this theme to the present predicament of the English nations?

I would believe that the present confusing situation could be better handled if the finer elements of these themes are taken into account.

First of all, understand that there are many minor level persons out there in the world, who are striving to achieve a halo of leadership. (The carving for this is embedded in the language). Actually they are constantly competing among themselves to achieve this. The person who can successfully force UK or US to get agitated would defeat other rivals in the competition for halo.

Second, always allow the fight to seem to be with persons of their own level. That is make it understood that actually it is a fight among themselves, and that the English nations, are just involved to help. Let all victories be a victory of the same level persons. That would puncture the halo that comes with fighting with the UK or US.

Third, seek out ways to puncture the halo. Make the person seem a buffoon, or a comic, or a person with silly habits. Once this is achieved, his own fellow competitors would finish him off.

Fourth, there is a line of respect that exists in a non-tangible manner. It can be visualised, if the concept is known. The strategy should be to dismantle this. It is easy, if done scientifically. And if a vital link in this connection is put into disarray, then the whole system of command and respect would collapse.

Fifth, aim to minimise the enemy’s halo, and make him one among his followers. When reporting and presenting views, and other presentations, go on shuffling the stature of the various persons in the opposing line. Incessantly make the hallowed leaders to exist at levels equal to or below to that of minor others. The leaders’ hallow would evaporate in a surprising speed.

Beyond all this, understand that Islam and Christianity do have the same God, and same prophets. What is the main deviation for the English nations is that the leadership of many Muslim groups come from vile social systems. Help the Islam religion to dissociate itself from the vile elements, and then the religion would display its beauty.

Further more, understand that most of the problems in America, and those created by America, are the doings of the non-English Immigrant lobbies. This includes the Palestinian issues, as well as other themes like the American Mafia of the mid 20th century. Find solutions for past demeanours. And do it visibly. And take very conspicuous leadership in this regard.

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